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Mahoraba tv Review

Story & Characters

This is only up to Episode 14, since that's where the latest subs are... I'll update as more episodes come out.

I'll begin with replying to those "people" over at animenfo:
For those people who screamed, "LOVE HINA OMG!&!!! PLAGARISMM?!?" Let me spell out the key differences.
-Look, does the main guy have glasses? No.
-How about the obligatory beating up of the main male character and seeing him fly off towards the stars? No.
-Whoa whoa then is the main female character a hyperactive ditz who can`t stand the sight of the male character? No.
-Did the main male character flunk the entrance exams? No.
-Big boobies? No.
I rest my case.
Now on to my review:
The story so far is basically episodic, but starting from episode eleven there seems to be some sort of conflict unraveling, but I can`t seem to put my hand on it. In episode 14, a central plot appears. Yes. The ending animation is finally explained, Shiratori is a stud in his collared shirt, and I can't wait for the next episode. For now, a 10 rating, since I have high hopes for the later half of the series.

If you don`t agree with me here, then, "too bad." This is clearly the strongest point in Mahoraba. In eleven episodes the folks over at Square Enix and JC Staff have created a vibrant array of characters that are memorable and enjoyable. I cannot find one character that I dislike. Sure, Shiratori needs balls, but he is a stud. He helps those in need, doesn`t criticize other`s weaknesses, and in general is a slob. A lovable loser. Kozue is fascinating in her multiple personalities, and it is always a treat to see each one played out. Momono has her own past of why she drinks, and of course Shiratori in his studly collared shirt comes to her rescue. Sayako and Asami is a convuluted mother-daughter pair, with a role-reversal not seen in many anime. Haibara and his puppet bring comic relief with his hilarious rhetoric, but there needs to be an episode completely devoted to Haibara sans puppet, which I am sure that it will happen. Tamami provides emotional and physical support for Kozue, being almost an obsessive fangirl in her lesbian tendencies. MMmmmmm, lesbian tendencies. Many other colorful characters are fleshed out, like the art teacher, Friend A, B, and C. Friend A, Shiratori`s gay buddy from school, has very long hair, something else that is missing from these harem shows. What makes the characters so great are their interactions and their own personal backgrounds, which clearly provides enough material to go for at least 26 episodes.

Rating: 10


Dreamy, lucid colors coupled up with detailed chibified animation. Facial expressions are a joy to see, especially Kozue`s umeboshi orgasm XD. Art inconsistencies are virtually non-existant, which is a rarity in anime nowadays. Character designs are nice and easy on the eyes, and each different character has quirks of their own. What warrants the perfect 1-0, is how effectively this show uses chibified art to portray relatively adult characters in a way that epitomizes the cuteness of the show. For example, Shiratori`s face turns into a cat-face after he was raped by the teacher, a nice touch that emphasizes his fear against such punishments. The opening and ending animations are true works of art. Hence, Shiratori's art.

Rating: 10


Violin flowing throughout, catchy opening, excellent voice acting, superb sound effects, what`s not to like? I liked the songs. I liked how Shiratori`s voice is higher than Kozue`s. I liked the sound of Kozue eating umeboshi. I liked the sounds of the teacher raping the students. I liked the soothing vocal music during those special tender touching moments. I liked the sound of shuffling cards. I liked the sound that Shiratori makes when he's flustered. I liked the -desu after every sentence of Tamami. I liked everything. It is flawless, this show.

Rating: 10


This is the epitome of the harem genre. Every character is so memorable. Sure, Shiratori needs some testicles (like I said before), but the way he bags the women is hilarious. He is not a wuss, but a slob. The four personalities of Kozue add to the hilarity factor too. I can`t find humor at the plight of poor people, but this show does teach some deep moral lessons. Shooting Star Johnny needs to let the old man Haibara talk for once. Tamami is scary, Shiratori`s Friends A, B, and C crack me up, and all I need now is an obligatory beach episode and I`ll be in heaven. AND LO AND BEHOLD, EPISODE 12!

There are no explosions, no real deep prodding plot (up to the fourteenth episode anyways), no life-threatening conflict, and no robots. Yet, the folks over at JC Staff managed to evoke interesting emotions with such a mundane premise. I keep waiting for #froth-bite for more, but lately I have to succumb to traditional Chinese subs.

How is this heartwarming? Some people have argued that this anime is destroying our children. I don`t understand how a piece of animation clocked in at 23 minutes at two o`clock in the morning every Thursday can do harm to the world, but I digress. This is not an anime to be taken too seriously. There has been too much discussion on how Sayako should be sued for child abuse, or how Tamami should be arrested for invasion of privacy. This is only an anime, folks, only a cartoon. I feel that Mahoraba is so heartwarming because of the overall laid-back feel. Lately in other anime all I`ve seen are violent and sexually explicit.

Mahoraba doesn`t go that route. Every episode is presented in a cutesy one-shot. Small conflicts are solved, characters are developed. This anime is not teaching us to laugh at poor people, but rather it is trying to be a slight satire of the present state of the world. Mahoraba excludes me from the troubles of the world, and provide 23 minutes of excellent entertainment. It is truly a shame for not liking this show just on character traits, because the key point of Mahoraba wasn`t the character traits; but rather, the chibi-fied umeboshi faces XD, the pimp-ish collared shirts of Shiratori, the overall happy-go-lucky attitude of the tenants, and the ultimate moral: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

I have ranted long enough. Just go watch Mahoraba. Watch it now. Bathe in its glorious philosophical allegories and transcendent motifs coupled with allusions to modern neo-classisism. For those who just can`t stand chibi things, however, stay away. If you get trauma looking at umeboshi or rectangular shaped dancing erasers, then stay away too. Otherwise, hop on over to #froth-bite and enjoy the show.

Enjoyment: 10/10

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

10.0000 (excellent)

Reviewed by Ladholyman, Apr 27, 2005


  1. Maceart Apr 27, 2005

    Oh man, this review was hilarious. Nothing like a nice long rant on your love of Mahoraba to start my day.

    To those seeing the 10/10... actually READ the review before bashing it... it contains much more substance than most other reviews.

  2. Claude May 01, 2005

    excellent review on one of my most fav running series..u really did ure job on the review man, fantastic work

  3. akika Nov 02, 2005

    I gotta say, I was going to say that the 10/10 thing was way too biased and I wouldn't have given it such high credit at all. But after reading your review, I give u a thumbs up ^_~ I love the way you write, it's truly hilariously passionate (if that even makes sense)...
    Although Mahoraba isn't the typical anime that I like, it was a lot of fun to watch. So very well done on the review and keep up the good work~ I'd like to see more of your reviews!

  4. psy295 Feb 28, 2006

    LoL i LOVED this series.. hehe though 10/10 is soo high.. (i would of voted that.. but i would of been yelled at for being too biased) but yea.. great review for a great series =D

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