Cal-reflector's SaiKano Ova Review


Rated: 8

The story is told through the perspective of Lieutenant Mizuki, which is a good thing, as Mizuki is one of the most dynamic, humane characters I have seen in anime, and it is to the staff's credit that they managed to bring her to such life in just two episodes... whereas some 50% of anime characters never manage to gain even a semblance of a personality over the span of full-length series. Without giving the story away: In the beginning, Mizuki is a soldier who yearns for more power to do her duty, and is frustrated by what she percieves as an immature, selfish attitude in Chise, who possesses the power she lacks.

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Finalfantasyuna10's SaiKano Tv Review


Rated: 10

Hehe you should be able to guess what I'm gonna say here. YEAH!!! this anime is GREAT!!
of course it's original, very indeed. I just know I'm gonna love this anime from the very first episode. Even before watching, reading about other reviews and tuff really hooked me; just love the idea dude. "I'm a weapon" but not ordinary "THE ULTIMATE WEAPON" and what does a weapon do? IT KILLS. An innocent girl having a great time with his boyfriend suddenly turned into a killing machine. Another thing I forgot to mention, the characters in this anime cry alot but it's alright, you're gonna cry with them!!!!! maybe as much as they do...

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Mela's SaiKano Tv Review


Rated: 8

this is a sad, action, love story, not for all ages because of its violent parts....

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RaXiv's SaiKano Tv Review


Rated: 9

That’s a very original Anime. I was enjoying the anime from ... the second episode. From the beginning it was very complicated and the presentation itself was difficult. You must just get used to it ( especially to the narrator - it isn’t much used these days ). I must add points for the presentation of sex (16+), which is very delicate, natural, and not violent like it is in real life. Then the presentation of war and High School problems. You can say that the whole anime is very natural. And the point of view on love is different then usual. You will spend some time trying to think about the main characters… There is little humor… but there is! Don’t panic, some moments will be cheerful..
I found many symbols across the anime. And I think that the whole anime can be found as a symbol.

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