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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball tv Review

Dragon Ball is a 42 volume manga by Akira Toriyama that ran from 1984 to 1995.
The story follows Son Goku in a tale reminiscent of the 16th-century Chinese legend Journey to the West.
Beginning with Goku as a child, the story traces his life all the way to him becoming a grandfather.

Dragon Ball is about the warrior Saiyan race, the defense of Earth, and the search for the Dragon Balls that will allow
any wish to be granted for the person who can gather all seven.

Dragon Ball Z is the second portion of the anime and follows Goku's adult life, later edited and remastered into Dragon Ball Kai.
Dragon Ball GT follows Dragon Ball Z and is not based on the manga.

Note: The characters' Super Saiyan transformations are listed under their respective character's tag.

Description by DokiDokiChan.

Story & Characters

-Rolls out the Fortress ship for this one.- Well, it seems that it is time to sink that of an anime which has received many apparently positive reviews from a fan basis consisting primarily of thirteen year old kids. Dragonball Z more or less is solely about the fighting and extreme power than it is logical. Fighters channel more energy than a nuke at any given time, as is power level in Saiya-jin peoples based solely on the length of hair they have at that given time, or the huge aura they emit. Say, lookie here, there's a new villian now, more powerful than the last and he wants to destroy the Earth, again, and piss about how powerful he is. Lookit me, I'm Vegeta. I beat down the villian like a redheaded stepchild, although I'm not smart enough apparently to fly down and administer the coup de grace, instead I'd rather sit up here and piss about how powerful I am. Yada yada yada, fifteen thousand episodes to accomplish what could have and should have been done with five at most. It's almost like a watered-down Inuyasha. Ditch the plot, chase the badguy for the umpteenth time, and never accomplish anything because you sat there and sweated and talked for fifteen episodes straight, at least kick this a**hole in the jimmy for chrissake to lighten up the psuedo-seriousness. Character development is also limited on the level of how much testosterone the said character (or Z fighter) has in his bloodstream at the time, so of course, you size up a potential opponent for fifty episodes straight, finally fight, accomplish nothing, and end the show with a series of open-ended questions to impose an aura of mystery.

The bloody freakin' end.

Rating: 2


See below, lots of explosions, more explosions, destructionism abroad, planets being blown apart by men who apparently defy the laws of physics at will, big balls of glowy stuff they throw at one another, spirit bombs, and of course, repetitive backgrounds.

<Vegeta> "Say, where are we going?"
<Goku> "I dunno, I've only seen that same damned mountain forty times before."

That's all I bothered to watch, any more and I would have given myself a stroke, not the worst I've seen, although by far not the best, nowhere near the top listings actually. I'm going to need lots and lots of Bebop or Muyo to correct my synapses after this one.

Rating: 4


-Grunt, growl, *Insert long, arrogant statement of power here*- Ka.. mee.. haa.. mee... HAA!!!!!1111!!!%^@%@!~ -Obliiterates half of the sol system in one fell swoop, uses the fact that he's SSj level :184,397,437,431,946,714,619,874,632,746,189,743,628,648,724,191,236,491,247,673,249,812,374,982,356,297,863,747,921,346,984,762,953,299,753,976,539,659,597,459,726,597,437,598,375,928,659,865,934,928,456,948,578,047,509,847,509,857,248,508,570,357,824,085,375,845,754,387,075,475,275,875,527,028,502,820578,507,075,287.5 as an excuse. Also note that soon after, he was decapitated by the sheer weight and length of his hair as he attempted to fly off at supersonic speeds. Given the weight ratio of the hair, the tensile strength of his spinal column, sinew, flesh, and whatever other aspect of common physics he forgot to take into account; it was bound to happen anyway.-

Rating: 2


Well, they at least got the marketing right, perhaps it's out of my generation, or perhaps I'm a bit too connosieurish for most people, ah well, not my fault. I guess if you're a thirteen year old kid, then go ahead, watch it, knock yourself out. (-Does not distribute"Do it yourself" suicide kits for those who wish to take their own lives after being mentally scarred by this.. thing.-) Now, enjoyability to watch was explained quite in depth in story, you have to sit there and watch the sweat drip from Goku's washboard abs and massive pecs for 90% of a said episode, throw in some grunts, auras, and ridiculously long hair, a few fights here and there; the wet packing sounds of fist against flesh, the throwing of energy attacks against cell or Majin Buu, or Frieza, the end of the episode, and the questions that make you want to shoot yourself in the head thrice to ensure death (it is advisable that you place the pistol in your mouth, so that the bullet enters your skull and causes instantaneous death) I suppose that if you are a thirteen year old kid with ADHD and no medication nor self-control that you can glue yourself to the television set and watch until your eyes bleed and your cerebellum hemmorhages, anyone else within the sound of my voice; stay away from this.. thing. This abomination which draws otherwise productive otakus into a brainwashing program of it's own menacing design, and churns out consumer-zombies to buy it's merchandise.

