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Rental Magica tv Review

Story & Characters

Magic is considered mysticism or an occultism ever since time immemorial. Documents support some of the earliest foundation and beliefs of magic but no one really knows how and when it really started. Magic itself is believed to take on different forms and practiced using different beliefs and rituals.
Itsuki’s dilemma has been getting worse – will he accede to being a president or not? Due to his father’s unexpected disappearance, the burden of running a company has been put to entirely onto his inexperienced shoulder. The problem is, this is not just an ordinary company… this is Astral, a Magician Dispatch Firm handling requests from clients involving the supernatural and beyond. Together with a Celtic witch, an Onmyouji, a Shinto disciple, and a ghost as staff members, how will Itsuki balance managing and fulfilling requests when he himself is uncertain of his capabilities?
Rental Magica is one of those recent anime series that utilizes the art of magic and supernatural as base elements of the story. It also depicts an in-depth aspect of magic used by each character making the anime rather appealing and well-diversified. It even strongly elucidates the magical origin and heritage of each magic type. On the other hand, Rental Magica takes on a non-linear approach (similar to Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) in presenting its story. More likely, you’ll get confused at first but the way the anime presents itself means a much deeper and substantial plot masked by non-storyline episodes. It balances battles with simple inspiring episodes as well.

Character reviews

Itsuki Iba
-Current President of Astral, a magic-for-hire company, is just incidental after his father suddenly disappeared. As the new president, he has to manage everything from accepting requests down to exorcising anomalies. He even has to study basic folklores and magical facts since he lived a normal life up ‘til his 2nd year high school. Weaker than most of the members, this kind-hearted adolescent has an eyepatch concealing a demonic right eye. Itsuki possesses Glam Sight in his right eye which, when used, allows him to see magic and its weaknesses, control the flow of spell-waves and even peer into the memories of magic users that do battle against it. He can even detect maleficient energy once his right eye hurts.

Honami Takase Ambler
-A Celtic magic and Witchcraft expert, Honami is Itsuki’s friend ever since they were young but since Itsuki’s right eye incident, she vowed to protect him at all cost. Honami’s expertise lies on the ancient magic of Celtics which draws its power by being in harmony with nature. It draws upon natural magic energy involving the power of the forest and rock with the use of sacred song, cyclobalanopsis, mistletoe, and stone circle. Celtic magic was on the brink of being forgotten from the magic world but Honami revived it and used it to her disposal. Hardworking, talented and mature, she takes the rolse of instructing Itsuki, giving lessons and assignments for him. She also cares for Itsuki to a point that she loves him though she does not show it to him directly.

Adelicia Lenn Mathers
-Though not really a part of Astral, Adelicia often times pop out whenever a contract is involve. As the current head of the Magic Society known as Goetia, she practices the destructive summoning magic of Solomon and is able to summon and command the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia. She also likes Itsuki to the same level as Honami and would risk her life for him. She often times fights with Honami at any competition which is rooted to their childhood days in magic school.

Mikan Katsuragi
-Though she does not look like it since she is only a child, Mikan is one of Astral’s members as well as a practitioner of the Shinto sect. She specializes in Shinto mysticism and uses her power to ward of impurities as well as to uphold ceremonies. Sweet and talented, she supports Itsuki and the others to the extent of her power and refers to the others as family despite their lack of blood relation. Mikan is also a revered member of the Katsuragi clan whom uses Tamashizume – a powerful chant to soothe the gods – but she ran away from home due to family problems.

Ren Nekoyashiki
-Even though he looks rather easy-going and laidback, Ren or Nekoyashiki as everybody calls him, is an experienced Onmyouji, a practitioner of the esoteric cosmology known to intricately manipulate spells. He is also a writer for an occult magazine and usually coops up inside his room finishing work for an upcoming deadline. As an onmyouji, he uses shikigami in the form of four cats: Suzaku (Vermillion Bird of the South), Seiryu (Azure Dragon of the East), Genbu (Black Tortoise of the North), and Byakko (White Tiger of the West) to perform his magic, but they are not required for him to do battle. He actually loves cats and always brings them wherever he goes. Nekoyashiki is actually a successor to an onmyoudo school but left for some other reasons.

Manami Kuroha
- She looks rather normal but the truth is, Manami is actually a ghost. She is an apprentice at Astral serving tea pr usually doing any chores. She is also studying to help others during the group’s missions or skirmishes. As a ghost, she uses Poltergeist skills effectively, often times creating impenetrable barrier or levitating objects. She also has an empathic capability which enables her to feel the emotions of the departed as well as to call forth the spirits of the deceased. Her capability to go through walls is also an advantage as well.

Rating: 10


Characters and visuals are fairly striking with well defined lines on each character's artwork. Even the monsters are drwan quite well without looking horrid or ghastly. Colors in this anime usually use darker tones with shades of crimson and noir accentuatting the "Magi Night" as well as the supernatural aura of the anime. Well, most of the action scenes happen during the night which makes it difficult to see especially during the fast-paced scenes. Special effects are done quite well.

Rating: 10


The music during the opening is extremely appropriate to match the overall athmospere of the anime. There are currently two opening theme song titled "Sora ni Saku" and "Faith". "Sora ni Saku" starts out rather solemnly until its transition to a gothoc-inspired rock. "Faith" is actually an english rendition of "Sora ni Saku" which both songs are sung by Lisa Komine. The ending titled "Aruite Ikou" by Jungo Yoshida is a gentle and slow J-pop song that makes you feel rather good. The inert songs and the soundtrack playing during scenes fit this series rather well.

Rating: 10


Quite intriguing to a remarkable extent, Rental Magica stretches from fleshed-out characters to piquing storyline making this anime good to watch. Though each magic roots to a somewhat complex origin, Rental Magica will surely sate those fantasy-loving fans out there!

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

10.00 (excellent)

Reviewed by Eunoe, Nov 07, 2009


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