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Bleach tv Review

The series begins in the human world, with the sudden entry of a stranger into Ichigo's bedroom. This stranger is Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper (in the Japanese version, a shinigami, literally God of Death). After an ensuing conversation, Ichigo and Rukia are forced into combat against a hollow (evil spirit). Rukia is disabled, and forced to transfer her power into Ichigo, transforming him into a Soul Reaver. As it turns out, Ichigo is very powerful, and even has a semi-unique zanpukat�? (sword that is his primary weapon, it is much larger than most). Ichigo makes quick work of the hollow, and Rukia leaves.

The next day, she shows up in his classroom, apparently a normal human student. It turns out that Ichigo has completely absorbed her abilities, and she must recover them by using a temporary human form, Gigai. It is later revealed that the Gigai she entered was specially designed by Urahara and given to her. In the mean-time, Ichigo must take over her job, cleansing the hollows in the region.

As Ichigo get involved in a closer friendship level to Rukia, Ichigo got more to know about Shinigami life and its issues.

Credits: niomea

Story & Characters

a boy beats up some ugly teen hooligans, they dunno why, well i'll tell you why, they knocked over and broke the bottle some flowers that were left for a little girl that'd died there. they run away out of fear of another beating, the little girl thanks him for doing what he did for her and he leaves.
ichigo kurosaki can sense ghosts, he can see ghosts, and he can touch them (and kick their asses as per a girl he meets later) his twin sisters yuuki (i think thats her name) can sense ghosts, aka hollows in this anime and karin can sense and see ghosts. his dad cant do any of this.
ichigo's mum died when he was about 13, for reasons unveiled later in the series, but ichigo blames himself entirely for her death, and has dedicated to protecting his family no matter the cost ever since.
one night, a black butterfly comes through the window, this turns into a girl weilding a samurai sword (later found to be called a zanpaktoh) about his age in what i can only describe as a fighter's kimono (i live australia, so sue me) ichigo, obvious unbelieving, watches as the morose girl searches his room for a spiritual entity, trying to get her attention with no success, with true ichigo style, he kicks her... who kicks someone who obviously isnt't human and is wearing a sword!?
surprised that she could be seen as well as touched, the girl introduces herself as rukia kuchiki (ok she doesnt do this at this point but it fits in here in my review so ;P) and explains to ichigo she is a "death god/ soul reaper" ( i watch the fansub and there's a rainbow of variation on this). saying he understands, again.. with great finesse, ichigo flips a table yelling "like hell i believe you!"

so begins ichigo crazy adventures, (i kinda cut that synopsis short, but i just ate and food make patchy's brain lazy) after a fateful chain of events, he becomes a death god himself

the story kicks ass in the beginning, cool-ness splayed all over every facet of this anime, but this wanes a little after rukia leaves the mainstream storyline (wont tell you why ^_^) some of the characters are REALLY quite interesting, others... not as much, but from the very first episode you'll form those burning questions like "what are death gods" "how will ichigo fare as one" and so forth, personally, i reckon this is what makes a good anime, the burning questions, and they make people (eg, me) so hooked on anime

Rating: 6


the art's unique, it strays away from the typical bishie-ness (bishonen=pretty) you find in your typical fan-service animes (or animes in general) where the eyes take up most of the head, skirts fail to function as skirts and every character varies only in degrees of perfection

no, bleach looks good (and cool) in it's own way, characters look different from eachother and have their own very unique looks (or sizes, *cough cough*) the scenary is ok, typical japanese town as per where the story takes place, otherwise, the 9 rating for the section is substantiated almsot entirely by the characters

a disappontment, is when they travel to rukia's world, which looks reminicent of ye ol' day in japan, i thought "i hope the architecture is nice" (yes, this was the first thing i thought) because this was a great opportunity to see some impressive scenery, but bleach disappointed, the town was bland, and the fortress they have to enter and fight their way through, it mostly maze, so for almost all the epics that take place there, you see concrete walls, and more concrete walls -_-

Rating: 9


LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK, IT'S AS BLOODY COOL AS THE ART IF NOT BETTER, there is not one song of the openings or closing sequences that doesnt rock, and even if you dont like it the first time you hear it, YOU WILL LATER, trust me.

although in stark conttrast, there's this one song they play during the anime during some fights, its corny as hell, but luckily, it isnt played often, so, out of sight, out of mind

seriously, the music is SOO GOOD, they also got some pretty big names to do em, orange range, rie fu.. thats all i remember off the top of my head, this deserves my rare 10 rating, (i only give it a 9 to even the ones that are really good, but this one is bloody better than really good, hence the 10... if i gave 10's out more often, id be left at a loss if i feel something deserves an 11)

