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Ikkitousen tv Review

Story & Characters

Alot of people might think it's a bad anime, I acutally enjoyed ikktiousen to hte fulliest.. ONly because I wasn't looking for an anime with any plot or real storyline. But the anime's pretty good to sit down and laugh at when you don't want plot. Story baseically is based off the romance of the 3 kingdoms era, only this time the the warriors are replaced by girls with skippy school outfits and guys with bad haircuts and unorginal attuidudes. Hakufu, the heroin of the anime takes up the role as sonaku the leader of the wu kingdom. Ironically, most of the anime of her had nothing do with with sonaku except for the fact that he dies. Everything else historal that he did was unmentioned in the anime. Almost every character is inarrcuate to their counterparts. But then again. Anime is fun to watch, i'd watch it again for the fan service, wouldn't you? I mean.. the anime drags the story on for too long about hakufu dying and how destiny will be forfilled.. give me a break.. You'd be surpirse if she lives at the end and only to figure the anime has nothing to do with destiny or anything excpet for a bunch of panty shots at the wrong times but right camera angles..

Rating: 10


Art style's pretty amazing acutally, there's more then 3 shades of color in characters, that's hard to find these days.. Animation's gone so layed back nowadays with everyone thinking "storyline" is everything. Nobody acutally would pay much attention to animation anymore as long as the plot is good. Ikkitousen is opposite.. Good animation, nice coloring/shading, bad plot? I wouldn't say that ofcourse.. I loved it. All the girls in the anime is acutally pretty orginal. They do not look anywhere near generic and I cannot compare them with other anime characters and say they look like somebody else. The animation is great for a fighting anime, nice.. slow fan service animation.. with lots of different shades. I love the animation and it deserves a good grade in my book.. But i tlooks like that's mostly what they focused on above all else.

Rating: 10


The voice acting is fine for the japanese version.. but as everyone know.. don't get the dubbed version any anime.. it's just too much to bear.. The voice acting in ikkitousen is surpirsely very good, they sound too young for their age but it's a fanserve anime, i don't except much. The music on the other hand's very good, unforunatly ikkitousen only has a handful of them, the same scenes would play same music over and over again. As a matter of fact, some scenes where the music DOES NOT belong, they play it anyway.. On the other hand, the beginning music is very good, i love the intro song, I even have it on MP3. The songs fit a fan service anime perfecally.. dance, hithop, nightclub music beats. Anyway. Aside from the fact that the music was repeative, I loved it.... My opinion ofcourse..

Rating: 10


What can I say? Fanservice, fanservice, fansurvice.. I really can't say much else.. But like I mentioned above in storyline.. I didn't see this anime for plot.. It's a fanservie anime and it does it better then any other anime.... Even tenge tenga.. I hate it when they get compared really... how can a 3 kingdoms storyline compare with... god knows what TT's storyline is??.. just because there are chicks that fight... Anyway.. There's alot of panty shots in this anime as for 1 minute of watching it, you'll notice it is abundonly obvoius.. The chicks are totally hot, why not panty shots? I wouldn't want them to dress up would I? It's really obvious also WHEN their skirts fly up.. It's usually during big movements like kicks or knockdowns. But in anycase, this anime's my favorite anime of all time, I like the music, animeation, girls, storyline, girls, panty shots, girls..yea.. did I mention girls?? Great anime if anyone wants to sit down and laugh. Even if it has no plot, it's a damn good distraction from every anime that's trying to hard to get a good plot. Why bother? My favorite anime 10/10 :)

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

10.0000 (excellent)

Reviewed by murrowboy, Aug 07, 2005


  1. Ky Aug 10, 2005

    I really don't think this series deserves all 10s across the board unless you really love fanservice.

  2. Sayoo Aug 10, 2005

    awesome! 10/10 :D
    i loved too! thanks 4 the review ^_^ hihi

  3. murrowboy Aug 10, 2005

    woot!! somebody that finally agrees with me about ikkitousen!! Your a girl.. I am glad the anime didn't offend you :)

  4. angelicdemonIII Aug 23, 2005

    wow perfect 10's I would have to say that I love Ikkitousen Mo-chan is my fav but I won't give it a 10 out 10 maybe a 8.9 out 10 just because I wish that some of fight secnes were longer some are just to short If your a huge Ikkitousen fan you have to read the manga

  5. murrowboy Aug 24, 2005

    LOL I have all the manga.. no I am serious... Chinese, English, and japanese.. All brought ofcourse no bootleg jpg's :)

    New Ikktiousen 8 is coming out today.. Can't wait.. oh and I love kanu. I hate mo-chan! she's "suppose" to kill my poor kanu according to destiny.. I am glad she didn't.....

  6. dude84 Nov 16, 2005

    dude the anime was some what of a let down well to me sure it a lot of fan service a mean a lot of fan service there wasnt a episode where butt's boobs, and a little bit of snatch that were exposed the only problem is that it didnt somewhat of the manga and for the anime to end the way it ended dude there better be a second season on the to tie up loose ends.

    p.s. ukitsu can kick kanu's butt any day of the week.

  7. murrowboy Jan 02, 2006

    uh huh speak for yourself. First of all I said I love kanu, not that it would matter if she was any stronger or weaker ten ukitsu.

    and 2nd of all she can't even kick hakufu's ass when she was on dragon mode.. kanu did... If you acutally know which character ukitsu was based off in romance of the 3 kingdoms, she is probably a B rank at most..

    And keep in mind this is MY opinoin of the anime. The only 1 because very few reviewed this anime.. If you wanna bash it or disagree with me, write your own.

  8. squeakers Jul 06, 2006

    I think the anime's good, but I prefer the manga, my fav char is ryofu, she owns bad, then comes kanu. and I got sad since ryofu dies T_T

  9. komrov Aug 20, 2006

    wow...a 10, i did like the series, specially Ryomou...

  10. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  11. back07 Apr 30, 2012

    Agree with you, Ikkitousen is one of Series that i loved because of the story and fanservice. But the First Ikkitousen have a (sorry) worst in it art but it's fine if you understand the story.

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