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Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi tv Review

Miaka is like any ordinary schoolgirl. She loves to dream, eat and enjoy her life rather than concentrate on her studies. She doesn't mind the fact her mother wishes for her to resemble her intelligent best friend, Yui, and life seems pretty normal.

Things change when they both enter the forbidden section of the local library, and consequently fall into a book. The two girls find themselves in a place that resemble ancient China, where they meet their first love, Tamahome, and get caught up in a jealous love triangle. Miaka and Yui are no longer best friends and become enemies due to several misunderstandings, and are recruited as Priestesses for the Suzaku and Seiryuu Constellations in order to summon their Sacred God (in the form of a giant beast).
The complicated battles between the Seiryuu and Suzaku end up in a fatal battle and race against time, involving the past and the present, where it is decided by fate. Fushigi Yuugi draws viewers into the fantastic realms of the imagination, love and friendship, to inform everyone of their importance in daily lives.
Synopsis by: Kuroimisa

Story & Characters

This anime is about Miaka, a junior high school student: an absolute connoisseur of "good food", with a highly sensitive nose for any scent of well, food. She's not that bright, and compared to her intelligent best friend Yui, she really is a bit of a joke~ but hey, that's like most animes we see.

The story all happens when she and her friend go to a library and enter the restricted area. They open a book and miraculously- ho! They fall in through the book and find themselves in Ancient China.

I won't go into the details of how many times they went back into and out of China (more times than you will in your lifetime, I'll reassure you of that) and instead focus on the other "complexities".

There are these characters who represent "star signs" or the stars. 7 make up a group (a constellation if you like) and each of these groups are destined to have a Priestess from the future to summon their group animal or such. The Priestess will in return get 3 wishes and the myth is that she'll be able to return to her world.

However Yui changes, and is racing against Miaka to summon her own animal for her group, and fight over Tamahome, the guy they both fancy. On top of that they constantly try to outsmart each other- well Yui does anyway- Miaka is too silly to realise that. You fall deeper into the minds of Nakago, the supposed villain, and find out that there are other mysteries in his tragic past- will Miaka pick the King Hotohori and become the Queen? Or pick the poor money loving Tamahome? And will Hotohori pick Miaka or realise the love from Nuriko� who is a guy as well?

Based on a real myth (like what Yuu Watase did for Ayashi no Ceres as well) it seems quite plausible and fun to include the constellations into this magical journey. Original.

It's 52 episodes. For fantasy fans, it surely is quite a good plot to be fair... and if you enjoy Yuu Watase' shojo quirkiness, go for it. However I thought that the plot may be fun, it is not entirely realistic.

Rating: 6


As one of the older animes and one of Yuu Watase's first, the art is not as good. I find that the colour quality is somewhat grained, and that it's kind of scratchy. However if you have a look at some of the art like at the end of an episode or from the manga books, it is by far the prettiest stuff you can find.

I would say that the art is decent... most of the images however aren't so good quality... but that's like with older anime, yes? Besides, it's Yuu Watase. There are some very good looing guys and girls for that matter, and the essence of the Ancient Chinese setting is pretty well done.

Rating: 5


I personally thought that the opening theme was kinda freaky... but it did reflect the magical feeling well. The end theme was the one I fell in love with... and there are many tracks sung by the seiyuu.

There are many famous seiyuu--- Midorikawa Hikaru, Koyasu Takehito, Seki Tomokazu, Miki Shinichiro... the list goes on... and nevertheless they do a wonderful job. Most probably, one of the best aspects must be the sound on the track. The music was done very well.

Overall this aspect of the anime has been one of the outstanding aspects.

Rating: 6


The anime is too long for its own good. Halfway through the anime when everything was meant to be finished (and you even hear the end theme rolling on) abruptly pulls to a halt, and reveals the ââ?¬Å?second halfââ?¬? of the journey, which takes too long, and it drags.

I found it unamusing and tedious to see that Miaka was so stupid to fall for the same tricks over and over again (youââ?¬â?¢d think that sheââ?¬â?¢d learn after the first few times) and it just really got onto my nerves. By about 3 quarters of the anime I wanted Miaka to just die, and Yui as well. They were both characters I just couldnââ?¬â?¢t empathise at all with. Tamahome seemed to be more admirable, but he too became just ââ?¬Å?another characterââ?¬?. His suave moves and such turned into pathetic attempts to struggle, and I just didnââ?¬â?¢t like him at all after a while.

Compared to the manga, the anime was quite upsetting to me (I read the manga first).

Sure, delve in deeper into the other issues of ââ?¬Å?Fushigi Yuugiââ?¬?- friendship, love, courage ~ good vs. evil ~ however the whole anime subverts feminist values by presenting us with supposedly powerful priestesses with magical powers, but easily succumbing to their desires.

Nude scenes, yaoi overtones- if this was an anime that was meant to be aimed at children (to fall into the plot) then that is kind of defeating the point- and if aimed at older audiences, I would find it hard to suspend my belief, especially being the cynic I have become.

You do not reincarnate with a ring on your finger.
You do not speak Japanese in Ancient China.
You do not die and come back.