Thank you for your time. ^.^

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

2.6667 (poor)

Reviewed by Acyx, Aug 30, 2005


  1. LadyKitana Aug 31, 2005

    this rating is kinda harsh, Dragonball z isnt that horrible, to each his own i guess
    but just to let you know Dbz is one of popular animes

  2. Acyx Aug 31, 2005

    Popularity alone does not a good series make. I stand well-justified in my reasoning, and of course, with all it's repetitive cliche crapola, it got what was coming to it.


  3. sangel99 Aug 31, 2005

    I don't like DBZ much either.....its way too long and the enemies never die...somehow they always get revived or some other enemy thats way stronger comes to get revenge on them and so-and-so...and all they do is shout >_< Your review is exactly my opinion on DBZ :D

  4. azndude88 Sep 01, 2005

    true dbz is a good anime but they streched to long they sohuld just left and the BUU Sag the best fight you Majin Vegta vs goku

  5. THE-DARK-PRINCE Sep 02, 2005

    Quote by LadyKitanathis rating is kinda harsh, Dragonball z isnt that horrible, to each his own i guess

    I agree.... totally agree with u....
    All new animes are fake and they are trying to mimic dbz.....
    dbz is the origin and if u compare it with new animes, it's much better, it's the ultimate anime...
    It's very nice "Awesome" that they drew DBZ characters in 1987 and they look that nice and they matstered it very nicely....
    DBZ has a special taste, u can't find it in any of the new animes....
    You know, fighting between the most powerful charcaters on the earth and power levels and story is very unique and i give it 100 out of 10....

  6. WongZhonshi Sep 04, 2005

    DBZ is probably one of the worst shows ever. Acyx is really nice to give it that high of a rating. This show's just too mindless and boring. Although at 13 I did think it was cool. But like David the Gnome I guess I just kinda grew out of it.

    David the Gnome freaked me out as a child.

  7. Acyx Sep 04, 2005

    Amen brother.

  8. kira13 Sep 21, 2005

    Dragonbll Z is one of the BEST actoin cartoon ever. I like it.

  9. T-kun Sep 28, 2005

    Your rating is perfectly right!^^ I think the idea of Dragonball was a good one but the producters ruined the anime!.....

  10. Michie3 Dec 11, 2005

    A little high of a rating... well... I guess the old man sorta adds some flavor once in a while. This anime is more for kids though than for an older audiance. It pains me when most people associate all anime with those like DBZ.


  11. vatican92 Dec 24, 2005

    Dude, this isn't right.
    This rating is too low.
    Not the biggest fan of DBZ but still I think you went too far.
    Totally disagree with ya on the ratings

  12. Acyx Dec 25, 2005

    Quote by vatican92Dude, this isn't right.
    This rating is too low.
    Not the biggest fan of DBZ but still I think you went too far.
    Totally disagree with ya on the ratings

    I went too far? My friend, I'd rather flagellate myself with a scourge than ever watch this drivel again. I don't think I went far enough to tell the truth, although alright, I don't share your opinion on the matter, and I still think that boring out your frontal brain lobes with a black & decker drill press would be much more humane than trying to ever watch this again.


  13. Jmazing Jun 03, 2006

    Hm. Where do we start on this one?

    For one, you yourself admit to barely watching the show. So what are you basing your review on, I ask? I already have a feeling I know the answer.

    Being a DBZ fan has a heavy burden in the fact that you instantly appear to be a mindless fanboy. And that's not because every DBZ fanboy is mindless. It's because the mindless ones draw the most attention to themselves. So I'm assuming you made this review based on the impression of the anime you get from its fans. I could be wrong.

    Anywho, you analysis of the story proves you either didn't watch it or don't understand it. You'd be hard pressed to find a single DBZ villain who wanted to destroy the Earth. Vegeta wanted the Dragonballs. Freiza wanted the same. The Androids were built to destroy Goku but found more enjoyment in random destruction and abuse of their powers. Buu, with his childish mentality, was basically the same. Regardless, no one's sole motive was "destroying the Earth".

    As for characters, you missed the depth of characters like Krillin, Vegeta and even Goku. Take Krillin, who so often lamented over the fact that that didn't have a wife or a girlfriend that when he finally found a woman who was interested in him, namely #18, he risked the safety of his entire planet when he refused to destroy her to prevent Cell's completion. Or we have Vegeta, who dealt for the majority of the series with trying to surpass someone he saw as his inferior, untill eventually coming to grips with his own inferiority in the final episodes. until #18 came around. And then there's Goku, who sacrificed his life to save the planet, which isn't that big a deal with the Dragonballs around. But instead of being wished back, he left his friends and family for what he thought would be forever, to prevent people with a grudge against him from coming to Earth and endangering it.

