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Z827's Macross Frontier Ova Review

Macross Frontier

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Macross Frontier : Sayonara no Tsubasa
Whilst certain elements of the plot is certainly rushed owing to the time constraints of a movie and the Movie just doesn't really end with much of a bang to it - Sayonara no Tsubasa bears a stronger forte in the bonds between Arata , Ranka and Sheryl and it brings all the plot elements of the previous series into one package to tie it up neatly in a single movie package.
The Mecha battles were also drastically improved and the dogfights grew more intense over time as the characters weave , spin and blast their way through their foes.

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Z827's Macross Frontier Game Review

Macross Frontier

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Macross Triangle Frontier
Macross Triangle Frontier is a crossover game of the Macross universe - bearing heavy elements from - as you can see - the Macross Frontier series.
It's unique elements and exceptional graphics had earned it's place as one of the best Mecha games on the PSP. Even if your not fond of the Macross series , the smooth animations may just make the cut - for it is a rarity amongst PSP Mecha games.
However , interestingly enough , Macross Triangle Frontier does not seem to have a great focus on it's machines but it's characters.
Still , this game features pretty much everything from the Macross series.

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Fallenkaze's Macross Frontier Tv Review

Macross Frontier

Rated: 7

As the 25th anniversary celebratory series in the Macross franchise Macross Frontier has a lot to live up to, and it definitely exceeds those expectations. Even for me, someone who had never seen another Macross series still found Macross Frontier extremely entertaining. The amount of respect that the Satelight has for Macross shows in nearly ever aspect of the show from CG fight scenes to top notch character development Macross Frontier is a highly polished enjoyable series that I would recommend to almost anyone.

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