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Pet Shop of Horrors

Pet Shop of Horrors ova Review

Count D, a quite interesting pet shop owner from an area called Chinatown, sells rare and hard to come by pets to people longing for something special, but with each sale comes a contract. If the rules of the contract are followed, everything goes fine, but if someone should break the rules of the contract, the pet shop cannot be held responsible for anything unfortunate that might happen. Leon Orcot, a homicide detective, has linked many odd and unexplainable deaths together; they all were customers of Count D's pet shop, and he intends to find out why.

Story & Playability

Petshop of Horrors rotates around an establishment in Chinatown of a town where justice is meaningless. The pet shop, though nothing different from others hides an eery and mysterious atmosphere. Customers are greeted by the exquisitely empty Count D (varies from translations) and is then presented with a wide array of exotic or rather unimaginable animals. But take heed, as these pets do not need your care. These pets are mysterious beings that possess the answer to the customer's dreams. But it only leads them to eternal darkness. No more. As customers make their choice and proceed to leave with their new pet, Count D presents them with a contract of sorts. It defines three agreements when followed guarantees a life of happiness but if broken, will void any responsibilities of Count D to the owner.

Owners are completely satisfied by their new pets and all guarantees with the creature are fulfilled. But as time goes by, the owner neglects the rules and this is a mistake that is commonly fatal.

Well, that's how the story of Petshop of Horrors goes along but definitely will leave a lasting impression on the viewer's part. Repetitions are kept down as much as possible and is nothing short of superb.

An excellent masterpiece and will definitely leave you frightened to step into a petshop for years to come. This is one that you will never forget for years to come.

Rating: 9


The artwork in this is completely stunning. Dark atmospheres roam abound such as black and gray lights. Character's are designed excellently. Count D is amazingly designed always having his aura of mystery. The creatures are perfectly consistent with their real-life counterparts.

The animals are the most noticeable pieces of arts in this. An effort to make them look mysterious yet closely resemble that of mythological creatures are perfectly well done. They feature nice color tones and a great depth of mystery.

But if you watch for a while, you'll notice that the animation isn't too fluid and still frames are noticeable. But note that these series is a visual presentation meant for its nice pictures only and was not meant to be a full motion video.

Overall, this is a visual masterpiece requiring no further adjectives to describe its beauty.

Rating: 8


Sound is basically nothing new and only the BGM tend to pull through. The OP theme is somewhat uninteresting but tends to get the pace up with the heavy beats. The gloomy atmosphere is heavily supported by spine-chilling BGM's that adds to the horror. You can sense an Eastern feel in the music featuring some nice tunes from the East.

Sometimes, the mysterious aura is overshadowed by the background sounds though this is only closely noticeable and will is bothersome to the flow of the story.

The seiyuus' did a great job on portraying their characters especially Count D performed by Seki Toshihiko. He made Count D more mysterious than he is already.

Overall, nothing great in sounds just the average.

Rating: 5


Petshop of Horrors is a simple well-made series. It features a great theme but this mostly makes for the fact that the plot is unoriginal and mostly predictable. Though it follows a simple formula for story, you will enjoy every bit of this and is worth a try. Character development is nothing important in this series as it only gives emphasis on the story.

Though not a blood and gore fest, which is probably good for it, horror fans will enjoy the series and is definitely perfect for a dark night at home with no one with you. Do not expect any Freddy Krueger and Pinhead kind of unleashed hell in this.

A freaky anime, with a freaky character and a freaky story. Humor is definitely absent even though Count D has some punch lines but are so deep you'll rather not think about it. If you like story-driven animes, you will have a hard time liking this, but for everyone else it is worth a try. (Hey, it's only a short series!)

Overall, this a cerebral, mind-numbing show with freaky fun. Not recommended for children without adult supervision.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by BossMac, Apr 27, 2005


  1. satan123 Apr 27, 2005

    nice and detailed review there , Jakulito.....
    but i think it maybe a little bit overrated.....

  2. BossMac Apr 27, 2005

    But it deserves it.
    I really like it a lot, and according to other reviews, it's definitely on the top.

  3. KyoFan368 Apr 27, 2005

    Hey great review for a good manga. It's a good series. :) :D :pacman:

  4. BossMac Apr 27, 2005

    Thanks, but this is for the anime...

  5. athrun07 Apr 27, 2005

    great review, I think I'm gonna look for it's episodes so that I can watch it too. tnx!! ;)

  6. Ladholyman Apr 27, 2005

    It's too short this anime ... could have easily been a 12 episode one.

  7. BossMac Apr 27, 2005

    Quote by LadholymanIt's too short this anime ... could have easily been a 12 episode one.

    Just as I stated, this one isn't supposed to be a full-motion anime.

  8. Ladholyman Apr 28, 2005

    Well I thought it would be better as a full-fledged series

  9. BossMac Apr 28, 2005

    Quote by LadholymanWell I thought it would be better as a full-fledged series

    I feel the same. It's just too short (10 episodes all in all I think [4 OVA, 6 series])

  10. ozma255 Apr 28, 2005

    Well written, detail reveiw, I haven't seen this anime but after reading your reveiw I'm just itching to see it. :)

  11. Akaiken Apr 28, 2005

    Hey!!! Pati ba naman Petshop of Horror pinatulan mo!?!

    But it's ok because this anime makes unnatural creatures come to life, "again."

  12. miyaira Apr 28, 2005

    I like petshop of horrors, and you have described it very well!!!

  13. tenchigirl15 Jul 24, 2005

    Petshop of Horrors? LOL! :D is it like the movie Littile Shop of Horrors? XD hehe just asking, havent read the manga or seen this anime yet. I heard its good. :)

  14. emodude Feb 22, 2006

    I really like this manga. Some of the creatures can be a bit scary though. T_T

  15. Countess-D May 29, 2006

    Such a good concept (from what I read) should be treated more in the OVA's. I believe there's a continuation of the manga, too. I should check that out Oo

  16. Ecthelion Feb 20, 2007

    I've never seen the anime, but I can say that the manga is awesome. This is a great character driven story. It's got just the right balance of drama, horror, and comedy. (Not to mention Count D. ^_^ This series is worth reading for him alone if for no other reason.)

  17. mars19902004 Oct 03, 2009

    I think the story is a little too general, because not every customer of the shop makes mistakes as time goes by.
    But in general, this make a good summary for PSoH. Thanks a lot

  18. angelxxuan Banned Member May 20, 2012

    it was relatively short but I have to admit, you did wonders with this review. it's another one of those off the mainstream path and those which don't travel there don't really know about it all that much unless they bother to venture into the vacant reviews here on mt and the net. I like the dedication you did to the review, well done.

  19. back07 Oct 03, 2012

    nice review, thanks for sharing

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