Hasaki-Keissi's Karin Tv Review


Rated: 7

Humor was definitely a disease that was let run through out this anime series. (At least for me, this seemed so.) For this, they get +4 for this aspect.

The anime was enjoyable, for the most part. +3 for this.

Okay, now for the "bad" stuff.

The constant use of "...is Embarassing" got fricking annoying after a while, even if it was cute for the first few episodes. So (Cute factor +3) (Nuissance factor -4)

And what's worse, is that I found that the story was naturally leading towards a different ending than the one they choose to give. (Ending Factor -2)

Adding up these numbers, I believe that I get a plain 4 as my result. And that is what I will give this show for it's presentation.

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Shoujoboy's Karin Tv Review


Rated: 6

A substandard plot with ordinary, unimaginative animation did this show in. It isn't to say it's horrible but it just isn't all that entertaining. The only reason I'm giving this one point up from the plot score is Karin's grandmother Elda. If Elda was never introduced, this show would have fallen flatter than it did. The way the show was progressing was just plain boring even with its minor quirks. Elda gave the plot some umph and gave the show a nice sinister character to follow. She helped push the plot along to its climax. The ending did provide closure although it was a bit too predictable for my tastes.

This show is going to be loved by a very niche crowd, but I think those who have "been around the anime block", so to say, will be left a bit unsatisfied.

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