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Story & Characters

Really well done... While there seems to be a semi-slowness series.. the story is still very interesting..You start by meeting Tanaka.. with his boring life.. and then you get to meet Ryuusuke.. and his life changes so rapidly.. I liked how they introduced so many individual problems.. and then solved every single one of them in a way that makes you feel good.. or that justice was served.. There is always an underlying plot.. from forming a band.. to getting fameous.. the ending is so unexepected.. but great! A negative aspect is that though the ending was great.. it was too fast paced. They literally rushed the last episode, when they should of spread it out over the course of atleast 3 episodes.

They liked flooded this series with character development... with the 5 main members of the band.. plus a whole bunch of other people.. the great thing is that you get to see seemingly insignificant people over and over.. and you really notice the change in them each time you meet them again. There are also no annoying characters to make viewers extremenly frustrated. The characters also visit many places consistenly, so that you get a very nice idea of how the setting is set up, for at each area a specific character will be there as an example of what is currently happening in that place, which contributes a lot to the overall storyline.

Rating: 8


The drawing styles is a little dull.. where they blur some details.. and then sharpen others.. nothing really special.. but it matches the slow mood of the series. I also like how they presented the concerts at the end, where the lighting, stage settings, all comes together nicely for each of the bands.The character costumes and appearances are all unique. There are lots of contrasts between characters just from how they look with Ryuusuke and his long hair and messy style to Tanaka who is dressed better and short and clean cut hair.
The animation of the series shows how mundane Tanaka's life was, and how it was still like that for most of the series, until something major happend.

Rating: 7


Well.. this is a series about music... The OP is really catchy and pretty good.. The 3 EDs are all great.. with the first one being normal.. and the other 2 are actual songs that they sing in the series.. both are really nice songs to listen to when relaxing.. the soundtrack is like an album.. with most of the songs being actual songs.. with lyrics.. the band Beck.. if they were real.. would be a band that i would actually enjoy listening to..
some songs that i really liked were,Moon On the Water, Spice of Life, and Face
The seiyuus for when they speak japanese, are pretty well done, Ryuusuke really sounds like he's high most of the time. But there is a LOT of blatant change when the band performs, and when English is spoken. They have horrible accents, except for the black musician, in which they actually used Americans to dub, and contrasts harshly against the other English speakers.

Rating: 9


This series is obviously valuable for being one of the rare series about music.. and they do a really good job.. the high points are for music, storyline, and the uniqueness of the series..

The music is really outstanding, for there are multiple times when they actually just have the characters perform in a concert or event, and the animation is average, which goes really well with how the series is revealed.

I finished this series in 3 days.. watching 10 episodes in the first day..This series was really fun because of how the characters change..and how the problems are solved..and there are quite a few problems..plus I really like listening to the songs..

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by psy295, Feb 06, 2006


  1. Northy Feb 06, 2006

    Hrm. I strongly disliked the main lead in BECK. Also, outside of the opening theme, none of the music were all that interesting, though I'm not really a fan of Garage rock and its many musical subsets anyway. And hearing ANYONE sing "Full moon sways" with the thick engrish accents is pain. All this combined made the show come off as rather pretentious at times.

    Still, the show actually made a really good portrayal of actual music lessons, including, amongst other things, fingering techniques on guitars, and seemed to be built upon a rather nice musical background. And the support cast were all very nice (and in some cases, lovable) characters.

    It's an average show. (Started out good, got somewhat worse towards the end.)

  2. objecterror Feb 06, 2006

    haha, i didn't really get into beck iam afraid, i mean, 12 episodes strong and i gave up cause it didn't hold my attention. yes, i admit right along with you that the animation wasn't very strong or the art but, the music eh, i don't know. i guess this one didn't grab me shake me and keep me interested, the storyline seems to fade in and out and doesn't seem to care for the characters at all and randomly throw together little portions of there story here and there, then boom, everythings dull and boring in some instances.

    now , i may be interpretating this wrong but, i don't know if i liked this anime as much as you.

  3. littlejonny100 Retired Moderator Feb 09, 2006

    I don't have much to say cause i haven't seen the series however i've been thinking about getting my hands on it. After reading this review, i'm definately going to. Cheers for the inspiration to actually be bothered getting it :P

  4. martyn Feb 09, 2006

    I love this series! Maho is one of my fav girl chars of all time! That and the whole journey of the main character in his learning to play the guitar and joining the band was alot of fun to watch. I highly recommend this series. (I wish Dying Breed was a real band, they sound awesome in the series!)

  5. elvisha Feb 11, 2006

    i agree with martyn.. i watched the series twice coz i like it so much :P. The art is fairly simple but the close up shots of them playing the guitar is pretty well done in my opinion :). I personally would vote the series 8.5/10 haha

  6. Lit0Tammy Feb 12, 2006

    This is an excellent anime and I highly suggest if you're into music, to watch this anime. I've reccomended this anime to many my frineds and they have all loved it. The OST is even better, I find myself often listneing to it, which is rare for me :)

  7. recca Feb 12, 2006

    The serie is good but i prefered the paper manga and it goes further than the video too.
    Nice OST by the way.

  8. nemu-iii Feb 16, 2006

    what the what? let me start of by saying no offence to all Naruto anime lovers... do u guys think that the graphics are way too low (like Naruto the anime)... looks like some crapy cartoons from low budget productions.. those flash cartoons are better than BECK (graphics wise) Ryuusuke's seiyu speaks half-a**ed english.. Don't watch the anime.. read the manga.. its hell lots better... (stroy-line and story telling as well)

  9. capz787 Apr 22, 2007

    The show is great for any music lovers...especially those who enjoy rock music...

  10. ShadowDreamer16 Sep 13, 2007

    I wasn't much of a rock music lover before this show, and I'm still not, but there's just something about this show, that even though the english lyrics are a bit mistranslated and absolutely hilarious, you just want to listen to the songs over and over again and even perhaps sing along...Anyways the animation and story were pretty good and dare I say, even a little educational. I now know how to tell the difference between certain guitars :) .

  11. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    I thought one of the best animated series ever!

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