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Gun x Sword tv Review

Van is a mysterious wanderer on the desert-like planet "Endless Illusion". He wears a black suit all the time with a sash that transforms into a sword. He meets Wendy, a young girl who is searching for her brother. Van also controls an "armor" (large mechas that are controlled by pilots) that orbits the planet. It's discovered that the man who kidnapped Wendy's brother is the same man he is seeking (for unknown reasons) and so she joins him in his journey.

Credits: gelatinous

Story & Characters

NOTE: I've only watched 3 episodes!! (Shinsen-subs) and once again i'll include spoilers.

Now, I can't say much for the story because I've only seen three episodes. A wanderer named Van who wears a "swallowtail" suit all the time and has a sash that turns into a sword which can summon a big 'armor' from the sky (it orbits earth as a satellite) meets a girl named Wendy who's looking for her kidnapped brother (she carries his gun on her back) and she follows him on his journey. WHOO long. It's... kind of original. They're both after the same man (a duh, the villain) who it's hinted at, killed Van's fiancee on their wedding day and that's why he wears the suit all the time. Sorta, i get this from a flash of a picture at a certain moment so i could of course be wrong. everything has a very western feel... ("El Dorado" in episode 3, dead anime skeletons in the desert, old pistol Wendy carries) So its like western meets future/robots (I.e. Trigun)

Big "armors" (robot mecha things) that have been around for a long time ... Van's is the strongest... Wendy gets made fun of for being a kid... she's an orphan...

yeaa, KIND OF original.

Rating: 6



the art is what impressed me the most, and why I simply HAD to continue watching the series. coloring &shading is smooth without having that ugly flat computer-colored work, character movements flow well, the mechas are well drawn, scenery is great...

it's one of those animes where everything about how it looks is awesome (example? cowboy bebop, Read or Die). It looks like the artists knew what they were drawing, not just imagined it.

I also like the character designs. I've yet to figure out what the heck the thing on Van's right wrist is, but i think it fits his suit well. That, and his long lanky frame. Wendy's little turtle thing is adorable, even though it just has a cameo here and there (i don't even remember it's name....) I suppose Carmen99 looks like a standard anime hottie, but her weapon is a yo-yo. How freakn' awesome is that!? it flies around like a yo-yo would too!

btw in episode one "Lucky"s card deck is beautiful... I hope people import it here so I can buy one...

Rating: 10


... um..

well, to be honest I really don't like the intro song. I think it's too plain.

I think the rest of the music and effects are well fitted though, like the heroic music isn't corny and whatever or the music when Van summons Dann(sp?) his armor. The ending song is nice though, it pairs well with the art.

er, also frankly i dont remember the music much so I guess it wasn't altogether that amazing....

the voices are all fitting, they don't stand out but they're not average either.

It's nice when ... crap-i-forgot-her-name sings in episode two. (oh, you'll know if you see it)

Rating: 7


The presentation is great.

It's so much fun to watch I'm dying for episode four to come out... Luckily, there aren't any cliffhangers yet. Van doesn't do anything out of character (he doesn't seem to like to help or get involved with others) but he still does -something- with his great armor, as Wendy and me, the audience, wants him to. I mean, he's so strong, why not help the weak? His love for incredibly disgusting and spicy food is interesting... (he likes Milk, and cheap food that is slathered in -all- available condiments. My guess is that he's always been poor, and putting in all the condiments is kind of getting the most out of the food. He exclaims "SPICY!!!!" upon the first bite)

Ummm... I recall funny moments, I don't remember any specifics right now, but I did laugh
when watching this. Van is a very fun character to watch. He's extremely skilled in combat and with his hands, he's immortal?, and yet he can't take one drop of alcohol... he's afraid of dogs, likes to sleep outside, and theres the eating habits..

I would recommend this anime to *everyone*

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by gelatinous, Aug 03, 2005


  1. gelatinous Aug 03, 2005

    btw in the first paragraph of "story" thats "dead animal skeletons" and under art its "...without having that ugly flat computer-colored LOOK"

    don't write reviews when you haven't slept, huh?

    damn typos.

  2. white-zero Aug 03, 2005

    a review after three episodes? you're nuts.

  3. gelatinous Aug 03, 2005

    haha. it's only up to three, but i thought it should have SomETHing up.

    but hey, its in the first few lines so everyone knows i've only seen 3.

  4. SMPKKIT Aug 04, 2005

    gaga,it quite gd

  5. white-zero Aug 04, 2005

    Reviews can only be done after the whole series is completed.

  6. ricenoodles Nov 13, 2005

    I've seen 9 episodes now and the quality of the anime has fallen drastically.

  7. gelatinous Jan 08, 2006

    quality fallen drastically? how so. albeit i've now seen up to 13 (and still love it) so my opinion may be altered by the plot development..

  8. FullMetalGhost Apr 17, 2006

    someone tell me how to review an anime so I can fix this person's review..I watched the whole series and I have to say it's worth almost a 9.0 the story is definitely engaging and he gave it a low score on story only after 3 episodes! Also this anime isn't a Comedy..the first few episodes are somewhat silly like Trigun..but it is definitely action; sci-fi. And after 9 episodes the anime still hasn't hit full stride but I am surprised you think the quality fell off drastically. It is a really good anime overall..great animation, great characters and character development, a villain with an interesting way to reaching his goal, great supporting cast. It is similar to Cowboy Bebop in the way it attempts to tell it's story and Van's similarities to Spike are evident...but Cowboy Bebop is like the epitome of a 26 episode anime so it is ok to be similar to the master. I grew to love Van's character the more and more I watched.

  9. kameko82 Feb 22, 2008

    i've seen all of it,it's not so bad.the turtle kameo was really adorable.at least van is not such a stereotypical type of hero,
    he's gentle and enveloped in fear in some episodes.fasalina
    is actually one of the deceptively more lethal enemy(there r 5 others supporting the main villain,the clawed man).wendy's bro wasnt exactly kidnapped though.i'll let the others find out,if u havent seen it yet.wish u guys all the best.

  10. Drakill Jul 24, 2012

    I'd give it about a 8. The series I mean. I thought it was alright. I couldn't for some reason get into it.

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