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Loveless tv Review

New transfer student, twelve year old Aoyagi Ritsuka, has moved to a new school in hopes of escaping his trecherous past. Himself, never having a good relationship with a single being, has difficulty communicating with his peers until he is met up with a man who claims to be his deceased brothers friend or fighter. His name, Agastuma Soubi. Soubi, claiming to have known Aoyagi Seimei,and of had been his fighting machine,(in which seimei was his sacrifice), has come to tell Ritsuka that now he is his fighter. After being giving the knowledge that his brother did not die of mysterious circumstances, but killed by the organization named "The Seventh Moon", Ritsuka decides to join Soubi's side into investigating the entire truth behind his eldest brothers death.

Credits: toxictea23

Story & Characters

Twelve-year old Aoyagi Ritsuka lost his only brother, Aoyagi Seimei, who was killed under mysterious circumstances.Aoyagi Seimei was found fried to a crisp in Aoyagi Ritsuka's old elementary school seat. One day,Aoyagi Ritsuka transfers to a new elementary school in hopes of starting over.But then he meets Wagatsuma Soubi, who claims to know his brother. It turns out that Soubi and Seimei used to be a fighting partners, where Soubi was the "Fighter" and Seimei was his "Sacrifice". He is also informed that his real name is also'Loveless' as his own older brothers was 'Beloved'.Now that Seimei is deceased, Soubi now obeys the orders of Ritsuka, who will become his new "Sacrifice". After learning that Seimei was killed by an organisation known as the Seventh Moon or Seven Moons, Ritsuka joins with Soubi and investigates the truth behind his brother's death.
This story is not predictable like most. Most may think that this show is only another yaoi series for the fangirls, but yet those who say that are quite wrong indeed.
Loveless does not only revolve around yaoi, but there is also a little tinge of yuri near the ending episodes.

Rating: 7


I will not say that the art is perfect, since obviously, no one's art is ever perfect. If a piece or artwork was perfect, it would literally not be art.
The character designs are quite beautiful and fit the characters personalities quite well. Scenery is sometimes dull, but there are moments when it does look very realistic. Some battle scenes are poorly done and sometimes seem like something cut out of sailor moon or witch hunter robin.
But overall, I'd say the art is saitfactory.
There is also the way the images were colored. In almost of a water colors type.
It blends in with the moods of the entire plot very well.

Rating: 7


Lets just say, everything such as Music, voice acters and background sound is extremly well matching with the entire plot and story.
The music was well picked out, especially the opening, though i dont really fancy the ending song. I feel that the female singers voice is, well, a little too high pitched for my liking.
Voice acting was well done. The mood and characteristics of the characters were well preformed and well thought through. I must say that the voice actors did an awesome job of 'being the characters'.

A great job done on sound.

Rating: 6


The story is completly original. It is very rare to hear or watch a series with such a plot as this one.There was much humour at the right times. Humour at the wrong times is a definete NO NO.
It was incredibly enjoyable to watch it. The story has situations that i, personally, feel at the current time and have felt. I get a better understanding of the characters best when i feel or have felt what they are feeling in the story.
I say, share this show with your friends and definetly read the manga. The art in the manga is much more beautiful then that of the anime.

The entire series was well thought out, brainstormed, and well organized. How the events work their way blending into eachother was amazing.This is very rare to see in new anime.

I do think it is wrong on how people label this anime as being a 'yaoi only' show. Because if you have seen throughout all the episodes of 'loveless', you notice that there is also straight and yuri couples featured in it. My opinion, definetly see this while you have the chance.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.83 (above average)

Reviewed by toxictea23, Jun 18, 2005


  1. soujiokita Jun 18, 2005

    Hmm, your review sounds pretty good. Now I realize that it isn't only a yaoi show, it has yuri too. Thx for sharing this review, I enjoyed reading it. :)

  2. toxictea23 Jun 19, 2005

    ah, arigatou gozai masu souji-chan^.^

  3. SilentMasamune Jun 19, 2005

    Yes, this is such a good review though I know nothing of the anime series. However, I now have a better understanding of what I should look out for. I enjoyed reading the review as well. :)

  4. junaxp Jul 02, 2005

    nice job :D i woulda given it higher #s but im biased heheh cuz im in love with loveless. hehe the battles were awesome. one of my fav parts. i loved the word effects.

    im glad ur helping people to get to know loveless unbiasedly hehe

  5. wolfco Jul 02, 2005

    This anime (as in the TV series and not the manga which I have not seen) is not yaoi or yuri which when properly used indicate that a show focuses on the sexual relations between characters. I think specifically classifying it as such, wrongly biases potential viewers. It would be properly classified as shounen ai, if you are determined to value it merely as a romance. I just finished watching the 12th and final episode today, I would say that it is an intense exploration of a boy's mental growth . It has more depth in its episodes than most series that run over two seasons.

    In case you can't tell I'm really fond of this show and I'm really defensive about classifying anime incorrectly. I think many shows are unknown and disliked because they are marketed to the wrong sector.

  6. s9031496c Banned Member Aug 21, 2005

    I love this very much.....the battles are super awesome, gives me the suspense. Thans so much 4 creatin this toxic23!!!!!

  7. Yuki-san123 Aug 29, 2005

    I disagree with you on the humor part. However, nice review.

  8. Caddy Sep 06, 2005

    Great review :) I would've given a higher rating, but it's ok. I agree in the hunour part, It's really great, I laughed a lot when Soubi kept telling Ritsuka that he liked him. :P

  9. Kiku8 Sep 09, 2005

    Loveless was pretty well done in some parts considering they were rushed. And that the storyline was squished, because of only 12 eps. XP

    sorry to point this out, but Soubi's last name is "Agatsuma"

  10. blusirius Oct 27, 2005

    Loveless Prologue and Loveless Extra (1-2) were produced too.

  11. SanzosSaru Sep 12, 2006

    Your review is very good, but ratings do not go with comments. You rated it very low for the way you talk about it!
    Anyway, completely agree with you on almost everything.

    The only thing I don't like it's the ending...because it doesn't end at all. I really hope they'll do more of this, because it's a bad point for a wonderful series.

  12. Sanisa Sep 21, 2009

    Cool Review

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