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SaiKano tv Review

Story & Characters

You're living in a peaceful little town where you have a warm family, good friends, and a cute girlfriend. War suddenly broke out, and your girlfriend turned into an ULTIMATE WEAPON. What would you do? gonna give her up and find a better girlfriend? can you stand the thought of your girlfriend killing thousands of people in a blink of an eye?
As the story developed, the characters face many challenges physically as well as mentally.
I got to say the story line was pretty unique and depressing in a really deep way. It turned out to be my most favorite anime. Then again, if you don't like depression and emiontion kind of anime (for example Kimi Ga Nozumo Eien) then this is not the anime for you but at least check it out.
In addition, I really love the way the story is a flashback where you can hear the character's thoughts and emotions.
Well since I'm reviewing for this anime, let's just talk about the manga a little. The manga really miss out one important thing. It didn't not include a friend of Shuji, the main character, died in the first air raid in the first episode and the story of his girl friend too which I think was pretty important, not changing the story line or anythin but it add more emtion to the story.

Rating: 10


As the first time glare at the anime, you would probably thinking "what's wrong with the nose?" Yeah, the drawing is kinda weird but as you continue to watch the anime, you will start to accept it or even love it (just a thought ^_^). Another thing is that the characters seem to be always blushing. These things really didn't matter if you fall in love with the anime so much that everything is perfect (like me) right? As in conclusion for this art review, I would like to say the art is amazing, new and unique.

Rating: 10


The sound effect is just great. From the explosions, airplanes, the sound of Chise turning into the ultimate weapon... everything is just great!! For the voice actors, I would recommend you to watch it in Japanese where the voice actors of both the main characters, Chise and Shuji, are really great. The way Chise says "come-ne, Shuji-san" really cute, extremely cute. I just love it, totally love it.
The OST was good too!!! (you must be thinking"what the heck? this guy just gives this anime everything great) Yeah, I just love everything of this anime man :p

Rating: 10


Hehe you should be able to guess what I'm gonna say here. YEAH!!! this anime is GREAT!!
of course it's original, very indeed. I just know I'm gonna love this anime from the very first episode. Even before watching, reading about other reviews and tuff really hooked me; just love the idea dude. "I'm a weapon" but not ordinary "THE ULTIMATE WEAPON" and what does a weapon do? IT KILLS. An innocent girl having a great time with his boyfriend suddenly turned into a killing machine. Another thing I forgot to mention, the characters in this anime cry alot but it's alright, you're gonna cry with them!!!!! maybe as much as they do...
Humor?? yes there is a little humor in the story, I think to reduce the depression and lighten your mood a little; if it had just depress from the beginning to the end then you would die in sadness!!
As a sum up, this anime just hit it buddy, totally unique. The strong theme against war time, the way the characters act to express their feelings as they were blocked inside and just burst out ..... that is really really emotional.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

10.0000 (excellent)

Reviewed by finalfantasyuna10, Jul 23, 2005


  1. tareren Jul 23, 2005

    Well, you shouldnt give 10/10 rating for everything, there must be one or two minus factor somewhere, it is not fair to give it such rating..
    But this review is quite good, but you should try including charas name in the story part, those who dont know this anime would be like, "Huh? Who is Chise and Shuji ? Which is which ?" seeing the Music section ;p overall, I think your review is quite good, just try be more fair in giving the rating..

  2. finalfantasyuna10 Jul 23, 2005

    I'm sorry, it's just that I love this anime too much :D

  3. madcrow Jul 25, 2005

    The whole premise of this show is bs... Frankly it seems like it was perfectly designed to appeal to fanboys and make them all teary-eyed...

  4. Mabui Jul 27, 2005

    I never found anything good in this anime.. I forced myself watching 6 episodes, after that I couldn't bare it so I deleted the whole series. ^^; It's just so boring and depressing all the time, and I loathed the characters. But I guess some people love it, but to give it 10/10 on everything? That's a little over the top. Nice review anyways. ^^

  5. akika Nov 02, 2005

    wah there's quite a divergence of opinions on this anime it seems...
    I think I'm sitting in the middle of all of you..^^;; well, more towards the 'i think it's quite good' end, but not enough to give it 10/10.
    i didn't think the sound was worth 10 and neither the art...sometimes the characters looked a bit weird, like no nose or something...XD
    Story and character development was quite good though, a definite tear-jerker. The ending was a bit sad, but i guess it was still a good ending. Well done on the review~ although a little too lenient on the rating ^_~

  6. Saikano4ever Nov 15, 2005

    Nice review finalfantasyuna10 :) :D

    I schould give saikano a 10 (A+) to i realy like this anime :)

    Quote: "come-ne, Shuji-san" really cute, extremely cute. I just love it, totally love it.

    wanst it Commende Shuji-san? oh well i realy love when she says that its SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUTTTTEEEE

    Quote: (you must be thinking"what the heck? this guy just gives this anime everything great) Yeah, I just love everything of this anime man :p

    lol yeah me too i realy like saikano i still have it on my computer (Planning to buy alle manga of saikano and DVD soon)

    Quote: Another thing I forgot to mention, the characters in this anime cry alot but it's alright, you're gonna cry with them!

    lol yeah second time when i watchd saikano i almost cry every time when they did lol....

    Quote: Who these enemies are, we don’t know. But what we do know is that without Chise, Japan would have been gone long ago. Saikano expresses a clear anti-war message and the theme that love is eternal.

  7. evandi Oct 09, 2006

    Great and excellent review, I love this anime as well, I'd give it an A+ (10/10) it makes whole lot of sense especially in times like this of war and turmoil, although it's not as bad compare to what's happening in this anime, but to tell you the truth, I have a friend that went to war and didn't come back, left his fiance waiting. It's sad, I watched them grow up, and I watched them fall in love, and this anime just totally reminds me of them.

    This anime totally makes sense, definitely not bs as Mabui or madcrow described, but if that's how they feel then it's their freedom to express, but keep the fanboy criticism out of it. I rarely watch anime, definitely wouldn't consider myself, and many other my friends as well, to be fanboys. When similar things happen around you, this anime will pull tears straight out of your eyes. We watched how the characters grew in the series, how they fell in love, though not entirely the same, but does truely remind us our lost friend... I'd say it's one of the best anti-war anime ever made...

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