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Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile tv Review

Nodame Cantabile is a shoujo romance comedy set at a music university.

When Shinichi Chiaki was little, he traveled the great stages of Europe with his father, absorbing classical music. Although he learned to play piano and violin, his ambition was to one day become a world famous conductor like his mentor, Sebastien Viera.
Now a piano student at Momogaoka University, Chiaki still harbors ambitions of returning to Europe to study conducting under Viera, except for his fear of flying (and traveling by ship.) He turns his frustration into his music. Every at the school is awful, he thinks, until he meets a strange girl named Megumi Noda (Nodame), who is incredibly skilled at piano - and who turns out to be his very messy neighbor. The two don't hit it off, but are forced to take a piano lesson together anyway.
Meanwhile, the clandestine arrival of famous German conductor Franz Von Stresemann sends the school into disarray as Stresemann decides to create his own orchestra consisting of what the school assumes are its misfit students -- and Stresemann taps Chiaki to conduct. Through a series of lessons, mishaps, performances, and trials, Chiaki, Nodame, the students of Stresemann's orchestra and the rest of the school learn more about the classical music they're studying as well as themselves.

Story & Characters

"Nodame Cantabile...nanda kore?"

This was the first reaction that I have when the name was presented to my ear. I am not even sure if that is supposed to be a title for an anime since it sounds weird. And so, for the past six months, I never even bothered to even check up on what the anime was about until one day a friend of mine swung a DVD right in front of my face.

Nodame Cantabile.

I was expecting something similar to Honey & Clover, which concentrates on love story and that sort of thing. But it seems like it has presented much more than what I have expected. Nodame Cantabile seems to be the first ever daring anime to talk about classical music thus making you wonder how did the manga makes people read on.

Nodame Cantabile presents a very fresh genre of anime which, in my opinion, is worth the watch. It is best to watch Nodame Cantabile rather than reading it since music is meant for listening. For me I have to watch and listen because I have no knowledge on whatsoever classical music, so it would be hard for me to imagine how does the music goes.

The story sets in Tokyo, in a place called Momogaoka Music Academy where students learn all kinds of music stuffs, which includes singing, playing musical instruments, performing, etc. However, Nodame Cantabile focuses on the classical part of Momogaoka and classical music can be heard throughout the whole anime.

Main Characters.

Chiaki Shinichi - A 3rd year, taking Piano Major in Momogaoka. An arrogant critic but lovable guy who seems to be born into a very rich yet music-educated family, Chiaki has been learning how to play the piano and violin ever since he was 3 years old. A talented musician who yearns to be a conductor under the wings of Sebastino Viera, a world-known conductor. He has the opportunity to study abroad but has been constrained by his phobia of taking any air or water transport. A very neat and tidy person you cannot help but to fall in love with.

Noda Megumi - Often called as Nodame, Chiaki's junior in the Piano Major. The opposite of Chiaki, Nodame is a dirty and messy girl who washes her hair every 4 days. Referred by Chiaki as a filthy garbage girl, Nodame is always seen to be cleaned and fed by Chiaki, who does not seem to understand just why on Earth did he have to do everything for her.

Rating: 8


Nodame Cantabile was animated by J.C. Staff, hence a similarity between the art in Honey & Clover and Nodame Cantabile is obvious by the use of soft palette which can be seen throughout the whole anime.

The use of such palette may be creative but I do not think that it is appropriate for such anime since it somehow shows that the emotion essence of the story instead of the musical essence is stronger. This is applicable in H&C but definitely not in NC.

However, putting the choice of palette aside, the art of the animation is okay in overall, although some of the characters might look quirky sometimes.

The most notable effect which can be seen in NC has to be its CG part, mostly used when the characters are playing their musical instruments. I am not sure if high speed animation can be achieved just by drawing alone but the CG kinda ruined the whole presentation a little.

But overall the art is still acceptable. But if you manage to just ignore the art and concentrate on the aesthetic classical music, you will find this anime interesting.

Rating: 7


This is where Nodame Cantabile's stronghold lies. I checked up Wikipedia and so far this is what I know about the term cantabile.

Cantabile is a musical term meaning literally "singable" or "songlike" (Italian)

- Cantabile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The cantabile style, which is referring to the style Nodame, Mine and the rest of the musicians who got scolded and smacked by Chiaki used while playing the instrument.

