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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon tv Review

Usagi Tsukino is a young girl who loves to eat and sleep, and hates school. Her life completely changes one day, when she rescues a cat from some bullies; the cat later gives Usagi a brooch that allows her to transform into Sailor Moon and fight off the awakened forces of evil. Although clumsy at first, Usagi gradually learns to fight and meets valuable allies, as well as formidable foes, all while learning about her mission and mysterious past, which spans millennia of battle and romance.
The story is a sequel to Codename: Sailor V, which focuses on Minako Aino's time as Sailor V before the events of BSSM.

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Story & Characters

In particular, I plan to review the fifth and final season, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars... and why not, I'll just take the second arc. Usagi-sama and the other Sailor Senshi that we have been following for so long are thrown into more unusual circumstances than ever before. They are finally in high school. There's a new super-popular singing group that transfers to Usagi-sama's school, the Three Lights! New Sailor Soldiers appear, but are they friends or enemies? Or perhaps both? This uncertainty and the tension that it brings underlie the entire story. (Along with a few other things, but I won't ruin it for you) The three-way battle we saw in S becomes even more complicated as Sailor Moon's trusting nature and belief that everyone should work together comes into conflict with her best interests as they are seen by the other Sailor Soldiers. In my opinion, Stars is the darkest season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. It can be downright depressing sometimes. The senshi are obviously more mature than when the series started and face hardship after hardship as such. There are a lot of questions and conflicts lying just beneath the surface that bubble up from time to time. All of the tension and worrying build toward an awesome ending, though. I give it a 10. If only we could get someone to license it here in NA.

Being that it is Sailor Moon, there is comedy and fun all through everything as well. Usagi-sama and the others just being themselves is pretty amusing anyway. So would I recommend it? YES! But only if you've seen the rest of the series. Otherwise it won't have quite the same impact. You have to see the characters grow and get to know them first.

And just for the record, I really REALLY don't like Seiya.

Rating: 10


The only problem with Sailor Moon is that the art style seems to change almost every day. One day it will be amazingly beautiful and the next it will be barely recognizable. For the most part the art is beautiful and pleasing to the eye (like... Ep. 172) , but there are a few episodes that I would have redone if I ruled the world. (Episode 195 for example...)

The transformation and attack sequences, as always, are beautifully done, as are the opening and ending. And there are some pretty interesting transformations this time around as well.

So to balance things out, a 7.

Rating: 7


Music was a very important part of this portion of the series. The Three Lights are a band and they are ULTRA-popular so their music is everywhere. From live concerts to the radio to CDs, they are all over the place. However, they aren't the only source of spotlighted music. We have some musical talent among the Sailor Senshi as well.

But the background music, as always, is beautiful and perfectly suited to the situations. It always tends to bring out and even add to whatever emotion the characters are feeling. There are familiar tracks that have lasted from other seasons as well as some new music. Instrumental versions of the ending song. There is also a new opening theme to replace Moonlight Densetsu, Sailor Star Song! If there has to be a replacement, this song is perfect. It is also adapted into instrumental versions that can rip your heart out. At least when they're put in context.

And seeing as there isn't a dubbed version, I can say that the voices are perfect.

Rating: 8


I always enjoy watching Stars. There is a tension and even frustration on my part because not all of the characters have all of the important information, while the viewer does. And my utter hatred for Seiya... well that makes things interesting as well.

The humor is pretty much the same as it has been through the entire series. Usagi-sama is somewhat oblivious most of the time, and that can make for some pretty amusing scenes. (like that Blake/break scene...) And the tension that I won't shut up about even takes a few comic turns (people who hate each other + small spaces = fun for me). The villains are hilarious as well. (err... most of them...) I personally love the humor, but maybe it's something you have to be in the right mood for because I know not everyone does.

I do miss some of the villains from the manga though. Most notably, my namesake Sailor Mnemosyne and Sailor Lethe are not in the anime. It's sad, but it doesn't detract from the final product. Awesome series, awesome season, awesome ending. It rocked.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.8333 (very good)

Reviewed by Mnemosyne, Jun 24, 2005


  1. Mabui Jun 25, 2005

    I agree with you on most points. But the sound should get a 10/10 because the opening is great, the OST is wonderful and the Seiyuu's are the best one can wish for! ^^ Good Review.

  2. Mnemosyne Jun 26, 2005

    ^_^ heehee... thanks... my first, actually... and really i would have given everything but art a 10/10... but i didn't want to go overboard....

  3. KaWaiiXAnGeL Jun 30, 2005

    ohh i agree with the art alot it is kinda true like in the way your saying it ya know! ive never seen stars and i want to so bad!!!!! the way you described season 5 helps!^_^

  4. junaxp Jul 02, 2005

    haha i totally agree about the animation changing too frequently. like every ep, ur right, looks a lil diff. but sailormoon stars was so freakin awesome i almost peed in my pants so many times. and the ending was ultra perfect. i wasnt let down a bit. thats why its my #1 and always will be :D ur review was very good!!

  5. moonelf313 Aug 10, 2005

    I agree with you too...I loved Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, I think it was the deepest of all the seasons with the most drama, and it was nice to see Usagi so much more grown up and mature. She is so much stronger in this season with her occasional reverting back to the young Usagi who first love is sweets!

    i also agree with the fact in order to watch Sailor Stars you much first watch the rest of the seasons first as it ties it all together the maturity level of the girls and how they all interact with one another.

  6. midinette Aug 22, 2005

    thanks for review, i have been watch this series since i'm children, now already have for PGSM Live Action, not bad at all, i love Sailormoon!this anime really make me remind my old time~

  7. deedeezel Dec 20, 2005

    I've been a fan of the sailor senshi since HS...hahaha...and still collecting movies and stuff....items now are hard to find here....buhuuu

  8. Asigha Mar 10, 2006

    lolz i love sailor moon, i don't care how old it is i still enjoy watching it :).Yea and seriously I've been a fan since it started. my fav characters are Sailor Saturn and Wicked Lady :D

  9. saimi Apr 15, 2006

    ehem...ehem...Does anyone know where i can get the whole Sailor Moon Script to serve as a spoiler? For me to print & Read at home? Please help me? Thanks! ^_^

    I grew up watching sailor moon...i even play the game at SNES...but...i'm missing it! I wanna read everything! from Season1 to Star! onegai! Help me! ^_^

    merged: 04-15-2006 ~ 06:56pm
    ehem...ehem...Does anyone know where i can get the whole Sailor Moon Script to serve as a spoiler? For me to print & Read at home? Please help me? Thanks! ^_^

    I grew up watching sailor moon...i even play the game at SNES...but...i'm missing it! I wanna read everything! from Season1 to Star! onegai! Help me! ^_^

  10. steffic Jun 20, 2006

    i luv it too ^^ when i was a child everywhere i turned there was sailor moon.. but now it's sooo hard to find one.. i want to re watch it againnn >.<

  11. misstron2000 Dec 04, 2008

    i always enjoy watch sailor moon

  12. Zeillah Dec 14, 2009

    awwww this brings back memories xD
    loved sailor moon very much hehe

  13. Sanisa Feb 23, 2010


  14. hitsu-chan Jul 20, 2011

    ooooh, Sailor Moon... nostalgic... I agree with your point of view, nice work :)

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