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Najica Blitz Tactics tv Review

Najica Hiiragi is a world-leading designer of perfumes for CRI Cosmetics company. She is the epitome of high fashion in her designer clothes. She enjoys all the finer things life has to offer, but that is just part of her cover. She is also one of the worlds foremost spies. Think James Bond but instead of a tuxedo, short skirts and Manolo Blahniks.

The series takes a twist when Najica rescues a girl who subsequently becomes her partner. Lila, Najica's ditsy new partner, is not human. It turns out she is an android called a Humaritt. They are similar in some ways to the replicants in the film Blade Runner. Thereafter, Najica and Lila circle the globe in their efforts to protect the world from nefarious criminals and terrorists. All the while making sure that panties are shown whenever possible.

Story & Characters

If you don't mind ecchi, panties, and loads upon loads of panty shots, read on. Otherwise, find that link at the top of the page that says "Minitokyo" and click on it. You won't want to read any further.

Still here? Good! Let's continue. I can think of the following ways to describe Najica: Blitz Tactics: Noir crossed with Cosprayers, James Bond with breasts and an uber short skirt, pant-ime (panty anime), just plain insane. Intrigued? Keep reading.

By day, Najica is a perfume designer at CRI Cosmetics. By night (or sometimes while on lunch), Najica is a secret agent, fighting evil masters and spoiling their plots for world domination (or dominatrix, but lets not get into that...) At the start of the series, she rescues an innocent little girl from a devious kidnapping plot. Lila, as she soon learns, is far more than meets the eye (and I'm not just talking about her underwear). She's actually an artificially created super being with 100 times the strength, speed, and agility of a normal person. She also carries a really big gun. She must be compensating for her personality. She belongs to a breed of machines called Humaritts. Unfortunately for Najica, Lila isn't the only one of her kind. Many more exist and have happened to make it into the clutches of many bad guys around the world.

Guess whose job it is to recover them all. Move over Kirika, Mirielle, Najica is on the job!

Najica is what I would call the perfect "guy's anime." It has action, panties, guns, panties, awesome fight scenes, panties, and beautiful women. Did I mention panties? If Najica were a drinking game (where you take a drink each time a panty shot appeared), everyone would be out cold by the end of the credits. There's just that much white.

I can't say much about the re-watchability of this series, but the concept definitely kept me entertained. The action was good, as well as the explosions, car chases, and gun fights. I'd say it held my attention must better than most. Props to Studio Fantasia!

Rating: 7


I'm certain of one thing; the artists know how to draw panties. That aside, the character designs were very clean and simple. Scenes were adequately and appropriately lit. The DVD I saw was crisp and clean, with no noticeable artifacts or flaws. The colors are bright and clear. I would expect nothing less from a series originally airing in 2001. As with most shows that aired on television, Najica is presented in 4:3 aspect ratio.

Overall, Najica was not painful to watch nor visual overload. It struck a nice balance and was, for the most part, middle of the road. There was nothing fancy or glaringly wrong; it was just filled with panty shots.

Rating: 6


The DVD comes with two choices for audio: English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0. While I can't comment on the English audio, the Japanese dialog came through pretty well. Najica was voiced by Touma Yumi (notable for Urd from Goddess, Helba from .hack, and Emma from Victorian Romance Emma) while Lila was voiced by Ihata Juri. While it was somewhat disappointing that the DVD lacked a Japanese surround track, I don't think it detracted from the overall watchability. After all, there were other things to pay attention to besides the sound of gunfire.

The background music used for the series was somewhat overdone and cheesy. This isn't actually a bad thing, because it fit in extremely well with the action sequences. It sounded like your typical spy-movie-spoof music, like Austin Powers. Better yet, imagine the music used in the fight sequences for the original Batman TV series. It's not pure genious, but it worked.

Rating: 6


Najica clocks in fairly well in terms of presentation. It seems to be a well rounded series (no pun intended) with something for almost every guy out there (normal guys, not those anti-ecchi people who don't want to admit they have porn on their computers...sorry guys). As for the other half of the world, it may be enjoyable once you get past the panties.

The US release was presented by ADV and carries a rating of 17+. This is probably because of violence, excessive use of guns, weapons of mass destruction, and panties. The art box features a very simple design of mostly white, with only the title printed on one side and a picture of Najica loading her gun on the other. The DVD covers follow suit with only a shot of the main characters on the front and a brief summary on the back. I must also note that the Najica box came with a very special extra: a pair of white panties with the Najica logo.

According to the review at AnimeOnDVD: "I got some comments from some ladies about the panties. One cosplayer discovered that she didn't have a pair of low riding panties with her that her costume needed. Luckily, a pair of Najica panties found their way to her, and she said they were great. She wore them all day, and they were comfortable also." So if you're ever in a bind, the Najica panties are good for wearing. Not that I'd know.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.67 (above average)

Reviewed by kawaiiguy, Jul 12, 2005


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