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Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel tv Review

Story & Characters

The story is about six girls two boys that are off to find the lost technology.The genere of the story is SCIFI/COMEDY.Has three games which is "Eternal lovers","Moonlit lovers"and"Eternal wars"There is 52 episodes all about 15min.each or a little longer or shorter.The seven lovley characters are:
Milfuelle Sakabura AGE 17 Voice actress Shintani Ryoko.Milli Sakuraba(Milli what I call her)
Is known for her luck and misforturne and is a very emotinal girl Ship name "LUCKYSTAR"Hobbies:Cooking,EatingCaring
Ranpha Franboise AGE 18 voice actress Tamura Yukari.Ranpha is wishing for a man who can give her fortune and take care of her.Her room is more like an gymnausiam.
Hobbies:Finding men to give her forturne and working out
Forte Stollen AGE 24 voice actress Yamaguchi Mayumi.Frote will do anything to get her rare peice of gun or rare gun she wold prombaly shoot you if u get her pist.Forte is like the older sister to all the brigade and is allergic to mice
Hobbies:collecting guns for collection
Miint Blanchemene AGE 16 (might not belive it)voice actress Sawashiro Miyuki.Mint is a sneaky girl who will do anything to get it her way and often teases Ranpha for the heck of it
Hobbies:Making coustemes/Cosplaying
Vanilla H AGE 13 voice actress Kanai Mika.Vanilla H never shows her emotions and always says "ONLY GOD KNOWS"if you ask her a question.Vannilla has hearing promblems thats way you see those things on her head.She also is religous and follows the strict routines given she might eat popcorn on speacial occasions.
Kurasuma Chitose AGE18(think) voice actress Goto Saori.She loves to make friends.She has two brother Malibu and Cocomo
Hobbies:Making friends
Commander Volcott:AGE N/A voice actress Keiji Fujiwara He is the commander of angel troupe (one with milli,mint ect).He doesn't do much but commands and trys to take care of the others.
Hobbies:Playing chess(but was soon taken by normad)
Normad AGE N/A voice actress Mika Kanai.Normad was found in the dumpster(space one)And soon had a body or stuffed animal which vanilla carrys every where.He loves Vanilla and does get shoot plenty of times by forte.
Thus leaves the charaecters.

Rating: 9


Kanan has the most beautiful art expecially with the Galaxy Angel manga
The Shows art seems old but for some reason I like it old or origanal.The way Kanan did the characters were so cute expecially milli and mint amd all the other charecters and there looks also matched they're personalitys Like take milli for example the cute ones are most of the time the clumsy or dullheaded ones.Forte the tomboy one has her thing for guns and for some other reason girl with short hair love guns(to me)Ranpha her looks for the boys Vanilla serious look for silentness Mints cuteness for her sneaky side and cute cosplaying side.Chitoses friendly looks for well making friends and so on so forth.SO I think Kanan has preetyneat art.Also the art and creativity that Kanan did was just faboulus so I give the art a 10/10 rating

Rating: 10


The sounds were so awsome I even got all sound tracks of GA(GA=Galaxy Angel)The theme song for milli were so cute and the actors voices were preety neat expeciall milli.um sorry if I talk about milli to much shes just my favorite.^.^Anyways the actor are remakable so

Mika Kanai

Miyuki Sawashiro

Ryoko Shintani

Yukari Tamura

Keiji Fujiwara

Saori Goto

Sayaka Ohara

Tomo Saeki

Yuko Sanpei


Jouji Nakata(bartender)
The Sounds or Audio was amazing.>.<

Rating: 10


The story was amazing but it didn't follow along that well but the show was entertaing and I still loved it and like it say in the opening This Is A Kickass anime.>.<Also in the opening in case you don't know in the starting the character also juged the opening and I'll tell you for the heck of it
What The Character Had To Say

Ranpha thought:NO

Milfuelle thought:I Like it

Vanilla thought:.............

Normad thought:XXXXX(Xx5 stands for no)

Forte thought:You Can Do Better

Mint thought:It Was Ok.
Also in the very ending of the opening in japenese it tells you on the first chart What Everybody thinks of each other.
I don't know exactly what it says but Vanilla tinks of every one is NONE or no feeling in another way.Sorry thats the second chart onthere thought:P
The first one actully is there personality and hobbies also what they dislikeBut also the games were cool I had one but it wasn't translated but a little guess won't hurt and it's weird cause after the I watched the series so instead I Watched the sereies second after the game

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.67 (excellent)

Reviewed by moonlight-shawdow, Jun 15, 2005


  1. soujiokita Jun 15, 2005

    Nice review. I think you gave it a fair rating. :) I like how you gave lot of info on the charas and stuff.

  2. jerdana Jun 15, 2005

    Ohh... more backgorund information on the story. I don't even know how Chitose popped into the story, but I could get a rough idea here.

  3. VanillaHfan01 Jul 02, 2005

    very, VERY nice. u did a realy good job. 2 thumbs up.

  4. mirfeurre Dec 12, 2005

    ............^_^........... nice

    merged: 12-12-2005 ~ 08:22pm
    i also want to know when im going to kill that guy takoto im right? damn him

  5. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Nice review, you gave it a decent review and some decent stats.

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