Shoujoboy's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Tv Review

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

Rated: 4

I would best compare Tsukuyomi with a child on a diving board. All it seems to do is scream "Watch me do a cannonball! Watch me do a cannonball! LOVE MEEEE!" The show tries all too hard to make fanboys cream themselves with glee over cute lolis. It may work for all but 3 episodes and then it becomes like eating sugar in tablespoons. Too much, too often. There are times when the show tries to interject some seriousness but always defeats itself with Kohei and Hazuki yelling at one another, the mystical pan/teapot falling from the sky and always with the cat ears. There are times when it seems that you may be enjoying it only to be reminded minutes later that you're actually clawing your eyeballs out.

Now I'm not usually one to rant...

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Question's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Tv Review

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

Rated: 7

Well as a comedy/drama, Tsukuyomi delivers. Its just lovely watching Kouhei and Hazuki argue, the comedy bits with the "wash basin in the face" special effects, its a delightful mixture of laughter and family drama. The 2nd season of the series sees a noticeable departure from the usual laughter and antics of the characters to a more serious atmosphere, but the drama is still there, and there are still comedic moments. The 2nd season definately seems rushed though, and that kind of affects its quality.

One thing of note is that the OP sequence for the series has to be the most surreal ive seen. I dont know how else to describe it. Its liable to stun first time viewers. Im not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

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Kawaiiguy's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Tv Review

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

Rated: 7

This is definately a fun series to watch. It has a little bit of everything: drama, humor, goth, action, loli, and cuteness. It isn't the best things I've seen, but I am definitely entertained by it. It has its high points and some episodes have heart wrenching moments but these are somewhat infrequent. The characters are all lovable in their own ways (Haiji has a slightly annoying voice, but it's annoying in the cute sort of way... if that makes sense). There is also some hint of a love story, but part of me says the romance shouldn't even happen.

Given I've only seen a part of the series, I'm very interested in finding out how the story will wrap up. I see a lot of potential for the story to end well, however I can also see ways that the series won't end at all.

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Angelkitten's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Tv Review

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

Rated: 9

This series is original, there's no denying that. Such a combination of themes was a risky move for the writers, but I think it really pays off since it has double the appeal. Just when you're getting used to the slightly romantic comedy, they spring some heavy vampire destiny junk on you and it just balances out so nicely.

The character development, which for me is one of the most important, if not singly most important factor in judging an anime is coming along great. I really see potential for growth in Hazuki, as she learns that the world really doesn't revolve around her, and that other people have feelings too (surprise!), as well as Kohei beginning to realize that even though he's a thick-headed dumbass (being nice) he's still got value or something.

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