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MegumiShimizu's Corpse Demon Manga Review

Corpse Demon

Rated: 9

The presentation was good in the manga however it was not the best in the anime adaptation.

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SaitoHajime101's Aizu Manga Review


Rated: 6

Through the 15-volume series, we come to understand what a person may wind up doing for the sake of reaching a dream. For me, I almost take away from the series the inspiration to want to further my education to reach a financial plateau that I know I may not get to until I'm 80-years old in my real line of work. For Seto, his dream was to overcome his personal doubts and personality short-comings to reach the woman he has only dared to look at from afar. Through each volume of the series we are consistently bombarded with failure, then success in an almost rhythmic manner. However through this pacing we are at least rewarded with achievements even though we are only the bystanders to this journey.

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RogerSmith2004's Chaos Head Tv Review

Chaos Head

Rated: 4

I feel like this show was hard to root for. I really wanted to like it, because it had such great and interesting concepts, but I think the director failed to make the concepts work. It was all dumped on you, and rushed. I also feel that the show lacked an identity of what exactly it wanted to be. Was it a horror show? A harem? An action show? A psychological show? A show can be all of those and still be great, but here they just didn't connect them very well. Most of the show just seems like a plot dump, followed by school filler, then Takumi going from girl to girl just to talk about more concepts. The worst part is that there are only like 2 episodes left, and they are still introducing new concepts.

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Dragonknight2000's Princess Lover Tv Review

Rated: 7

Their presentation is very good the plot is nice and well made. And they are adding sense of humor in every way they can add as much as possible. I really enjoyed watching it from the start till the end because its full of surprises and plots and twist in every turns. Its a very exciting thing to watch cause its really hilarious and a romantic kind of a genre. A knight saving a damsel in distress just like in a Disney movie hmm its concepts is also well made because its not just an anime of romance but it can be very appealing also when it was watched by the public, furthermore if you tend to watch it be open-minded cause there were scenes in there that is not for underage kids to watch and I think as much as public is concern just have fun watching it.

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CyanideBlizzard's Burn Up! Ova Review

Rated: 5

Burn Up! is the epitome of an 80s action movie. Beautiful girls, fan service, dangerous situations and plenty of explosions and people getting shot. There isn’t a great deal of depth here, but they do try to give us a bit of character building here and there. Save for Yuka, I still don’t know a whole lot about her by the end. This is definitely a product of the time and it shows, and sadly both in good and bad manners.

However, I enjoyed what Burn Up! is. Not necessarily as a great OVA, but as some good old fashion mindless fun. On the whole, the series strikes a center of the line when it comes to the polarity of being good or bad.

I also have to confess that I am a bit confused as to the targeted age group.

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CyanideBlizzard's Ruin Explorers Ova Review

Rated: 7

Ruin Explorers is really a hard show to rate. As a fantasy series, there isn’t anything stand out about it. It focuses heavily on comedic elements with the adventure, but not in the same league that something like The Slayers did. It has dark and serious elements as well, but not to the point of Orphen. Despite having an incredibly cliché story, Ruin Explorers was an absolute blast to watch. The fact that we are taken on a four episode ride makes the journey all the more worth any bumps in the road that come along the way.

Ultimately, Ruin Explorers doesn’t deliver the complete package, though it offers a lot of good elements throughout.

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CyanideBlizzard's Koudelka Game Review

Rated: 5

I don’t really know how to place my recommendation or condoning. Koudelka has elements that can easily draw someone on board, and at the same time there are plenty of elements to easily turn someone away. Yet I can’t help but to fall for the clumsy and weird charm of Koudelka. It’s such a weird experience, and certain things just do not work. However, the ones that do actually work rather well and are more than enjoyable.

It ultimately comes down to how it all sounds to you. Does the game look fun? Does the experience sound exciting? Do the problems sound like they’d detour you? This may be one of the first reviews I’ve ever done where I feel like it truly is up to the viewer to take from what they will, and go from there.

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CyanideBlizzard's Parasite Eve Game Review

Rated: 4

I have to confess, I really wanted to like The 3rd Birthday. I wanted to like it when I first picked it up and reviewed it, and two years later I still wanted to like it just as much. It seems someone decided that putting Parasite Eve elements would be able to help carry this game to legendary heights, but instead it just highlighted all the problems even more. I said it before and I’ll say it again, as the game stands by itself it’s a beautiful-looking third person shooter on a system that it really shouldn’t be on, with a storyline that rockets all over the place and is more of a confusing mess than enjoyable.

I can only imagine what game the developers were originally creating before they put in the Parasite Eve elements.

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QuillPenMonster's Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Game Review

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Rated: 8

Over all, I loved it. Sure, there were routes I slugged through and some I felt were too short, but I generally enjoyed my experience with the same.
For enjoyment, I would say to any history lover and samurai lover, this is for you. You will enjoy it, even if the romance doesn't interest you. For humor, there isn't much, but when it comes, it is nice to see in an overall depressing story.
As for the concept, it did a great job in being realistic with each character and the romance was one of the best I read, as each character approached the main heroine in their own unique fashions.
I give it a 8.75/10, but because I am a fangirl, I mentally give it a 10/10 and tell everyone to play this game to join the growing cult.

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CyanideBlizzard's Riding Bean Ova Review

Rated: 7

Riding Bean and Bean Bandit may have been cut short as a series, but make no mistake about what it brought to the table. I can definitely see why a lot of elements in Bean Bandit were used in Gunsmith Cats. There’s a lot of potential for a great series here and it certainly would be far from dull.

However, certain aspects like Bean Bandit literally being a tank and some really misguided use of mature content wane this experience from being legendary. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be discredit for what it is. A solid, action-packed 80s thrill ride. Riding Bean set out to achieve something, and in my book it certainly did just that.

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