LightFykki's Tales of Symphonia Ova Review

Tales of Symphonia

Rated: 8

An anime made from an video game is not the same as movie made out from the video game or even movie made from an anime.
This one is different, because this OVA can either make you really wanting to watch and finish it, or just watching it for your time passing. In either case, you will enjoy it. What you have to notice at first is that this is an OVA, meaning episodes are around 30. (later they are even up to 43) minutes and there are just few of them, in this case four. All of them together make one part. There are more episode and we could say seasons, but I am just reviewing the first one.
What will probably leave first impression while watching it, is that anime goes very smoothly. It doesn’t go neither fast nor slow.

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Trooper1023's Tales of Symphonia Game Review

Tales of Symphonia

Rated: 9

Playability? Well, lets start with the battle system. Real-time. That's right, this game, like it's predicessor Tales (and Star Ocean) games, breaks from the old fashioned pause-menu-menu-command-action-repeat formula. However, the goodness of ToP, SO, and SO2, has been streamlined and fleshed out. Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan) and VII (with their timed menus (waiting in realtime before the menu reappears) just can't compare to it.

By moving a particular character into the top slot in the character list, you can take direct control of that character in battle, from an option on the Techniques list.

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