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Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus game Review

Story & Playability

Sequels were never as good as its predecessors, or so many say. I beg to differ. Like Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus (DOC) has a story uniquely on its own, cameos aside, and a new conflict which has little to do with the plot of the original Final Fantasy VII releases, like Advent Children and Crisis Core, much dismay on the part of Cloud and Sephiroth fans.

Here's how the story is placed;
Save towns folk from enemy which appears right on the beginning; okay. Get chased by cheetea-like creatures whine you fend them off your truck with a gigantic tommygun mounted on the backside of the semi-convertable (ooh, tommygun!), roam around in a deserted barrack (well, somewhat deserted, if you count the snipers), flashback, protect headquaters from infiltration, sewer travelling, longer flashback, some other thing, more flashbacks... ugh, I don't want to continue.

While the war elements in the game is pretty much intriguing and original for a Final Fantasy, the flashbacks can get pretty annoying as well. I simply spoils the suspense and the mood. Okay so the story is supposed about Vincent's past, but it should not hamper the progress of the story; it gets really boring to hear endless apologies, tears and mad laughter after awhile, especially when your psyche is caught in a cross-fire. More shooting, less crying, I say. This is a third-person shooter, not a late night soap opera, for crying out loud.

However, the overall concept is there. The revelation of Vincent's intended purpose is rather captivating, and the story tackles the root of the entire Final Fantasy VII story. Thankfully for the skip scene feature, you can enjoy the fight without having to break for the bathroom or popcorn.

Rating: 6


Hey, its Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura here; what's there to talk about?

In-depth definition CGI directly from the team which produced Advent Children, the graphics are pure eye-candy. Character expressions are more defined, movements are smoother, sleeker, and the best is, Cut-scenes and in-game are so integrated that you can hardly tell the dfference in quality. Although the movie scenes are much more impressive, we cannot deny that this has been a great improvement since Final Fantasy X and X-2.

Style-to-genre wise, its fits like a glove. All the major characters potray themselves as battle-ready, and such war concepts are no-brainer, really. But Tetsuya Nomura has toped it a notch, combining uniformity with styie (refering to enemy design), and though the chaacters look awfully different, they have got simillar feel in them. The Tsviets are the most impressive of them all; they are designed according to their abillity and colour, and the idea behind them is special as well.

The protagonist group's design is simillar to Advent Children's, aside from Yuffie and the new 3D apperence of Reeve. No appeal is lost from the revolunary image signaled by that blockbuster hit.

Rating: 9


Sorry, no 'One-Winged Angel' here. I exchange, J-pop fans will swoon over the main theme composed by Gackt Camui; "REDEMPTION" as well as a in-game song, "LONGING". Even those who get the U.S version will be able to enjoy.

Soundtrack is done by Masashi Hamauzu, filling every combat scene with jumpy millitary music, silent areas with soft eerie tunes which fit the mood. Gunshot sounds are varied dependant on the type of ammo fired, ranging from single barrels to missle turrets. You will surely get the war feel running through your veins.

Voice overs are done by the original cast of Advent Children as well, respective of Jap and U.S versions. If you liked their voices there, you'll surely enjoy it here.

Rating: 8


Now for the gameplay review. I have seen may other reviews, giving a score as low as 1 for the plain reason that the controls were too complex and that it was nothing compaed to Devil May Cry. The game's all about challenge, fer pity's sake! Don't go around showing off a high score for completing a hundred rounds of tic-tac-toe! If people can clear the game smoothly without complaints, there is no more excuse. All that I'm saying is, yes, I agree that the controls to DOC is novel and harder than your average game, but as players, we must be able to adapt to the game; experiecned companies like SE don't make games which torment even pro-players, that is for certain.

As far as humour goes, fans of Yuffie will be glad that she still makes her funky appearences.

This game is definetly worth playing; there are many fun things you can do in the game; have enemies kill each other, play sniper (there is an option to switch from third person to first person), mounted tommyguns with infinite ammo, be sadist and watch your own allies get murdered, have enemies kill each other; did I say that already?

For pro-gamers, I'd advise you to start of with hard mode; you'll have more to shoot at, that I guarentee.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by AWOL, Sep 07, 2006


  1. Billy85 Sep 07, 2006

    nice pics Soisei Seki,I likke them...do you know i am returning from one club know and i am not for a comment now :)

  2. chore-boy Sep 08, 2006

    good review...it's a decent game yes but it just seemed like it needed more....and the controls are so messed up >.< still fun though

  3. littlejonny100 Retired Moderator Sep 11, 2006

    For your first review this is fantastic! Your obviously a high intellectual X-P. Although I haven't played the game and probably wont I will happily comment on your review. I like your style of reviewing, it's of high content but at the same time you manage to throw in plenty of personal opinion without creating excessive bias, your also game enough to give more realistic scores on the actual sections, rather than just saying 10 for everything cause I like it.

    Good job!

  4. Rhyme097 Sep 14, 2006

    well, it's not as good game as i thought... Thanks for the review

  5. Lionhearted911 Nov 02, 2006

    i played half the game...but i donno ...it seemed cool...except i had accidentaly bought the japaneseversion of the game and barely understod beyond taskete and arigatou..hahaha
    but thanks for the review!

  6. hikarukaze Restricted Member Nov 02, 2006

    Look good...
    You should try to write more...

  7. JusticePro Nov 21, 2006

    not bad mostly covers up the game but u forgot to mention weather it's much better or worse like comparing it with other sequels~

  8. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  9. angelxxuan Banned Member May 23, 2012

    seriously cannot argue with this nicely put review. the game in question is one of those games which leaves it open for enjoyment. possibly the only final fantasy game I have played which I really enjoy a lot.

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