Trooper1023's Fire Emblem Game Review

Rated: 9

Ahh... Fire Emblem has always been a leader in linking the player to the characters they must guide through gauntlets of bloodthirsty foes. Its very easy to develop a favorite, and because of the vast number of people in each "world" (individual game), many of whom have the potential to join you and fight side by side with your initial small group, each player develops a favorite for their own unique reasons. And this can happen because everyone, every single person (whether they be possible-volunteers for your army, simple peasents, country royalty or nobility, or enemy soldiers) has a distinct, unique personality. And you get to follow these individuals through the whole range of human emotions. Certain events can be very touching, or shake you to the core.

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Sunira's Fire Emblem Tv Review

Rated: 8

I cannot call this game original as it relies heavily on systems from previous Fire Emblem games however, the lack of originality has almost no impact on how fun it was to play. Military tactics are fun to ponder as the entire game is a series of war puzzles where you have to come out victorious. It reminded me of chess and indeed it felt like I was playing a very complicated and far more intense game of chess. You never know the enemies moves and those moves are tailored to your moves and tactics. It was great fun to try and outsmart the built in AI. Since the battles all have a different outcome depending on how you play, the replayability of the game is quite high. I’ve played it three times myself, using different tactics and getting better each time.

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