Prirky's Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Game Review

Rated: 7

Given my gaming (or rather, non-gaming) background, I'm glad I got into DoC. Game critics and die-hard gamers are raging about the linear gameplay, bland scenery, dumb-as-a-brick AIs, convoluted plotline and the ridiculous amount of cut scenes. And I agree. But all of those elements are not necessarily a bad thing when you're someone like me. My gaming background comprises of a handful of RPGs, 2D platform games, DDR, mini-games of the how-fast-can-you-click-a-mouse variety, and other mindless diversions.

Despite the apparent "simplicity" and repetitiveness of picking off stationary enemies that seem to pop out of nowhere, I enjoy it tremendously.

In addition, this game is not meant to be just a shooter game. Square Enix wanted to combine elements of an RPG with a shooter.

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Kaisui1tatsu's Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Game Review

Rated: 8

I have never played a shooter before this one, well, except a little bit of Oni (the sight movement was much too fast, so I quit after the first few minutes), so I don't really have a lot to compare it too. After the first few chapters I found the controls easier to manipulate.

I did not care for the leveling up system too much, but I can't think of anything better to do. I suppose it could be possible to maybe use a portion of the experience to trade in for gil, so you can level up at the same time, but you can pick up a lot of gil througout the chapter which isn't bad. Ether way, when you choose to level up instead of converting the exp to gil, you leveled up more than one level. It is a good idea to alternate leveling up and converting the experience to gil.

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AWOL's Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Game Review

Rated: 7

Now for the gameplay review. I have seen may other reviews, giving a score as low as 1 for the plain reason that the controls were too complex and that it was nothing compaed to Devil May Cry. The game's all about challenge, fer pity's sake! Don't go around showing off a high score for completing a hundred rounds of tic-tac-toe! If people can clear the game smoothly without complaints, there is no more excuse. All that I'm saying is, yes, I agree that the controls to DOC is novel and harder than your average game, but as players, we must be able to adapt to the game; experiecned companies like SE don't make games which torment even pro-players, that is for certain.

As far as humour goes, fans of Yuffie will be glad that she still makes her funky appearences.

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