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Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana tv Review

Yuji Sakai is suddenly plunged into an alternate reality where he sees human souls being consumed by monsters.
Just as he is attacked, the katana-wielding Shana intervenes and destroys the monsters known as 'Denizens of the Crimson Realm'. Identifying herself as a 'Flame Haze', an enforcer of balance in the spirit realm, Shana reveals Yuji is a 'Mystes', a special soul that holds a powerful treasure sought by the monsters to throw the spirit world off balance. From that moment on, Shana vows to protect Yuji as his guardian and becomes his companion at school.

Summary by princessmeyrin023

Story & Characters

Though the final episode for the series isn't out yet, I've seen more than enough to help me review this anime.

Since this series doesn't have a plot synopsis yet, I'll take the liberty of making a brief one for readers:

Is the world really just a gentle place that we all observe it to be? To Sakai Yuji, the world is not what it seems..
Sakai Yuji is a regular high school student whom, like many, go about living their lives peacefully, never expecting anything to change. But on his way home from school one day, something happens that would change his life forever. Yuji shockingly witnesses the world freeze around him and people being engulfed in blue flames. Yuji then soon learns that there is another world besides his own that consists of battles between 'Guze no Tomogara' and 'Flame Haze'. The Flame Haze are protectors of the balance of the world, while the Tomogara seek disrupt that balance by taking humans' power of existence; power of existence being the lifeforce of humans. When this lifeforce is removed a blue flame, known as a 'Torch', temporarily replaces the void to keep the world in balance. This is the other world Yuji discovers... and the other world that he is now a part of.

The basic idea around the anime is quite unique, and from my point of view, very interesting. As you might have guessed Yuji is the protagonist in the anime and because of that it is only natural the he is in some way connected to a Flame Haze. Now the plot, as a whole, revolves around Yuji and the Flame Haze's battles against the Tomogara, but this isn't what makes this anime a treat to watch. The battle stories are interesting on their own terms, but what I think is the real strong point in the anime is the character development; it's a joy to watch and is very strong, not just with the main characters but sub characters as well. It is because of this strong character development with the main and sub characters that helps to make the story reach a greater potential. Not to mention the proper cast of characters helps bring an extra level of depth that couldn't be reached if the cast wasn't fitting.

As the series progresses you will notice how with each battle arc the characters develop more and more depth that build up the suspense and thrill that the conclusion to this anime will bring. I just can't express enough my appreciation for the excellent character growth this anime possesses. The concept of how there are 2 distinct worlds, and how the anime uses this to help create further depth in the characters is fascinating.

Overall, with the last episode due to showcase soon, it is safe to say that Shakugan no Shana should be amongst the 'must watch list' for most fans out there, or if not a 'must watch' then a 'must have'. This anime more than exceeded my expectations, with its unique conceptual basis, interesting storyline and amazing cast of characters.

Rating: 9


The art, overall, is above average, but it's not as unique when compared to other aspects of the anime. Characters are drawn in much the same way as they are in the general anime universe, nothing really stands out as being incredible. However, there are some things that I enjoy about the art, for example the Flame Haze's hair or the pendant the Flame Haze wears.

Animation quality is very well done, especially for the many fight scenes that occur throughout the anime. Everything for the most part flows nice and smooth, but there are some parts that have slow downs, or bad quality but it doesn't retract from the overall experience. For the numerous fight scenes that happen throughout the anime, I'm glad to say that this series was not plagued with recycles of the generic 1-2-3 swings from a sword. Though I can't say that this series is 100% frame repeat free, I can say, however, that you will not notice it in the slightest unless you thoroughly look for it.

Rating: 7


For voice acting in this series, there isn't really much to say. As far as any anime goes, the voice actors have almost always been cast appropriately in my point of view and have fit well with their character; Shakugan no Shana is no different. Yuji's voice matches extremely well with the type of character he is in the anime, and same goes for the Flame Haze and basically everyone else. There is one person who's voice is a little on the mundane side, but the role is so small it's not really a factor.

As for the soundtrack, there is uptempo music when the action in the anime is appropriate and there is slow paced background music, again when the mood is right. What more can you ask from a soundtrack? If the music fits well with the scene it is slotted under then that's all that we, as a viewer, need. Though if you were to purchase this soundtrack for seperate enjoyment, you will also be satisfied because on it's own the music isn't all that bad. The opening and ending themes are quite well done, though I do prefer the 2nd OP/ED things much more than the 1st. Both OP's are uptempo techno-y songs, while the ED themes are soft and mellow.

