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Uta no Prince-sama

Uta no Prince-sama tv,manga,game Review

Story & Playability

This anime is wonderful in story and in plot. However, that being said if you aren't into an anime just about boys trying to make their music debuts then I suggest you don't watch it. The story is cliche, romantic, etc but that is it's charm and these other bad reviewers just can't handle that sort of plot. It's not an epic anime to everyone. But the music is amazing, it's a never ending supply. There is a giant selection of guys for the girls to choose from and/or pair up they wish. Season 1 and Season 2 are a colorful explosion of love and music and definitely worth a watch! Don't let these other reviewers scare you away from a potentially good anime that you may like!!

This is one of the animes that people complain about because the Otaku fangirls can't handle 6-7 guys fawning over one girl. So if you can't handle that, I would tell you not to watch it. The fandom and the male characters in the anime are very protective (and rightfully so) over the main girl. So as a warning to new fans, if you decide you dislike the heroine, I'd keep it to yourself.

This anime was originally a dating game where Nanami Haruka hit on one of the guys and throughout the game winds up dating one of them and becoming a singing/song writing duo. In the anime it's a bit different but around the same concept.

While yes, the plot is predictable, that doesn't make it a bad anime. It just means its not meant to be an epic fighting anime. This is an Idol Anime which means the plot will be predictable.

Rating: 10


The art is beautiful and great quality!! Loved all of the colors, the effects, everything about this anime screams good art. I haven't seen art like this since the OVA of Ronin Warriors and the last seasons of Sailor Moon. The animation is smooth, facial expressions are realistic and are a joy to watch. There aren't many art "changes" in the anime, it looks like each episode had a good budget and the animation was drawn accordingly.

Rating: 10


I absolutely LOVE the music in this anime. It's one of things that pulled me in. The music never grows old. It's just bouncy and happy and it's what anime j-pop has been missing since Sailor Moon and the original animes that used to come out! The voice actors work well with their given characters. Each character has about four solo songs total by the end of the second season and all of the longs are great quality and the anticipation of waiting for the new ones is just so much fun. There are also a ton of drama CDs and music from the game that can be heard.

Basically if you love J-Pop that is bouncy and catchy, you will love this music.

Contrary to what past reviewers have said no one has a bad singing voice. Cecil's voice (since he's the one who gets picked on a lot it seems) is just different, it's not a bad voice. In fact I personally *love* his singing voice. But I know that everyone has different opinions. His voice just takes some getting used to.

The other singing voices are just as good and if you like J-Pop you will be drawn in and be unable to stop listening.

Rating: 10


The humor and romance are equally presented in this anime and are very equal. The jokes are hilarious and they really do not get old. I can still watch Season 1 and die of laughter from the pranks and the jokes. The characters appeal is perfect and they appear like a normal anime reverse harem. There are a ton of WTF moments but thats just the kind of anime that is.

Please do not forget that this anime came from the game so they did their best to explain it ALL to the audience but with only 13 episodes they did assume that the audience wouldn't be stupid and could figure small things out or have the brains to go look it up online if they were curious.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

10.0000 (excellent)

Reviewed by robingirl, Jul 07, 2013


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Aug 29, 2014

    not a bad review for your first one, and possibly not one of the better ones either. to be honest it's lacking in a few places, given that you gave it a ten you could have gone into further details such as character, their design, their costumes, their attires and so forth. to have just listed a short review it doesn't do your opinion and rating a good enough job in pairing up. not being mean or anything, just trying to help you do better reviews is all :)

    check out this group: http://minitokyo-review.minitokyo.net/ it'll help you in the future with more reviews if you're interested

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