Amrai's Gokusen Tv Review

Rated: 6

The yakuza teacher idea is very original in the way they present it. There have been many 'odd' teachers, (GTO, Onegai Sensei, etc.) this one doesn't hope to attract people through being ecchi or anything. It's pretty much just extremely simple yet amusing humor. Most likely it was enjoyable to me because of the stupid things pretty much everyone does throughout the story. And how stupid the characters are. A truly humor driven anime. It's something nice to watch while surfing the web as you wait for everything to load, since you can pretty much tell when a hilarious moment comes up. The anime is not all fun and giggles though. There are some serious portions to the anime, concerning suicide and beatings.

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Tama-Neko's Gokusen Tv Review

Rated: 7

Gokusen turned out to be a very enjoyable show for me. Initially I was rather turned off by the opening animation (which seems utterly pointless) and the art (which I mentioned as being rather ugly,) although the ending had me in hysterics because of the mix of enka and ukiyo-e. However, it was the story and character interactions, and the process of learning more about each character's history, that pulled me in and kept me watching to the end of what felt to be a very short 13 episodes. Most of the show is spent in short (2-3 episode) mini-story arcs, and it's always amusing to see how Yankumi will get out of whatever situation she gets thrown into. Her lapses into Yakuza slang are fun because in the next moment she'll turn back to her ditzy personality and try to shake it off.

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