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Macross Frontier ova Review

Story & Playability

Story Introduction
Macross Frontier : Sayonara no Tsubasa takes place after the events of Itsuwari no Utahime and is supposedly the end of the series.
In this movie , Ranka plays a large role in the plot and this Movie essentially ties up the story of Macross Frontier.
Anything more than that and it'll be spoilers >:D

Story Overview
I have to admit - for something which is intended to end with a bang , it's filled with plot mechanisms which feels rushed and unsatisfactorily depicted.

Characters do not behave in the... appropriate way when someone close to them was killed and the reuniting of the two people in question was a bit dry as well. I guess that since this is a Movie , certain elements of the plotline would be restricted so there is little to no time to tearful mourning nor tearful reunions.
But it is owing to this restrictions that one can't help but feel a little awkward at these scenarios in question.

The story is filled with the bad guys getting killed in the fastest way possible and most of the good guys whom we know and love stays on like a stubborn dog. Whilst it may be good news for viewers whom prefers a more "vanilla" plotline - it makes the sacrifices that they had made minutes ago look pointless - ALMOST pointless.
Considering that it'll drown the audience in worry and perhaps a sea of tears several minutes earlier - I suppose it's not exactly all for naught.

However , all faults aside - this particular Macross Movie is generally more "heavy" as in comparison to the lightness of the previous Macross Frontier installments.
The triangle relationship of Arata , Sheryl and Ranka moves on to the next level - and most specifically the girls.
Things becomes more emotional and this isn't about two girls fighting over a guy - this is about the circumstances they face and most particularly - Sheryl - whom tries to hide her own feelings from Arata.

Generally , the Movie's main focus is the bonds between Arata , Sheryl and Ranka - with an actual plot revolving around this relationship in question.

Sayonara no Tsubasa has also tied up the unexplained details from the previous Frontier series as it goes further into detail about the Vajura and Ranka. The plot also revolves around the pair of earrings which Sheryl have - one of which she gave to Arata and essentially , the movie ties up all of the unexplained elements of the previous series into one package and thus bringing the curtains upon the grand stage known as Macross Frontier.

Regardless of the plot punctures and potholes - which is usually revolving around hasty conversations and event sequences - any one whom had started watching the Macross Frontier series from the Anime onwards would easily overlook these issues and enjoy the struggle for humanity and the firm bonds between the characters in the final stage of Macross Frontier.

As a footnote - the ending is one of those "leave it to the viewer's imagination" type of ending.

Rating: 7


Graphics Review
Static environments and the Mechas are primarily drawn and animated by a computer - but fortunately , owing to the color tone of these Mecha it doesn't appear awkward when you compare them to the Anime-styled characters.
However , the animated sequences can appear a mite bit awkward owing to some obvious frame issues in the movement of these entities in question.
Things do certainly become somewhat smoother as the Movie runs on - perhaps owing to the fact that the viewer's eyes were already used to this by then.
Still - the Animation as a whole is generally impressive and there isn't the usual awkwardness when you place a 3D-ish model next to a 2D figure owing to the perfect rendering and color tone of these models in question.
Not to mention - the clouds of explosions are no longer awkward fiery cotton candies in the air but their done to fit well alongside the renders of the Mechas in question.

Artwork Review
The Artwork style of Macross Frontier - or at least , the artwork style of the characters retains it's style but with richer color tone and smaller details were added into the concept - such as the light reflecting off the light as such.
The Movie - as a whole - was pleasant to look at. The subtle and rich color tones and refined artwork style was carefully done as not to cause ( major ) discomfort to the viewers of the Anime series as with most Movie Adaptations.
Needless to say - there is a major improvement in the shadowing and lightning effects - it IS a Movie after all.

Rating: 8


Music Review
Ahh - what is Macross Frontier if there is NO MUSIC?
As usual with the Macross Frontier series - Music is one of the highlights of the Movie.
Whilst I can't really say that there are much new additions to the mix and truth be told - it was fairly disappointing especially after watching the Anime series and perhaps even the previous Movie.
Since some songs like "Lion" were reused ( Near the ending , fragments of sentences from various Macross songs were sung successively ) the "epic value" of the Movie was drastically decreased since things aren't just quite as good if you keep reusing them.
Whilst the last song sung was not quite as epic as the one we had heard in the Anime series , it does certainly give a plus to the plot sector since their singing the song to display their affection to Arata.
Now , please allow me to dab my eyes with a hanky.

