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Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice manga Review

Story & Playability

Also known by many as "Alice Academy", Gakuen Alice is a manga that, despite it's length, has a number of very good plots that revolve around the main themes: the life of Mikan Sakura, and the Alice Academy itself (along with its students).

I think that even if you don't have a lot of time on your hands to read a long manga like this one, it's still really worth the read. There are lots of plot twists in the manga which amazingly continue to follow one after the other in a logical way (so no sudden 'what just happened' moments) and the characters are also very well fleshed out. In fact, one of the most interesting aspects of the manga which I found kept me reading was how not only did the author continually think up new, logical and interesting plots, but the author also managed to develop every single character in the manga as it progressed- which I find to be quite typically different from other man gas (where they only bother to develop the main characters).

And don't think that because the manga has a lot of plot twists, it'll be really hard to read- because there's a satisfactory and appropriate dose of comic relief throughout, regardless of the plot. They're also, at times, quite cleverly set out, so that in the mot unexpected of moments you find yourself bursting into laughter about what they he/she said/did.

Oh, and compared to the anime, for those who have read and watched Fruits Basket, just keep in mind that Gakuen Alice is pretty much like the same: the anime stops halfway, and leaves lots of things unsaid and out-in-the-open (in a bad way) whilst the manga continues onward, and provides the reader with a much satisfactory conclusion/wrap up of mysteries (I haven't read up to the ending yet, but from up where I've read, it's really good!).

So essentially...
If you like mystery- read it
If you like romance- read it
If you like comedy- read it
If you like the supernatural/magical (of sorts)- read it
If you like ANY genre of manga- READ IT!

It sounds promising, it is promising, and it is definitely worth reading! :D

Rating: 10


Art..well, it really just depends on you're preferences. Personally, I don't really care much about the art, as long as it doesn't look that realistic or cartoony (like Mikey Mouse cartoony). To be honest, I don't think that the art is particularly wonderful (like OMG beautiful), but I've seen far worse than this, so it's really not that bad. Besides, you get used to it after a while :D

However, if you're the type of person who is really focused on the drawing style, then I suggest that you go and look up a screen shot of the manga before you decide to read it. After all, the entire manga is drawn by the same author, so the drawing style won't be changing any time throughout the manga- and you really don't want to be constantly annoyed at the drawing style whilst reading...what's the fun in that?

Rating: 9


Because it's a manga, you don't actually have any sounds in it....

In terms of the manga however, I think that it's fairly good. Although it is not personally my cup of tea, but the music fits the genre, mood and anime quite well. And although it's not really made it into my top list of OSTs, it's still quite worth listening to.

Rating: 7


As I've mentioned before, this manga won't be leaving you unsatisfied with the result. It's quite enjoyable to read, and the concepts are always well and appropriately displayed. There is some humour, but the manga isn't supposed to be taken as a comedy show- it's just there to usually lighten the mood or leave the reader with occasional bursts of laughter.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.33 (very good)

Reviewed by AmuTsukiyomi, Jul 06, 2012


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Jul 07, 2012

    not a bad review for your first one, even though you haven't finished it, and recommend it, that's not a bad approach. although comparing something within the review and not giving links or some references isn't always helpful because even though someone has read/seen doesn't mean we all have. I remember this manga, it wasn't all that bad and I have to admit the plot twists were interesting. also could have played around a bit with the characters within the manga, at least highlighted the main characters, but over all a great start to doing reviews, hope to see another of yours in the future :)

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