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Saint Seiya tv Review

Over 2000 years ago, the Universe was formed from the power of Gods. To protect mankind, the goddess Athena assigned the power of the stars in the bodies of chosen humans called "saints".

In Japan today, a young princess named Saori is proven to be the reincarnation of Athena. She will face her first test against evil when the world suddenly collapses, as it appears that one of her own men has planned a coup d'etat.

In her attempt to fight against the rebel, she calls upon her remaining Saints. One of those who answers is Seiya, the incarnation of Pegasus. With the help of Hyoga, the incarnation of Cygnus, Shiryu, an incarnation of Dragon, the gentle-hearted Shun -- incarnation of Andromeda, and his brother Ikki, the incarnation of Phoenix, the six of them set on a journey to Athens, Greece, to put the world back into order.

Credit: niomea

Saint Seiya character classes: Bronze Saints, Corona Saints, God Warriors, Gold Saints, Greek Gods, Mariners, Silver Saints, Specters, Steel Saints.

Story & Characters

Hi, mainly I will provide reviews for two parts of the anime
First, I will review Saint Seiya Sanctuary Chapter. Okay okay, I cant really talk about the artworks and animation since you know it is an 80s anime. But for an anime which is produced in the 80s, it is pretty good. If you watched it, you would probably agree with me that the story is the one that really attracts you into it. I mean with the constellation n stuff, however, the anime takes a really long time to develop but ended prematurely, as otherwise seen in the manga
Second, I will talk about the Hades Chapter of the anime. The anime is produced during year 2002, what is widely availble on the internet right now, as seen by SpectreAnime or Animeheaven IRC channels are the rematsered DVD version of the anime, so you could probably guess the animation and drawing and quality is really really aewsome. However, this anime is soley a keep for the ones who have saw the HADES chapter. I would bet if you never seen it, then you probably would have a hard time as to what the references are about. the fightings are a bit short and the plot is not too deep. however, i do really like to see they make another anime to tell us what happened in KIng Hades Terrortiy when the gold saints and seiya fought people like Radamanthys, Hypnos, Thornatos, Hades, Minos, etc. The best character in this particular Arc would be Butterfly Papillon Myu, I find he is very creepy.

Rating: 8


Obviously the first art work is not going to very good because lets face it, it is made during the 80s, however, i find the sequel to it to be particular awesome,. The one they made about Papillon Myu he is the best character i think from the Hades side during the Arc, even though Wyvern Radamanthys is also very kewl, look at how he manhandlles three gold saints by himself. Radamanthys is the type of person I am during reallife hahah
the drawing they had about the fight between Shaka and the saga, shion and Camus are nicely done too, overall this anime gets a 9 in the art department

Rating: 9


If you think the original saint seiya sound track, i am talking about the one in the 80s sound track are really awesome, i am happy to tell you that the sequel to it has almost matching songs, the opening, is nicely drawn, nicely animated such a beautiful song, beautiful, beautiful
the ending song i am talking aobut the one that appears duirng the even series(the opening is the one wihcih appearss during the odd episodes) is really really nice too, i tell you, i really have a thing for those two singers who did the opening and ending, it is so nice and so sweet.

Rating: 10


the story presentation is kind of good
In the first part of the anime series, i think it takes them 40 episodes for them to show that seiya, shun, ikki, shiryu, and saori san to go to the Sanctuary, although i think it should take them less and less. I mean the stuff happened before that, the galaxy wars, various chases, are just too long, it takes 20 epsiodes or so for them to show that the pope ordered different people to get different people all over the world. however once you get to the sanctuary arc, the story gets internse, and the true spitrit of the saintis revealed, the seventh sense, those who understands the seventh sense will have a chance against the gold saints, when they finally revelaed the pope is really Saga, godl saint of Gemini, we are all shocked i mean for the nonmanga readers. I think the Poseidon arc is kinda dump, however, it is kewl to see the fighs, the north country one is really nice, nice characters, but compared to the Sanctuary arc, they are kind of suck

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by hiddensnakehands, May 31, 2005


  1. rukasu44 Nov 10, 2010

    why did no one post on here? it's a good review and a nice anime too

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Simple but good review, good job.

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