Shoujoboy's Death Note Tv Review

Death Note

Rated: 7

Oh Death Note, what am I to do with you? I wanted to love you dearly and all you did was make my love unrequited. As I've said, Death Note IS good but it just isn't great. That feeling of intrigue that floods you in the beginning fades after a while, and once it does, that's when Death Note loses it's luster. From about the midpoint on, all you really want is a conclusion to it all but instead get many episodes of drudgery. When you do finally get to the end of it all, the storytelling is well done... BUT, it's a bit too predictable in a show that has been everything but.

It has some great characters to love and absolutely abhor. A strong start and a strong finish. Music that amplifies the atmosphere as well as makes you lose your damn mind. It's got fun written all over it...

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BossMac's Death Note Tv Review

Death Note

Rated: 8

So to wrap things up, I can honestly say watching Death Note was quite an experience. The overall packaging of the series was something I'd miss and makes me want to watch some more.

Its definitely a title that's fun to watch over and over again especially if you like serious thrillers which is quite a rarity in anime genres. But although serious, there are plenty of humorous scenes to at least lighten up the mood. Add to that the enjoyability of the anime as a whole and you've got yourself a great series.

I recommend this series to everyone who really likes serious titles that tackle real life issues, morality in this case.

But still, I can't help but state that the later arc is really disappointing for me, and I bet the same goes to some who have watched it, too.

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Mechanical-angel's Death Note Manga Review

Death Note

Rated: 9

Presentation is wonderful. ^^

The only thing i don't like about it is that it gets frustrating to read sometimes as it is in chinese, and the explanations are lengthy and quite a few "difficult" words are used. It's not that its the author's fault or anything, but yes, sometimes lengthy dialogue/explanations makes one annoyed.
I nearly "died" reading the 2nd book.

Highly enjoyable if you're looking for a thriller and something to think about.

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Aki18's Death Note Manga Review

Death Note

Rated: 9

Overall a very nice presentation, totally worth it.

The only bad thing was jus that there are too many words in the book. Not that it is anyone's fault, as the words are necessary to tell the story well. This happens in the chinese version of the comic, at least.
The presentation of the comic itself is clear cut, and different situations, for example flashbacks are well represented by a black border.

Desperate situations, scenes of suspense, etc are also very well presented, and in such a way that the reader may realise his heart is beating quickly and his hands are starting to swear(at least in my case).

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DanVoltsgalph's Death Note Tv Review

Death Note

Rated: 9

I think Viz did a great job with Deathnote. The quality of the book is great, as it usually is with Viz. There wasn't any bonus material (except for Ryuk's begging for a GBA SP - a little behind the times for their USA debut. He should get a DS so he can play himself in Jump Superstars), so that's something we can hope for more of in Volume 2. I'd love to see inside the minds of the designers, or some of their original sketches.

The cover is catching, you can see a bit of it in my avatar. It defiently shows off the art and makes you wonder what's with the kid in a suit with a scythe. It could make someone think its a blood and gore manga, but reading the back would quickly debunk that idea.

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