SaitoHajime101's Toradora! Tv Review


Rated: 7

This series was slated as a 25-episode series, but I guess they wanted to maintain the 26-episode length that the anime world is notoriously known for, so they threw in a special as the 26th episode. Its obviously not an episode needing to be watched in regards to the main story so no need to bend over backwards to see it. Any how, theres alot of good things to say about the series but for a change of pace, I'mma head straight into the bad first.

Fact is there's nothing really standout-ish about this series aside from some pretty well written characters. Now some would say thats a good thing and why others would list this series as "perfect", but thats not correct. For a perfect series everything would stand out and make for a long discussion about each part.

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