Overall, the wide use of classical music in the anime is really interesting. I have no knowledge on classical music so I do not know what the heck is major, minor but I do know who Beethoven is. I love when the orchestra is playing a classical piece; it is just amazing. The feeling you get while listening is just excellent. They just make you sit still and listen.

The OP and EDs performed by the Nodame Orchestra, Suemitsu and the Suemith and Crystal Kay are just something you should not skip. The emotions are just overflowing, and I really loved how J.C. Staff makes the ED music on before the credits roll.

As for the voice actor, I have to bow 100 times to Tomokazu Seki for voicing Chiaki. I have been loving Tomokazu Seki's voice ever since Groove Adventure Rave, but I'm loving him even more now. The way he exaggerates on Chiaki's emotions is just something I really like. But that is not the only reason why I think he is great voice actor, considering the fluctuating emotions going on inside Chiaki's head, I have to give him an applaud for being able to pull of such great voicing skills.

I have to admit at first I was not used to having Kawasumi Ayako voicing as Nodame since her voice is really something. Her voice is really... childish... but once I started watching the whole thing, I began to get used to it and somehow realising on the way that her voice actually suits Nodame herself. Messy, untidy, unable to clean up by herself, all this points out that Nodame is just like a little child, up to the point where Chiaki has to do every cleaning for her.

Other voice actors has done a very good job as well, but what really caught my attention was Yoshinori Fujita, who voice Okuyama Masumi, the okama timpanist. His voice is really something, and I really enjoyed his screen time. His voice is really gay-ish, but I do not actually find it gross; more like it is entertaining.

Overall, sound department is just excellent.

Rating: 9


The overall presentation of the anime is thumbs up. The use of CG is not really to my liking, but does not seriously affecting the presentation of the whole anime.

The quirkiness of the characters are sometimes visible in some episodes but once you are concentrated on listening to their orchestra performance you tend to forget about anything. (Well that happened in my case)

Basically, Nodame Cantabile is an interesting story insert with a lot of classical music and also a whole lot dose of comedic scenes which will make you laugh your heart out.

I really enjoyed Nodame Cantabile in overall, but I was really disappointed at the fact that they would not be able to continue the 2nd season due to the lack of budget. I am really looking forward to the next season no matter what.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by Ephemeral-Garden, Nov 13, 2007


  1. Akaiken Nov 13, 2007

    Sorry Sofie, lazy reading it all... LOL!

    Anyways, I really expect that you'd rate the sound highest cuz of the genre. :) I guess I'll try to watch it out sometime. ;)

    Btw, advance happy birthday, hehehe! I won't forget your birthday like what you did to me... T_T just kidding! ;)

  2. bromithia Retired Moderator Nov 13, 2007

    I pretty much agree with your review overall, the anime was interesting, but I never finished it completely through. Lost interest half way through- mostly just because it's not my type of genre to stick with. However, the music definitely was one of the better parts of the anime, considering the whole anime is revolved around it!

  3. Jerrios Nov 25, 2007

    yep that's true the music/sound overall are excellent. At least now I know how beautiful classical music is. The extra effects are kinda boring though the drama has better effect than anime.

  4. eonir Dec 15, 2007

    While watching Nodame Cantabile you have to focus on the sound. It's the core. Frankly, I think the series could be aired in the radio as a play. Because what appears on the screen is not really important. It's not good to be distracted by vision. Sometimes it's better to get a clean(even ascetic) reception, than to be smashed by everything in one single moment.

    The key is to focus on the core. I think that nowadays creators forget that cool looking effects are not everything. This leads quickly to commercial crap.

    Anyway, There are some things that could be done better. More importantly, it's not the music that needs improvement.

    Thanks for the review :D

  5. inutai Dec 23, 2007

    Good review, although I thought it focused a bit too much on comparisons with Honey & Clover. I though the palette suited Nodame very well. It's not a typical anime storyline (focusing more on the aural), so the softer palette suits it. I loved the animation, although it took getting used to. But it was nice not having a standard-looking pretty anime gal for the heroine. She's not supposed to be pretty.

    I agree that the music was great. It's good that they had at least one major score in each episode.

  6. narunarunarunaru Feb 28, 2009

    music.... i like it...

  7. pigmypuff Jun 03, 2009

    dorama coming out!

  8. lordryo Jul 28, 2009

    ood review.

  9. SchRita Aug 24, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  10. nainoi Sep 12, 2009

    thank you for review.

  11. SchRita Oct 31, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  12. rukasu04 Mute Member Dec 31, 2009

    Nice Review

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