Ephemeral-Garden's Nodame Cantabile Tv Review

Nodame Cantabile

Rated: 8

The overall presentation of the anime is thumbs up. The use of CG is not really to my liking, but does not seriously affecting the presentation of the whole anime.

The quirkiness of the characters are sometimes visible in some episodes but once you are concentrated on listening to their orchestra performance you tend to forget about anything. (Well that happened in my case)

Basically, Nodame Cantabile is an interesting story insert with a lot of classical music and also a whole lot dose of comedic scenes which will make you laugh your heart out.

I really enjoyed Nodame Cantabile in overall, but I was really disappointed at the fact that they would not be able to continue the 2nd season due to the lack of budget. I am really looking forward to the next season no matter what.

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XxKurumi's Nodame Cantabile Tv Review

Nodame Cantabile

Rated: 9

I love Nodame Cantabile, for all that it is and all that it isn't.

It's quirky, entertaining and, on occasion, takes itself seriously. That is, when it needs to. It is not the anime you've seen seventeen times before, nor will it be the one you see seventeen times after. It is itself, relying on its own characters to tell a story and compel us to watch. And it really did, because the cast is rather odd, but they still ask for you to pay attention. They've got something to say, problems, fears, motivations. They've got stories to tell, music to play.

It may not be the first choice for a viewer wary of the shoujo/josei universe, but I would still recommend it. Mostly because it's got a bit of everything — music, friendship, everyday struggles. But, more importantly, It's got heart.

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Shinsengumi's Nodame Cantabile Tv Review

Nodame Cantabile

Rated: 8

Amongst anime, there are some series which invoke philosophical rumination and others that play to more visceral tendencies. Nodame Cantabile is neither, and nor does it pretend to be; it is nothing more than a light-hearted romantic comedy that finds the perfect balance of quirkiness, seriousness, and drama to keep one entertained and hooked through the course of twenty-three episodes that is simply enjoyable to watch. (Note: Potential side effects may include an inordinate desire to listen to classical music. Lots of it. End note.)

Bottom line: It's really one of those series that leaves you with a smile at the end.

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Tama-Neko's Nodame Cantabile Tv Review

Nodame Cantabile

Rated: 8

The Nodame Cantabile drama is a good show. It's not a great show nor is it a groundbreaking show, or a show that will change your outlook on life. It's just something that's fun to watch. The characters all have wacky quirks that make them interesting and amusing, and their development both musically and emotionally is both accessible and compelling. The plot has a good, rapid pacing that never lags, and doesn't waste time on fillers.
The best part of the presentation is being able to see the characters perform the pieces. It really makes a difference compared to the manga. To hear the piece is to understand what Nodame means by 'imaginging a field of flowers' for Mozart's "Spring" violin sonata, or Chiaki's comments that Rachaminoff's Piano Concerto No.

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