I don�t think that this is an anime to watch more than twice or so. To me it almost seemed like wading through a marsh of gunk I�ve encountered earlier before- but thankfully, Yuu Watase�s later works I found were way more enjoyable and worthwhile to watch.

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

5.50 (average)

Reviewed by kuroimisa, Jun 20, 2005


  1. tareren Jun 20, 2005

    Lol, animal ? I think it the animals represents Gods so maybe you should call them God not animals hahaha.. I would give the art section lower rating though, since the art is not all that good compared to the manga's one, and the background view is ridiculous... How can ther be sounds in the background when no charas move there ???
    nice review :)

  2. ayane-heine Jun 20, 2005

    oh man.. it's fushigi yuugi... i remeber watching this anime only last year.. :D but frankly speaking, i like the anime alot unlike my sister, she thinks that it's a very boring anime.. :)

    i must agree with you that the guys/gallies are handsome and pwetti.. ^^

    as for the music, i luv listening to the music, the soundtracks of fushigi yuugi is great.. the openings, endings etc... all sugoi... XD

    when watching the anime, i was always thinking that miaka is a very stupid ger.. lolz. ^^ oh.. er.. abit stupid.. lolz.. i mean she's always doing very stupid things like you have mention but i didnt think that she should die.. if she is to die, the anime will end up very slow and sad..

    You do not reincarnate with a ring on your finger.
    You do not speak Japanese in Ancient China.
    You do not die and come back.

    well misa~~ this part of the review, i must say that you really point out the main thing that i was figuring too.. it was so strange... miaka doesn't understand tamahome's chinese writing but how can she communicate with them?? ?_?"

    hey the overall review of fushigi yuugi is great.. :D great job misa~~~~

  3. Akaiken Jun 20, 2005

    Fushigu Yuugi? Hmm... watched it and liked it, hehehe!!!

  4. missy1066 Jun 20, 2005

    Like ayane, I watched this anime last year too and I also liked it a lot... The music is really good too... I particularly love the opening (both before soundtrack version and the opening scenes in the anime)... ^_^... I have to admit, I love the way the characters are drawn they all look so beautiful

    The one thing that really grated on my nerves about this anime was Miaka... She could be so dense and stupid at times not to mention her perpetual greediness for food... Mind you, she has a lot of good points too... She is such a goodhearted person... As much as I detest her, the anime wouldn't be the same without her...

  5. xXceresXx Jun 22, 2005

    I want to watch it!!!!!!!!
    it doesnt exist in German T_T
    .... but Iread the Manga. really really good!!!
    Nuriko 4 ever! XD

  6. BossMac Jun 22, 2005

    Everyone here at home was so hyped about this series a few years back... it was a great series definitely worth watching...

    But overlooking the problems with Fushigi Yuugi, it is definitely an enjoyable show.

  7. zaea Jun 23, 2005

    Hey!!! plz...people...Speak kindly of miaka...yeah she might be a little naive but she's just in high school...come on relate...As a matter of fact I love it...I don't care if other people don't....Fushigi 4 lyf!!!! :)

  8. minamitakayama Jun 26, 2005

    i love fushigi ^^
    but i've never heard the music of it, because it doesn't exist in german ._.
    but i've read the manga and i love it ^^

    a nice review ^^b

  9. blackgoddess Jul 23, 2005

    good rating.....i was never that found of this anime...it's just one big catfight :P

  10. Kiku8 Sep 09, 2005

    I agree. The manga artwork and the anime artwork are way different. The manga had some lovely ever-changing into better artwork while the anime art didn't stay consistant. A couple of episodes (I think where Chiriko died?) had the ugliest most un-fushigi yuugi style art ever. But yeah, after a while, I too wanted Miaka to die too. She got way annoying later on.

  11. shaare Oct 07, 2005

    Honestly, it's a really good anime. I love the artwork and the character personalities.

  12. Kittiko Nov 26, 2005

    loved it totally! that was a pretty good reveiw by the way. all in all it was a good manga. my favorite manga actually. as for the anime i've never seen it but i really think i will

  13. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 26, 2007

    Bahahaha! Well, I have to agree with the review's score. Another Yuu Watase's typical works: main girl character with 2 or more boys falling for her, and the boys are mostly not a real/normal human like the girl. Well I guess the only good thing about the anime is the cute looking guys (no doubt about that), but the whole plot are just... well... ridiculous. There are quite numbers of times where I have to shake my first in front of the tv, especially where they just keep on going "Tamahome!" and "Miaka!" for quite a number of times in every episode.

    Great review, just finished watching it today and well.... I'm just speechless. -_-

  14. makiyasha Jul 12, 2007

    haha yup that was what i was thinkin when i watched it i was like wait u do nt speak japanese in china and as for the suzaku seven arent they suppose to be chinese?

    and yes there was alot of nude scenes in it that is why i stop half way (not suitable for a 12 yr old =.=)

    and the story really dragged on and on and on and that starts to make you lose interest

    not to mention that it has a sad ending practically most people die in it (really sad)

  15. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

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