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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop tv Review

In the semi-distant future, bounty hunters have become a major reality. Cowboy Bebop follows the crazy antics of two bounty hunters named Spike Spiegel and Jet Black. Throughout the anime they come across many odd faces of bounties and even some friends.

By the middle of the series, the Bebop - the ship Jet owns as an HQ for his team - is filled not only with Jet and Spike, but Faye Valentine, a beautifully dangerous bounty hunter, and Ed, a crazy 9-year-old tomboy master hacker. Throughout the 26 episodes and one movie (that takes place between episodes 24 and 25) the Bebop crew go through many bounties and crazy adventures just to scrounge around for some type of income to keep them alive.

Bebop is an anime for the people who love comedy mixed with great action and drama.

Story & Characters

It is well past the last half of the twenty first century, and the Hyperspace gate accident that destroyed a large portion of the moon is yet remembered by the mere one and one half billion of humanity who now colonize planets in the solar system. Improved and reliable astral gates now make planet-hopping relatively safe and convenient. The Earth is sparsely populated, as the constant bombardment of its surface continues from the innumerable fragments of the large and pulverized lunar section fall from orbit.

The series gets its name from what the future populace commonly calls a bounty hunter, 'Cowboy', and BeBop, the name that Jet Black gave his space ship, which is now home to an unlikely crew. The primary characters are Jet Black an ex cop with a prosthetic left arm, Spike Spiegel an ex syndicate member with a score to settle, Faye Valentine a 'ghost from the past', who was revived after being placed in stasis after the shuttle that she was in was damaged during the gate accident, and Ed, a young teenager with many endearing and peculiar idiosyncrasies. What makes this particular anime so remarkable, rating most high in my estimation, is the compelling and poignant way in which the characters' personalities and motivations become so well known and familiar. Well before the end of the last session, one may easily have found oneself so connected with the crew that it becomes difficult to admit that the end has been realized and rushing back to start over at the beginning is the only way not to miss them.

The episodes are divided into 'sessions', each one a new adventure or a continuation of a plot from a previous one. The story line is very easy to follow and the story progresses seamlessly to the finale. The viewer is never at a loss for either action, humor, or amusement.

Rating: 10


The artists expended a considerable amount of effort in imbuing a sense of realism and depth of perspective while simultaneously including sufficient detail to assist in believability or, suspension of disbelief. A colorful palette was employed and well executed are the proportions of the anatomy of the characters and their environment, which also aids in the lifelike look and feel of this animated series. Additionally there is a sufficient frame rate so that the motion is fluid and convincing.

Rating: 10


All of the sound effects are so well done that one may get the sense of total immersion. The characters' voices, the ambient sounds, and the music help make this the monumental achievement that many others have recognized previously. Another special note about the various styles of music which are employed, it is used to help set moods so effectively that one may find their emotions being stirred in such a manner that empathy for a character is realized and a particular scene becomes enhanced and significantly more dramatic. Even the music from the starting credits, Tank helps to set the tone for the show; the closing music is melancholy, perhaps echoing the inner pain of the characters, ever struggling to find those same elusive things in life we all as humans struggle to obtain.

Rating: 10


Overall, I consider this as not only my personal favorite animated series, but as a masterpiece. All of the ingredients that are necessary in order to make a successful overall presentation are present in skillfully meted amounts. Sadly, I doubt that we will ever see a remake or a continuation of Cowboy BeBop, as it is very unlikely that the proper mix could ever again be realized, yet, I would not mind being mistaken in that assessment. I recommend this anime to those of you who love adventure and anime.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

10.00 (excellent)

Reviewed by Hooyaah, May 17, 2011


  1. MisaSasekage Moderator May 17, 2011

    First off, congrats on your first review Hoo-kun^^ I think your review is very well worded, though I must say I'm not surprised, given how articulate you are on a daily basis when we talk. I myself have only seen small portions of this show, but for the little bit that I have seen, it seems like an anime I may pick up during the summer. Nice review Hoo-kun^^

  2. evelluchia May 18, 2011

    i couldent have said it better hoo ^-^ very good review im not very good at spelling in inglish so i dont know if i should do a review on the anime ive seen

  3. SolemnSerpent May 18, 2011

    Right on the mark; I agree with everything said here.
    Excellent review.