Oh , I have to say this though.
The Movie does feature some "typical Movie music" from time to time - which is disappointing since Macross Frontier is known for it's music and I expect "typical Movie Music" to be non-existent in it's concepts and elements.
Still , it only happens once or twice so - don't worry about it.

Rating: 8


This is a Review of Macross Frontier : Sayonara no Tsubasa
Whilst certain elements of the plot is certainly rushed owing to the time constraints of a movie and the Movie just doesn't really end with much of a bang to it - Sayonara no Tsubasa bears a stronger forte in the bonds between Arata , Ranka and Sheryl and it brings all the plot elements of the previous series into one package to tie it up neatly in a single movie package.
The Mecha battles were also drastically improved and the dogfights grew more intense over time as the characters weave , spin and blast their way through their foes.
How great the movie is depends on whether the audience had watched the previous Macross Frontier installments - if they had , the flaws of the Movie would be as insignificant as an ant crawling up your shoes.

Overall ( Others )

When I say that this movie brings everything to a close , I mean everything.
Even the bleedin' triangle relationship which never seems to end comes to a close.
Arata gave his answer in the end and what answer it was - I would not tell :P
The Movie wasn't particularly romantic but there are occasionally scenes of which Sheryl and Ranka had their "soft moments" with Arata - which were impressively done since it involves a load of drama and it adds tension to the fans of either Ranka or Sheryl - whomever the fans intend Arata to end up with.

Fan Services
Well , Sheryl's first song was kinda suggestive in a way and some of the characters lose their clothes every now and then.
Nothing important could be seen nor is fan service a prominent factor in the Movie.
The plot is just too heavy for anyone to notice those bare lumps of meat staring at you right in the face.

Well , for a Sunrise product I'm kinda surprised that those SMS units aren't using any new Mechas for a change.
So for those looking forward to a new Mecha of sorts in the Movie could brace themselves for some major disappointment.
Still , the dogfights and battles of the Movie were generally impressive.
Battles takes place in both the Earth's atmospheric field and beyond it.
... and as usual , the Macross fleet itself took part in the battles - with style.
So brace yourself for the battles to come in this particular Macross series.

Despite the heaviness of the plot the developers tried to stuff in some humor into the Movie.
Well , truth be told , my stomach felt like lead when I'm watching the Movie so I didn't break a grin - but thinking back , they did feature some pretty... erm... amusing scenarios in the Movie.
Jokes and humor is but a fleeting dream in the Movie - but I must admit - I love what they did with the Captain in this Movie.

Well , I must say the Movie was certainly original in it's own way.
Even the drama of the triangle relationship of Arata , Ranka and Sheryl was unique in the Movie.
... and well , let's just say the battle which takes place near the ending was kinda unique as well. I believe the trailers had shown Arata wearing an earring of Sheryl's so... yeah , how many guys wear a girlish earring in a battlefield?

However , it does bear a similar element to the previous Macross series. In this Movie - a connection is bridged between humans and the foreign Vajura but unusually , it's not solely through the strength of the singer but the strength of the pilots had also played a major part in the war.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.6667 (good)

Reviewed by z827, Dec 04, 2011


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 04, 2011

    another great review by z ! to be honest I don't believe I've ever seen this ova. I've seen the series, but I should venture out for the ova so I can compare it and hopefully tie up lose ends as well. the series did sort of end weak and with open features that were never really answered or concluded. I found this mecha by accident and even though it doesn't appeal to me like gundam, macross is like a lighter gundam in a way, in my opinion. can't wait to encounter your next one

  2. hikaru-chan Dec 07, 2011

    I love this anime! ^^
    i want a 2 season

  3. fallenkaze Dec 07, 2011

    Another great review Z I haven't seen this movie, but I did see the "sum up/ alternate timeline" movie, I generally like Macross, though I don't know why, but I really didn't like the movie's, but I still will probably watch it.

  4. Drakill Jun 14, 2012

    Macross is a good anime. I enjoyed it. But I think the Macross Zero series was the best one?!

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