    As for art, it was beautiful. Especially considering it is over ten years old. There are a few episodes where the art design takes a dive, I can admit, but other episodes are excellent. Your only complaint is that some of the settings were similar? Damn, you must hate it when they go back to the ship in Cowboy Bebop then. Despite being similar they were well done and well used in the battles.

    I’ll leave sound alone now, since I don’t know if you’re talking about the dub or the original.

    Boy that was long. Um, in short, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But you should actually know something about the thing you are forming an opinion of.

  14. amart Jun 07, 2006

    I believe that d.b. z is the most pathetic anime that I have ever
    seen in my entire life. what is the point of it all anyway?

    merged: 06-07-2006 ~ 09:59pm
    I believe that d.b. z is the most pathetic anime that I have ever
    seen in my entire life. what is the point of it all anyway?

  15. DarkRoseofHell Jun 12, 2006

    I pretty much have to agree on this review.

    Yes for a 13 year old it may seem cool... mainly because of the fighting.

    I at 1st liked the idea of Dragon balls and collecting getting a wish. But soon after that, it just repeats, I've watched like 50% of the episode (shear boredem to a really far degree). I really dislike how just this one fight goes on for the next 5 episodes. The only reason why I think people like this anime is just cause of the fighting... a really stupid one. I think removing all of the unnecssary episodes the 300 or so episodes will reduce to atleast 50. Also the only thing you pretty much see as acyx has said, nice bulging muscles, defying the laws of physics at will, and nice big old auras that shows nothing.
    Sorry if this was in anyway demeaning to some people's point of view.

  16. johann12345 Aug 18, 2006

    Quote by WongZhonshiDBZ is probably one of the worst shows ever. Acyx is really nice to give it that high of a rating. This show's just too mindless and boring. Although at 13 I did think it was cool. But like David the Gnome I guess I just kinda grew out of it.

    David the Gnome freaked me out as a child.

    well dude im sure we all get bored of somethings

    merged: 08-18-2006 ~ 12:45pm
    dude i think you never watched Dragon Ball......please go watch it all over again if you ever did and understand it a little, cuz i dont think you ever watched it you are just pissed...
    i dont think you are suited for rating any animes, you rated just because you dont like it, not looking really into it

  17. rukasu04 Mute Member May 05, 2009

    Nice review xD

  18. Pika42 Aug 07, 2010

    Actually, I didn't even try to watch DBZ until I was in high school. If it came on I turned the channel. It was the Oh no! Not that stupid show! reflex.

    However, a friend of mine eventually convinced me to watch some of it around the Mirai Trunks/Android/Cell sagas and I found it to be rather enjoyable. The plot does get repetitive, but the character backgrounds and connections to each other I found fascinating. I tried to watch some of the earlier episodes as well, which I have to agree were a little blah. My only complaint is It tends to drag certain events out far longer than needed (Ex: 5 minutes in the show lasts 2 20 minute episodes -_-*) This problem was corrected with the release of DBZ Kai (a cut down version of DBZ which removed much of the unnecessary plot drag.)

    I would give this anime at least a 6 for character development and all around creativity. Where else can you find monkey aliens, androids, and dinosaurs? As for defying physics... it is an anime they have their own rules of physics and if you watch the entire series it does explain how or why things work to an acceptable degree.

  19. DBZAOTA482 Sep 01, 2010

    The show gets flak because the fanboys of mostly kids & idoits who obsesse over the show greatly & draw too much attention to themselves

  20. xanderglz Jan 26, 2011

    To me its not that DBZ is horrible and unwatchable, it's just it hadn't aged well. Now with the current anime tendency to be realistic and show more humanized protagonists, it seems anime series like this are the ones to be evaded, even when that is not the point at all.

    On the other hand, go ask some +20 guy who watched the entire Dragon Ball saga when he was a kid/teen. Most of them treasure their afternoons and marathons in high regard, because after all, this series is somehow what the initial conception of an animation show seems to be: have a blast watching cartoons do awesome stuff. They're not logical? who cares? It's a TV show, not the real world.
    And that is the point of Dragon Ball as a whole: It wasn't made to anything else than to make you have a nice afternoon.

  21. kevin10133 Sep 28, 2011

    to be honest if i was still in the ages of 6 to 12 this would be the best anime ever but now that im able to organize my thoughts better and actually diagnose this show bit by bit i have to agree with the rating

  22. tankgirl Feb 24, 2012

    :/ this rating is rather disappointing

  23. back07 Apr 30, 2012

    Maybe i'll opposite you, i think Dragon Ball Z isn't that worst. First i watched it the story is great and i finally watched it to the end. The conclusion is if you dislike this series maybe you think the story is boring because it's repeated (VS Enemy, Death, Finding Dragon Ball, Life again) and for you who love this series you'll think this story is amazing! (Like me)

  24. angelxxuan Banned Member May 22, 2012

    don't agree with this review, although this is a comedy, action...well you name it... at any rate, the parts where you stretched the review, that's just how it is. read the manga, it's even funnier.

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