AmuTsukiyomi's Gakuen Alice Manga Review

Gakuen Alice

Rated: 9

As I've mentioned before, this manga won't be leaving you unsatisfied with the result. It's quite enjoyable to read, and the concepts are always well and appropriately displayed. There is some humour, but the manga isn't supposed to be taken as a comedy show- it's just there to usually lighten the mood or leave the reader with occasional bursts of laughter.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Gakuen Alice Tv Review

Gakuen Alice

Rated: 7

The story develops greatly as Mikan herself has finally been accepted by her classmates. It's the matter of from hate to like. Characters in Gakuen Alice grow, mentally.

But the thing that makes Gakuen Alice very enjoyable to watch has got to be the presentation of how each students perform their own Alice. I still can't forget the scenes where Narumi-sensei uses his pheromone to solve his problems.

Mikan's reaction to some certain things is also a plus. Exaggeration is the word.

Besides main characters, side characters maintains the same and they don't really stand out alone. Usually they're always there as comic reliefs.

Overall, not very tense while watching so it's pretty good.

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Cagalli88's Gakuen Alice Tv Review

Gakuen Alice

Rated: 7

Gakuen Alice is definitely a must-see anime. It is cute, funny and not to mention, ADORABLE! It definitely doesn't lack in humour. Its gags so far have been funny too! You won't get bored watching it and i must say, it makes you feel you want to see it again and again! And i am not kidding!

Although, for those who are picky about the kind of animes they watch or thinks that kiddy anime is not their kind, do give Gakuen Alice a try. If you're looking for a laugh or two, this anime is for you. (of course, not forgetting Kodocha)

Overall, Gakuen Alice is a really enjoyable anime (i really enjoyed it! It makes me laugh my heart out!!) plus, you will definitely fall in love with the adorable characters.

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