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Satan123's Beyblade Tv Review

Rated: 1

Bad, bad presentation, or the worst. Seems ridiculous to call a beast out of a spinning top ( can i just call a dragon out from my spoon???)
The premise wasn't that interesting: Hot airbag of a hero challenges bully into a Beyblade match, bully loses. Another dark, brooding guy literally jumps into the scene, hero challenges dark brooding guy, loses and kicks off the rest of the plot, which consists of a bunch of kids challenging each other to see whose top gets broken first (or at least fly off and topple!) in internationally telecasted tournaments and practically anywhere the occasion arises.

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Shoujoboy's Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Tv Review

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Rated: 2

I went into this show expecting a good laugh, and I rarely come across something that I just can't find anything good in. It seems a few people out there really enjoyed this, but at this point I have to question those people's sanity. Over the top humor can work, but somehow this show missed the mark on making that happen. Redundant humor, characters you just didn't like and other lackluster elements made this show one I'd soon rather forget. Shows that lack plot usually make up for it in another department. This on the other hand faultered at every junction that can make an anime great. As for recommending this to people, I'll only recommend this to one type of person... if you like to smoke pot and watch anime then this one just might work for you.

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Destructivemidgets' Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Tv Review

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Rated: 2

I do have to say this is a pretty original anime which was followed by animes such as digimon which was put into cards after the show. But other than that I think it is down right crappy. It has some humor (yea if you are in 1st grade) but it is so childish that it mostly makes the older kids laugh because of how dumb it was so I guess it is still funny just not in the way that the maker had planned and I dont think it is very enjoying to watch because the only times I watched it was whenever I was sick and there was nothing else to do or whenever I was bored out of my mind.

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Distortion's Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Tv Review

Rated: 2

Dist : It can't be said enough that I hate this anime. I hate the story. I hate the characters. I hate the fact that anyone would think this is acceptable entertainment. I hate that this was ever created, and the fact that it exists is reason enough for humanity to feel ashamed.

If I had to list something that was decent in this show, it would be episodes four and five. Since those two showed the most potential for a good show. Though this was immediately squandered.

If I had to pick one thing I truly loathed in this pile of filth, is the characters. All of them. Every last thing about them, the design choices for the females, the characters that we are introduced to that are never used, mentioned or barely seen again.

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Stormy001's Raimuiro Senkitan Tv Review

Rated: 2

This is worst anime of 2003, and, certainly I did not survive long enough to find out the conclusion of the anime. The major issue here is the meta-story is based on hentai input but the series chickened out from it since it is to be shown on TV. Thus, the otherwise might be more entertaining kinky parody version of vastly popular and superior Sakura Taisen turns into a sorry joke. The anime manage to shot itself in the foot before they even started by trying to make it PG 13.

The anime has nothing but abusive streams of pseudo sexual scenes and suggestive situations, heck even the enemy themselves is pretty much on voyeur friendly show-offism themselves.

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Rslgto's Resident Evil 1 Tv Review

Rated: 2

This game took a complete 180 degree turn and many of the the new elements are creative but THEY DO NOT STAY LOYAL TO "RESIDENT EVIL". Story-wise it falls flat in comparison with previous Resident Evil titles. I think this is the major flaw of the game, that it should not have been called Resident Evil 4 because of its separation from the parameters set by the series. Under a different title this game could have been more suitable for release, unfortunately, it won't enjoy much success for a long time.
This game reminds me of every other action game out there, it's a carbon copy of Doom. It also borrows many elements from Resident Evil:Dead Aim.

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Howtwosave's Love Hina Tv Review

Love Hina

Rated: 2

This anime is way more childish probably more and definitely more idiotic as some anime geared toward kids yet so many people are standing by this as one of the best and their favorites.

The stupidity in this beats out the fan-service by a long-shot.

Some people describe this anime as wacky or crazy but I just found it stupidity at its worst.
the story/plot/everything about this anime was stupid, unfunny, predictable, boring, cliche, ripped-off, typical, reminds me of so many animes that are a million times better that need to be fansubbed asap.

So all in all no romance, no comedy, no originiality, no progression, bad characters so there's no point.

I really wish I could say that I had no idea why other people like this anime.

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Weskalia's Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Tv Review

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Rated: 2

Conclusion, Hakuouki is a show for those into heavily used bishounen. Some people find it enjoyable, but from a veteran's point of view, this whole series is just an EPIC facepalm. To put it simply, it uses the artworks to blind the audiences, making them can't "judge a book by its cover." Personally, I don't have anything against the bishi, it's nice to see pretty people once in a while, but I can't stand this series. In fact, the first season was so disappointing that I restrain myself from continuing and I like to finish what I started; I don't know and certainly don't give a *censored* about what new improvements it will have.

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KaedeEX's Knights of Ramune Tv Review

Rated: 3

The show tries to take itself seriously at times, and jokes around at other parts. This puts a bit of confusion in watching the show, because the transitions to and from the lapses of seriousness are done very poorly. For what is there, the humor is very poor. I didn't find any of it funny at all, and the show doesn't even try to pretend being anything more than a vehicle for fanservice. The bit that plays right before the commercial would happen never fails to confuse me--the dialogue here never makes any sense and I cannot fathom anybody getting the humor buried within. The menu (very confusingly) has one of the terrible CG effects in the background with the theme music blaring and hurting my ears. There are a few extras, but they are sparse and not too-well thought out.

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Acyx' Dragon Ball Tv Review

Dragon Ball

Rated: 3

Well, they at least got the marketing right, perhaps it's out of my generation, or perhaps I'm a bit too connosieurish for most people, ah well, not my fault. I guess if you're a thirteen year old kid, then go ahead, watch it, knock yourself out. (-Does not distribute"Do it yourself" suicide kits for those who wish to take their own lives after being mentally scarred by this.. thing.

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