Rating: 10


opening and closing sequences are excellant, even near the end of the series, there is a diff ending sequence for EACH epic, thats some big financial gamble on the maker's part, but hey, bleach it a kick-ass anime and otherwise it wouldnt equal out with the kick-ass song.
the logo for the series is also nice
the presentation is top-notch, you wont ever get sick of the anime's look, unless you've just been staring at ganju or some other butt-ugly character too long

again, i strain under the mandatory word count, i digressed a lot more than i usually do in this review... ok i'll leave with something useful =_= <-- thinking intensively face. a good action/drama, warning: hooks easily, again, i feel the hooks loosened their grip as the series went on, around where rukia left, which sats something about her presence in the anime, she makes a very good contrast with ichigo, she pisses the hell outta him sometimes and makes him do the weirdest stuff sometimes, an there aint nothin like watching a character of such dignity get his deal of embarressment

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by Patchy, Jun 10, 2005


  1. Li-Mei Jun 10, 2005

    ichigo's mom died when he was around 9, not 13. i think his sister's name is Yuzu, and i don't think that they are twins, i could be wrong.

  2. longinuz Jul 16, 2005

    yeah i agree with the music part. it kicks ass especially when he fights whit hollows. It was Yuzu and they're not twins

  3. Dimsim Jul 18, 2005

    im not going to say yuzu again, but i think it said yuzu and karin are twins, even though they don't look it, i think they mentioned it a few times, also that they were both 11yrs old.

  4. twistedfreak Aug 10, 2005

    really started to enjoy this series but as usual with most long series you start to get the episodes that have no real relevance and dragg out abit. Over all of what i have seen so far it is a good anime but can get over hyped a little too much. overall i would have to give it and 8 for dragging out certain sections that they did not need to.

  5. Zachior Aug 10, 2005

    Bleach, a tale of an over aggressive teenager named Ichigo who can see ghosts! JUST because!!! Anyways, he can see the wandering ghosts then eventually learns to see the evil ghosts (aka Hollows) Who eat all the other wandering souls that inhabit the earth awaiting there release in what we'll call... Heaven. Oh no! Corrupted Ghost Monsters running around eating poor lil lost souls! WHO WILL SAVE us!!! I'll tell you who! The Death Gods... more specifically in our story... a lil girl named Rukia that looks identical to Lydia from Beetlejuice cartoons XD. It's death gods job to slay these evil beasts by chopping there faces in twine and also release the wandering souls by pounding there face in with the back of there sword... Ichigo having these abnormal abilities to see ghosts is do to his ~Spiritual Force~ which just happens to be a delicacy in the world of the dead... Sucks for him... But oh... wait! Rukia comes to save the day! An Abnormally strong Hollow comes for Ichigo. Where Rukia meets her match.. gets beat down, and her only last fighting chance is to lend Ichigo her Death God powers!!! But Ichigo somehow manages to absorb to much of her powers leaving Rukia a plain weakling human... Anyways! yada yada yada, Ichigo gets deathgod powers... I don't wanna ruin anymore but theres a nice little blurb for those who haven't seen it. Deathgods with transforming swords called Soulslayers! Totally Orignal and awesome idea. Animation is from the guys who do Naruto. The music is well done, and it's also very funny.. to tell you the truth I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Bleach... it's amazing. I give Bleach a 9.5/10

  6. temarihyuuga Aug 11, 2005

    I love abarai renji!!!! is a great character....and of course ichigo and rukia

  7. fir3rulz Aug 19, 2005

    Ishida is still the best...=)

  8. strawberryghost Aug 20, 2005

    i just started watching this series and it is sooo good! i absolutely love the mucis adn the depth of personality in the characters. i think my favourite ones would have to be ichigo adn ruika.

  9. t3tSu863 Apr 15, 2006

    Bleach is one of my favourite animes for the characters, the soundtrack, etc.. but most of all for the story. I found the first part of the story a little boring till Rukia leaves: then the Soul Society chapter made me change my mind! I give a 8.5 or 9 to the story ;) ...for the rest of the review i completly agree with you ;)

  10. midsummer May 01, 2006

    hi...i have never seen bleach before... at first when my friend told me about bleach i thought it was the washing clothes that bleach...and i was wondering wad kind of anime it is... i think i am going to try watching bleach...

  11. simyvonne May 19, 2006

    I just love the music they have like D-technolife , Ichirin no hana and My Pace ^ ^ Oh ya life is like a boat is also very nice~~~~~~

  12. cassandraronald May 21, 2006

    the ost for bleach is wonderful i love it
    espically the songs D-technolife,ichirin no hana, life and life is like a boat

  13. beryl0402 Mar 16, 2009

    rolling star is very nice too

  14. Sanisa Sep 21, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  15. Warpten29 Mar 19, 2010

    Good enough!

    merged: 03-25-2010 ~ 05:24am
    Well you did your best.
    So i guess its fine

  16. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Could use some work, but, over all, not a bad simple review.

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