  4. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator May 18, 2011

    Woo! At first I was surprised that the review looked short (not that that is necessarily a good or bad thing), but upon reading it I realized you packed a LOT of great, in-depth commentary into everything; every word has its purpose and adds to what you mean to say. Your concise, descriptive brevity is quite admirable. While I personally am hesitant to give 10s, you did give pretty good explanation as to why you did. My only other recommendation is that I'm not sure if some of what you mentioned in the story would be considered a slight spoiler or not. (At least, I'm about half-way through the show and I don't think all of that has been revealed by then, though I could have just missed it). Still, that's only a minor note, and as a whole I think your review is great!

  5. princessmeyrin023 May 18, 2011

    Upon seeing the final rating, I said to myself "Is the reviewer for this just being generous or is the anime really just that awesome?" then I saw the reviewer... it IS Hooyaah. So I changed my mind and said if it is Hooyaah then it just might be it... maybe it really is awesome.
    I haven't watched this series yet so I know nothing in this anime but I'm counting on you on giving me a picture while I'm reading this. :)

    *reads the review*

    The review is short but the words explain it all. There are some words that I don't know (since I'm just 13) but then I just have to look it up in the dictionary. The introduction (plot) sort of bored me though but the review was great nonetheless...

  6. Felcie May 18, 2011

    Very nice review and absolutely right... Comboy Bebop isn't one of my favorite animes either but I recognize easily how great it is (or was). I never was really attracted by the main plot but the characters carry it so well... <3 And the opening was astonishing (only my pov though), so the anime starts well. The opening helps to make people wanna see the rest, when it's good. I won't mind watching some episodes of it again and your review makes me wanna do that... x)

  7. maryshee May 19, 2011

    Your review makes me want to watch Cowboy Bebop. :) I'll add it on my list.

  8. ndox900 May 19, 2011

    Cowboy Bebop is my fav too ^^ love the story and the adventure... awesome ;P
    and mr. Hoo... your review make it more awesome ^^ i give it 10 point too XDD

  9. angelxxuan Banned Member May 20, 2011

    nice review, probably pushing it to place everything as ten, never encountered anything that I would ever give it an over all ten, always something wrong with it. first review? at any rate, well done and I was able to finish it all in one reading.

  10. looker May 22, 2011

    an amazing review hoo, congrats :) moreover, everything your write down is like an iman to my eyes xD i can always learn something by reading your posts. anyway, back on-topic the review's structure was well thought and is easily understandable.
    i've already seen cowboy bebop and, to be honest, i don't share your emotions about this anime but it was most certanly one of the most well-built animes i've seen so far ;)


  11. fireflywishes Retired Moderator May 29, 2011

    Very solid review Hoo. Of course I'm always wary of giving perfect 10's, but you support your scores and for the most part I agree with them. (It's been awhile since I last watched Bebop, so my memory's a little fuzzy...) I think I remember wishing it had a little more of an overarching plotline...

    ...Anyways, after reading this one, I'd be interested to hear your opinion of Samurai Champloo. ^_^

  12. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    Thanks for this! Recommend!

  13. kuchukuTulip Jul 31, 2011

    you nailed it.

  14. TheGarbageCollector Nov 08, 2013

    Short but effective review just like the series itself; Nice! :)
    Another thing to note about the series is how the themes change from episode to episode. They were all so diverse, and yet somehow the part of the same thing which makes it so interesting and deep (<did you get that? I said 'deep' while talking about a deep space action comedy.. yeah.. I like lame jokes)

  15. DontTellDad Nov 22, 2017

    you really explained it all so good... i mean why it deserves a ten on so many items. i want to watch it now cuz i overlooked it before because the name sounded kinda funny. thanks for the great info... you did an awesome job hoo!

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