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Macross Frontier tv Review

Story & Characters

Many years after the Zendradi invasion of Earth Humans and Zendradi have learned to co-exist. Massive colonization ships are created to discover and colonize new planets. Among these is the Frontier, where Alto Soatome is about to embark on an adventure that will change the course of human history.

Macross Frontier's cast is not too large or too small, but there is not a whole ton of character background, which while not entirely fatal to the show nor does it make the show less believable, but it does leave something to yearn for. There are no “Flashback into a Character's Life episode” and Alto's/Sheryl's background is only briefly mentioned and never explained in any sort of detail.

Macross Frontier is a 25 episode long anime, and the length is good and bad, it seems like a good length, but somehow it feels rushed, the last 8 or so episodes feel very rushed and seem like they were fast-forwarded compared to the more relaxed other episodes, it is a good length in a way because it ends in a way that begs for either a follow-up movie or series.

The story primarily centers around Alto Soatome, a high school student who yearns to fly in a “real, boundless sky”. Sheryl Nome, an idol across all of the galaxy, meets Alto during a performance on the Frontier, and Ranka Lee a young girl with a beautiful voice and an uncertain past. Other notable character's include Mikhail “Micheal” Blanc, Luca Angelloni, Nanase Matsuura, Ozma Lee, Klan Clang, Catherine Glass, Brera Sterne, and Grace O'Connor, these character's are all important, and are given a large amount of screen time, Macross Frontier manages to have a sizable cast of character's and still makes every single one of them have a large role in the progression of the story.

Rating: 6


From start to finish it is apparent that Macross Frontier is extremely high budget, this is especially true with the art quality. First off, all of the Mecha, Vajra, and ships are in full high quality CG when they are in combat, which does the aerial combat that Macross is known for justice, plus it is always awesome to watch CG mecha fights. The Veritachs(mecha) are well designed and are similar to the original designs, while still seeming slightly more futuristic. And Satelight does an amazing job of blending the non-CG character's with the CG without it the differences being terribly noticeable. The character's all fit their roles and look right, and the small character detail really help the believability of the character's. The fairly often concert scenes make some of the most beautiful scenes in Macross Frontier. Overall amazing attention to detail make this a feast for the eyes.

Rating: 8


Macross Frontier has an unusual interest in new ways to integrate music into the anime. They even go as far as to make it a important to fighting. The soundtrack is both large and amazing, almost every song is memorable and unique. Satelight knows which songs are appropriate to the situation. The concert songs sung by Ranka and Sheryl double as background music, which is a very good decision in my opinion. As for the songs that Ranka and Sheryl sing, Ranka's are generally more upbeat and carefree. While Sheryl's have traces of sadness, and are slower than Ranka's most of the time. The Japanese voice actor's did a terrific job with Macross Frontier they all sell the character and make you care a little bit more. The soundtrack is just amazing I still listen to it on a daily basis, that says something about how good the soundtrack is. So Macross Frontier is one of the most music focused anime I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

Rating: 9


As the 25th anniversary celebratory series in the Macross franchise Macross Frontier has a lot to live up to, and it definitely exceeds those expectations. Even for me, someone who had never seen another Macross series still found Macross Frontier extremely entertaining. The amount of respect that the Satelight has for Macross shows in nearly ever aspect of the show from CG fight scenes to top notch character development Macross Frontier is a highly polished enjoyable series that I would recommend to almost anyone.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by fallenkaze, Jun 10, 2011


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Jun 10, 2011

    nice review, I remember watching macross frontier awhile back, that's about how it was. I felt the ending episodes were so empty. if that's what it feels like to have your life rushed before your eyes then I don't like it. however the creator of the anime could have been on a budget or time frame or ran out of money. whichever the case we may never know. kept me entertained to read and I didn't have any trouble reading it the first go around :)

  2. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jun 11, 2011

    Nice review; I particularly liked the art and sound sections because you went into rather specific details. I think it would have been nice to elaborate a little more on story, but that might be partly because I'm kind of a detail freak. >.>

    I've never seen Macross Frontier, but gian robots + music sounds like it should equal awesome sauce. I just might have to look into this one. :)

  3. Ilona Jun 12, 2011

    Interesting review, yes the ending felt rushed... though it actually left me disappointed, not because it seemed to beg for a movie or a serie but the motivation of a group was lacking... and the final fight was really unbelievable (and not in a good way).

    I am also pretty sure that Frontier was one of the few anime I saw with a really wide range of quality of animation. Some episodes artwork and animation was really mediocre (I think I heard about them delegating to another studio) while others episodes were nicely animated.

  4. Aisha93 Jun 21, 2011

    thank u i love macros
    and i watch it

  5. AirJack Jul 14, 2011

    Macross is great at time.

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