Ikebana's Shakugan no Shana Tv Review

Shakugan no Shana

Rated: 8

In the end I did enjoy Shakugan no Shana. However, I cannot shake from my mind the possibility of what it could have become had its darker moments been fleshed out more. The early episodes are of a magnificently dark caliber, but things get more light hearted as time wears on, only to be remedied somewhat in the end (even though I sympathized with Hecate more than Sakai). Yet my point is, this show COULD have been better. Although, by saying that, I am not implying that the existing product is by any means a bad show. In fact, I think Shana in its current state is a great hybrid of comedy and seriousness. My complaints are only a product of my stubborn love of melancholy (which can occasionally overrule reason).

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Shoujoboy's Shakugan no Shana Tv Review

Shakugan no Shana

Rated: 5

Oh how I waited for this show to convert me into a Shana fanboy. It had all the potential, all the ingredients it needed to do something great. The interaction between Shana and Yuuji was at times a huge highlight. Seeing Shana slowly break down her emotional barriers and allow Yuuji into her life, slowly making her more human. Seeing Yuuji gain strength from Shana. Truly a wonderful thing to see... early on. Eventually though it turned into a run of the mill "I love you but can't admit it" type of show, which just doesn't work anymore. The plot twists were presented early on in the series, which allowed plenty of time for execution, which was never truly realized in the end.

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Maikusama's Shakugan no Shana Tv Review

Shakugan no Shana

Rated: 9

Shakugan no Shana has quite an interesting concept it's based around, and the anime as a whole is able to build on this uniqueness to bring a very enjoyable series. Although it is probably classified as an Action anime, the entire series is actually comprised of a mix of genres, which helps it to achieve a higher level than regular action animes. Character development helps to enhance the already interesting plot/storyline and is a big part of the anime's success. Had the anime been based around a less action-oriented storyline, the characters and the anime itself would have been just another boring cliche.

To sum everything up, this is series (and melon bread!) is definetly worth giving a shot.

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