Rating: 8


Shakugan no Shana has quite an interesting concept it's based around, and the anime as a whole is able to build on this uniqueness to bring a very enjoyable series. Although it is probably classified as an Action anime, the entire series is actually comprised of a mix of genres, which helps it to achieve a higher level than regular action animes. Character development helps to enhance the already interesting plot/storyline and is a big part of the anime's success. Had the anime been based around a less action-oriented storyline, the characters and the anime itself would have been just another boring cliche.

To sum everything up, this is series (and melon bread!) is definetly worth giving a shot. However, whether the series is right for you is something you'll decide after watching the first episode(s). I, on the other hand, am glad that I was able to watch such a pleasant series and be able to share my thoughts with you future/current viewers.


Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by maikusama, Mar 19, 2006


  1. harakiri Mar 19, 2006

    I fully agree with your rating and review. This show has its original aspects indeed when you don't care about the ordinary character designs. I enjoyed most of the series except the flashback sequence in the middle that turned out a bit stupid but didn't detract from the overall good effect on the viewer.

  2. Kazahaya Mar 19, 2006

    I started watching this series. It's not that I didn't like it but it had nothing special and too much loli fanservice for my tastes...

  3. drkandres Mar 20, 2006

    i been following the anime few weeks since it started and it was pretty good, next week it ends; and if there is a second season then i'll defently watch it

  4. geninlv1 Mar 20, 2006

    *Thumbs up*
    Good review. I totally agree w/ your ranking. The concept of the Gauze, Flame Haze, and Torches had me confused at first, but I kinda caught on... 5 episodes in!

  5. R3flux Mar 20, 2006

    So far I'm up to episode 14 and this review only entices me to watch more............

  6. devilgurl Mar 20, 2006

    the anime had a slow beginning like most usually do but the storyline and character personas made up for it so i give it a thumbs up :)

  7. Etron Mar 20, 2006

    this seems to be a good a anime...
    thanx for the good review :D

  8. ayuready89 Mar 21, 2006

    it's fantastic..e storyline is so unpredictable tt it stirs u to continue watching its every episode..hope e final episode is a reali great one..=)

  9. merelie Mar 21, 2006

    Nice review of the anime! I wonder if there will be a second season since it looks there are still many unanswered questions so far, which I do not think the coming episode will have time to answer appropriately. The world-building is intriguing and at the beginning that's what got me hooked, before I came to care for the characters.

  10. devilmania Mar 25, 2006

    such a good anime... but sadly it is ending soon

  11. KiraKira Mar 25, 2006

    The ending was interesting i can't even put it into words, all i can do it hope for the movie to release soon this year.

  12. shindo-kun Mar 27, 2006

    I've watched a little bit of the ending and I plan to finish it when I'm not that busy ^^; I can't say I agree completely to the review because at one point I actually... dropped the series. But it fared well, I guess it just isn't my type of anime. And this review is nicely written too :D

    The movie is due later this year I believe... because the ending was very open-ended :P I won't say anymore to spoil everyone :x

  13. sakuraino Mar 27, 2006

    I've watched a little bit of it and it was good, the thing is my brother deleted it so i didn't watch the whole thing.
    This is a good review, it told me nearly the whole story of it, Thanks 4 sharing!

  14. Rosette-chan Mar 28, 2006

    Thanxs for the review! I have the opportunity to watch this serie and I can't apart my eyes from this! ^^ยก

  15. howy0420 Apr 08, 2006

    i really hope there is asecond season...or at least i think there would be one since it all retuened to "normal" as you can say.. or the ending wouldve had to be really good. looking forward to any second seasons and movies if there would be one(i hope) :)

  16. FruitBasket Jun 06, 2006

    The second song is quiet good.I like the voice of kotoko very much.It's beautiful and clear.The story of this serie is interesting.

  17. MCS117 Jul 04, 2006

    I agree to this review completely. The OP and Ed songs fit perfectly well. Especially the OP and ED. The plot is unique where it has the melon bread! But it has sorta of normal plot where the main character is somehow very powerful. The way it progressed seems unique and the plot fits the way it began. The con is that the series went through a lot of enemies and it didn't progress in any one of them very long... I hope the movie is gonna be better.

  18. Rhyme097 Sep 14, 2006

    I love this anime ! great work !

  19. capz787 Mar 29, 2007

    yes...I recently watched this anime...and I love it...^^

  20. AnimeHungry Jul 07, 2007

    If you read this review then you have to read the other ^^
    (the one which rates it 5)...

  21. bdrc Aug 27, 2007

    It's rated a bit high, but still acceptable.
    The one wich rated 5 is veery harsh. It shouldnt be that low.

  22. rukasu04 Mute Member Aug 09, 2009

    I saw this anime last week, and it's very cool :]

  23. Andy1308 Sep 23, 2009

    two years ago,i watched this anime.......two years later,i still loved and still watch this anime....i still love it very much....

  24. rukasu04 Mute Member Feb 08, 2010

    Nice review

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