Weskalia's BLOOD-C Tv Review


Rated: 3

Which one is worse? A series that is mediocre from the start or one that looks promising then turns mediocre. Either way, both apply for Blood-C, too sloppily directed to succeed and too clunkily scripted to make for compelling drama, it does have the makings of a good, down and dirty exploitation series. While not everything was resolved in the end, the popularity boosts a movie, but even at that, it's not possible to cover all in a few minutes unlike Last Vampire which has the benefit of a 50-episode anime. And judging from the last episode, the movie would probably be about in a gigantic battle between good and evil as a lousy protagonist jumps into the belly of the beast. Call me bloodthirsty, but I'd rather watch something more creative with blood, sweat and tears.

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