Adith04's K-On! Tv Review


Rated: 8

what I enjoy the most from this anime is the comedy and music. It's hilarious, as any four-panel manga-based anime... The jokes are well put, and they're not too fast, so you can't miss them. the school theme on this anime didn't show up very much.. the music club room is where mostly the scene will take place, so I think it's kind of boring... The drama part didn't show up until the final episodes, but I personally think it's kind of typical, though.. This anime has only a few characters (and there is no male character), to make the story more compact.. The anime plot is short and simple, but it's nice to watch because the theme is good and there's no wasted scenes.. It's a shame though, that I think this anime was too short.. If it has a second season, I will definitely watch it...

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SaitoHajime101's K-On! Tv Review


Rated: 7

Overall out of a 13 episode series, unfortunately it wasn't a great one. Their goal was to go to Budokan, but they settled for high school stage. I get the meaning behind it but it would've made the show better if they really did go to Budokan. Look at it this way, if they changed the show into a 26 episode series, using the first 15 or so, getting through high school while practicing and getting famous, then the last 10 or so, after graduation, getting to Budokan, it would've stayed true to a music-related story. They spent so much time on non-music related activities like a christmas party or studying, etc that the show didn't feel like it was related to music. Thats my major peeve with this show and unfortunately, in my opinion, its what broke this series.

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Hachiko's K-On! Tv Review


Rated: 9

K-On! should not be approached as a Lucky Star clone, nor should its characters be seen to be the protégés of a fab four that has already carved its niche.

Rather, K-On! should be enjoyed as a series in its own right, a show worth enjoying in its own right, whose band members aren't obligated to walk in the shadows of anybody but to rather go their own way with its fans, eliciting a "YOU ROCK, YOU GIRLS!" on their own terms, by their own merit.

It's unique. It's fresh. It has a stick-to-your-guns, make-you-feel-good storyline mixed with great make-you-wanna-cut-loose music and great characters to follow.

And if you can sense that the people at Budokan are making plans for a sold out date as you read this review...well, that leaves me no choice but to salute you.

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