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Celluz's Maison Ikkoku Tv Review

Maison Ikkoku

Rated: 10

Ok, if someone dont have noticied i really love this anime. The reasons are many, the great story, the incredible soundtrack and above all the care of the details. All characters have a personality that is very funny (like the misterious Yotsuya) and the incredible love war between Kyoko and Godai is something to see because is realistic, is something that can happen to you.

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Kei-kun's Onegai Teacher Tv Review

Onegai Teacher

Rated: 10

Onegai Teacher spanning through 13 episodes based on its manga (2 volumes) by Please!. This anime is a romance drama, with a sci-fiction theme and a touch of comedy. The anime takes the manga and expands it and adds more content to it.
The anime does have several laughs and comedic scenes which provide a good variation and also contrast between the romantic story, but at the same time is used to highlight the romance too. The first episode starts with a burst and keeps the viewer clinged onto the screen. The anime develops the relationship between Mizuho and Kei by the interaction of the supporting characters Koishi and Ichigo.

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FarawayAdmirer's FLCL Tv Review


Rated: 10

FLCL was presented in a way that was unforgettable. From the very first scene, to the very last, GAINAX had a unique way of approaching FLCL that can't be described in words. It will weird you out. It will intrigue you. It will blow your mind. It will confuse you in such a way, that you will feel strangely satisfied with the anime. It has quite a bit of humor, and parodies a few animes and American Pop Culture references along the way. It is an anime that will bring you back to watching it over and over, whether it be to get a better understanding of it, or just for your enjoyment. Some say they find FLCL confusing. At times, it is. It is a plot, with complex themes tied around it, with an insane, action-packed exterior.

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Chaos' Metal Gear Solid Tv Review

Rated: 10

This time the controls have a new element that is known as CQC (Close Quarter Combat). For those who are very familiar with the gameplay from MGS 2, you won't have problems executing the CQC actions in no time. Now you'll be able to do more than just shoot the enemy in case you're in trouble; not only will you be able to strange or hold the enemy, but you can also make a swift throw that will knock him out with one blow, disarm and hold up a soldier, use him as a human shield and you can even squeeze information out of him and maybe kill him by slitting his throat with your knife. It may take a little while getting used to the nuances of CQC, but you'll feel just right like a great combatant as soon as you master it.

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Ladholyman's Mahoraba Tv Review

Rated: 10

This is the epitome of the harem genre. Every character is so memorable. Sure, Shiratori needs some testicles (like I said before), but the way he bags the women is hilarious. He is not a wuss, but a slob. The four personalities of Kozue add to the hilarity factor too. I can`t find humor at the plight of poor people, but this show does teach some deep moral lessons. Shooting Star Johnny needs to let the old man Haibara talk for once. Tamami is scary, Shiratori`s Friends A, B, and C crack me up, and all I need now is an obligatory beach episode and I`ll be in heaven. AND LO AND BEHOLD, EPISODE 12!

There are no explosions, no real deep prodding plot (up to the fourteenth episode anyways), no life-threatening conflict, and no robots.

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Animefanzzz's One Piece Tv Review

One Piece

Rated: 10

It is soooooo originality! How often does a original pirate story hit the screen? I have to say, Eiichiro Oda has come up with some pure brilliancy here!

OMg !!!! that One piece is one of the best animes in the whole wide world! Its also oneof the kind! Its original anime! It has action, comedy and alil bit of romance! lol

One Piece is great, it's got everything, someone (luffy) who is out to prove he can be king of teh pirates by being himself, not trying to prove he's something he's not, and to give shanks his hat back of course. One Piece is a crazy adventure and I love the art syle, it's got something different that makes it stick out and stick with you. I LUV One Piece!

and lastly...
why i love one piece--
I <3 one piece because it's awesome. it's hilarious.

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Finalfantasyuna10's SaiKano Tv Review


Rated: 10

Hehe you should be able to guess what I'm gonna say here. YEAH!!! this anime is GREAT!!
of course it's original, very indeed. I just know I'm gonna love this anime from the very first episode. Even before watching, reading about other reviews and tuff really hooked me; just love the idea dude. "I'm a weapon" but not ordinary "THE ULTIMATE WEAPON" and what does a weapon do? IT KILLS. An innocent girl having a great time with his boyfriend suddenly turned into a killing machine. Another thing I forgot to mention, the characters in this anime cry alot but it's alright, you're gonna cry with them!!!!! maybe as much as they do...

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Sakura01's Cardcaptor Sakura Tv Review

Cardcaptor Sakura

Rated: 10

Card Captor Sakura is really a fun show to watch because it is so funny in some sort of way like when Tomoyo suddenly pops out holding her Camcorder recording Sakuras every move. It is really very enjoyable to watch (If you're a CCS fan) and the show is really exciting in some way, it's also very entertaining for kids of all ages.

It's also unlike any anime a.k.a. it is very ORIGINAL because it goes over Romance >> Comedy >> Action, until it goes over the cycle again. The shows Romance will definetly make your heart melt and your face blush, Its Comedy will make you laugh all over again and the action will make you think It is really happening. The Love Triangles and Hate Triangles there are somewhat funny.

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Murrowboy's Ikkitousen Tv Review


Rated: 10

What can I say? Fanservice, fanservice, fansurvice.. I really can't say much else.. But like I mentioned above in storyline.. I didn't see this anime for plot.. It's a fanservie anime and it does it better then any other anime.... Even tenge tenga.. I hate it when they get compared really... how can a 3 kingdoms storyline compare with... god knows what TT's storyline is??.. just because there are chicks that fight... Anyway.. There's alot of panty shots in this anime as for 1 minute of watching it, you'll notice it is abundonly obvoius.. The chicks are totally hot, why not panty shots? I wouldn't want them to dress up would I? It's really obvious also WHEN their skirts fly up.. It's usually during big movements like kicks or knockdowns.

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Enriya's Cardcaptor Sakura Tv And Manga Review

Cardcaptor Sakura

Rated: 10

CardCaptor Sakura will keep you locked in your seat and wanting to see the next episode or read the next book. It has everything that you can dream of.

It has comedy like when tomoyo makes sakura put a costume on every times she goes into battle or when syaoran was sleeping beauty and sakura was the prince.

It has action like all the times she has to capture the cards or fight yue in the final judgement days.

It has romance like with Rika and the teacher or Syaoran and Meling or Sakura and Syaoran. Everytime you see someone blush or cry it makes you said or go Kawaii.

CCS has everyhting that you can think of and more. Clamp made it so you would enjoy it and want to rewatch it over and over again. Or just pick up the book and read it from the beginning.

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