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XiThau's Clannad Tv And Ova Review


Rated: 10

Humor and Drama were added quite nicely because of how they'd bring you into the anime from the first couple episodes with humor, then strike you with drama. The Drama was just so well done, it was depressing. But that's the thing about it! Clannad can make any person cry easily. Crying to this Anime is something I do not consider embarassing in the least. It is something to show you have a heart because all the characters have a scene that's just sad when you watch it/listen to it. If it gets translated to english, I bet listening to the depressing scenes will make you cry because of the perfectly done OST they used.

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Eunoe's Lucky Star Tv Review

Lucky Star

Rated: 10

Two things will happen when you watch this: either you will love it or you won't. Lucky Star takes a very bold approach in shifting one scene to another without the necessary filler in-between and punch-lines are likely to be thrown out in every scene you see. If you don't get it, it's more likely for you to like it lesser. Though Lucky Star's main weakness is its story itself, it balances well with each characters development and personalities. Unforgettable in its own unique way, Lucky Star manages to pull out fun and laughter to an amazingly straighforward way.

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Eunoe's Rental Magica Tv Review

Rated: 10

Quite intriguing to a remarkable extent, Rental Magica stretches from fleshed-out characters to piquing storyline making this anime good to watch.

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Kamuinoyume's Fullmetal Alchemist Tv Review

Fullmetal Alchemist

Rated: 10

What more can I say except: I love the show. I love the story, the characters, the ending, everything about it. So, it should come as no surprise to people that I'm giving this show a 10. It had its problems, but for me, it's one of the few shows out here I actually consider a masterpiece, and I highly recommend it to everyone out there.

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Hooyaah's Cowboy Bebop Tv Review

Cowboy Bebop

Rated: 10

Overall, I consider this as not only my personal favorite animated series, but as a masterpiece. All of the ingredients that are necessary in order to make a successful overall presentation are present in skillfully meted amounts. Sadly, I doubt that we will ever see a remake or a continuation of Cowboy BeBop, as it is very unlikely that the proper mix could ever again be realized, yet, I would not mind being mistaken in that assessment. I recommend this anime to those of you who love adventure and anime.

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Weskalia's Five Centimeters Per Second Tv Review

Five Centimeters Per Second

Rated: 10

Overall, 5 Centimeters Per Second is a wonderful movie with unique storyline, beautiful animation and a good selection of music; they display what life really is and I love it. Although I also like "Voice" and "Place," I actually prefer this movie, perhaps because it's more realistic, the plot is easier to understand, and it has a stronger impact on life. Furthermore, I can see while people referring Shinkai as the new Miyazaki, it's utterly rare to see a movie with a strong influence like this since Grave of the Fireflies. 5 Centimeters may not be the best, but it is unquestionably (anime or not) one of the most achieved profound human stories I've known and it will surely be talked many generations later.

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Robingirl's Uta no Prince-sama Tv And Manga And Game Review

Uta no Prince-sama

Rated: 10

The humor and romance are equally presented in this anime and are very equal. The jokes are hilarious and they really do not get old. I can still watch Season 1 and die of laughter from the pranks and the jokes. The characters appeal is perfect and they appear like a normal anime reverse harem. There are a ton of WTF moments but thats just the kind of anime that is.

Please do not forget that this anime came from the game so they did their best to explain it ALL to the audience but with only 13 episodes they did assume that the audience wouldn't be stupid and could figure small things out or have the brains to go look it up online if they were curious.

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Weskalia's Romeo x Juliet Tv Review

Romeo x Juliet

Rated: 10

This anime is currently placed number two on the only three Gonzo's shows that I find deep, profound, creative and extraordinary (the other two being Welcome to the N.H.K.! and Gankutsuou). The letter "x" here may has its own significance, while "x" sometimes means "kiss," making Romeo and Juliet's love scenes so touching yet so depressing.

Whether or not Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet stands amongst the best of all of love stories has been much-debated over the course of time, but it is unquestionably one of the greatest and best-known. It may sound biased, but this is come from a Japanese who has never been able to see the play (only read the summary on Wikipedia and some sources), but I prefer this anime over the original.

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NoktorNoL's Elfen Lied Tv Review

Rated: 10

You simply cannot stop watching this series until you have finished the storyline. While some of the scenes are somewhat humourous, many are quite emotionally stimulating. You experience levels of grief and sorrow, as well as extreme happiness, some disgust (as the goriness of the series would imply) and many other emotions. The music absolutely enhances the entire experience, as the choices of soundtrack are amazing. The very idea of the anime itself is quite original. The philosophies are also extremely gripping, and very thought-stimulating. Furthermore, the end of the series leaves room for thought, and there will almost certainly be an extension of the series if not another sequel series altogether.

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AthrunsPal's Kingdom Hearts Tv Review

Kingdom Hearts

Rated: 10

This is a great game to play. Once you start you won't want to stop. At the beginning it is slow but the story quickly picks up I promise. Once you beat the game you'll be itching for Kingdom Hearts II which comes out in September 2005 (I think).

It's not a difficult game, but those bosses can pack quite a punch especially towards te end of the game. You might want to think about buying a strategy guide so you can unlock all the hidden features, and so you can get out of any tough puzzles. But if you just want to get through the game a strategy guide isn't needed. The locals provide you with enough infomation so you can solve the puzzles and reach the boss. I don't think any of the bosses have any special powers to look out for, so they won't be too much of a surprise.

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