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Slam Dunk tv Review

Story & Characters

Sakuragi Hanamichi, an infamous thug and also a hopeless romantic., is now in high school. Trying to impress the possible love of his life, Haruko, he ended up joining the school's basketball team. He has no knowledge of the game so he starts out with basics which he truly hates. With his passion for Haruko to drive him, he elevates his game and quickly becomes a significant member of Team Shohoku. Though what really drives him is trying to outplay teammate Kaede Rukawa, which is Haruko's love interest, unfortunately. Though a struggling team, late additions of veteran members have boosted them to the Final Four. Facing teams such as 17-years champion Kainan and arch-rival Ryonan, they endured every moment and ended up with second place and a ticket to the National Pkayoffs. The manga picks up where the anime left-off.

Slam Dunk is basically a story of teamwork, loyalty, perseverance and commitment to the game. Shohoku team members all have hopes of making it to the finals but is hindered by members who give up easily. The plot line is very good and is very well-woven.

Overall, Slam Dunk has a great story and certainly features a theme that is most definitely emphasized on this anime.

Rating: 8


Slam Dunk characters are well created and and realistic have physics during play. Motion is definitely a key in a sports anime and Slam Dunk does not fail to deliver on that criteria. Ball transition, dribbling, shooting and the glorious slam dunk are worthy rivals to the real-life highlight reels. Character design is yet another strong point, featuring realistic player modellings and height advantage. Ball physics or how the ball can act in real life is well rendered and doesn't fall off to the weird department. NBA bloopers are abound with parodies of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson to name a few.

The downside, Slam Dunk is pretty old-school and if you don't like old animes, you would not appreciate the coloring. Slam Dunk has a few flaws when it comes to player's poses when they make a successful lay-up. You would find it ridiculous or just weird.

Overall, Slam Dunk has great fluid motion and exciting animation plus the great animated plays. For an old anime, this is very excellent. Try the manga if you want to suffer.

Rating: 9


The Slam Dunk sound department has no noticeable flaws and will make watching Slam Dunk an auditory masterpiece. Realistic sounds and foley effects added seamlessly along with great lyp-synching are perfect and will not be noticeable even for the most discerning viewers. On-court sounds and player dialogues are good and makes tense moments even more exciting. Hearing the ball "swish" through the net in favor of the team is a soothing sound for those hardcore viewers. Dunks are highlighted by great "launch" sound sequences that are primarily gives the feeling of above-the-rim action.

Sakuragi Hanamichi himself has a few special BGMs that can only be heard during special events and moments like a "heartbreak scenario", a "genius' moment" or a "winning play".
Also look out for his song "Tensai Basketu-man" which he usually sings and hums when he's happy.

Slam Dunk's opening "Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai" is performed by Baad and the ending "Anata Dake Mizumeteru" is performed by the great Ohguro Maki.

No audible flaws are noticeably present on Slam Dunk. A quality sound experience although play-by-play commentaries are missing.

Rating: 10


Slam Dunk is the first basketball anime (I think) and features a great plotline that doesn't require a genius to figure out. Thus making Slam Dunk predictable in terms of who will win (Shohoku only has one significant loss and that is against undefeated Kainan).

The creators must really have great sense of humor making a total wack like Sakuragi the hero. The comic relief, commonly the Sakuragi Squad and Judo Guy, are real laugh-riots are can get you laughing for some time. On-court humour are always abound with players from all team serving as clowns. Even Kainan's serious captain Maki gets his share of punchlines in this.

You will definitely enjoy this watching this as nice plays and great humours are all-over the place and will make viewers stay tuned just for that. Aside from that, the longing to see the succeeding events will grasp the viewer's interest for a long time to come.

Overall, Slam Dunk is great anime with a sensible meaning but creatively woven into the interesting plotline and engrossing animation. A must-see for retro-anime lovers and fans of the sports genre but will appeal to everyone including little children. A must-have.

*Though I say retro, this is a mid to late-90s anime so its not really that old.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by BossMac, Apr 26, 2005


  1. Akaiken Apr 26, 2005

    Hey man, it's the genius, Hanamichi Sakuragi!!! Well, Slam Dunk's really popular in the Philippines but there is a problem... It's not finished!!! Damn, I really like this anime especially when Sakuragi gets serious.

  2. Aa-chan Apr 26, 2005

    Heard of the anime before and was intruiged. Now I might just go and have a look at this ^^ .

  3. KyoFan368 Apr 26, 2005

    Hey this is a good review. I like the plot maybe if my parents pay me i'll start reading this while i'm waiting for the next volume of my book to come out. :D :) :pacman:

  4. Sakura0chan Apr 26, 2005

    Nice review. ;) I really like Slam Dunk because of it's story and art work. ^__^
    Sakuragi is so funny. :D
    This anime makes me laugh. :D

  5. Musiq Apr 26, 2005

    I didn't really take to Sakuragi or Rukawa so it pissed me off a lot. Still the best basketball anime around, though. Probably the same for manga...

  6. athrun07 Apr 26, 2005

    nice review! I really like Slam Duck especially when Sakuragi makes jokes and when he is already a pro in playing it. I wish that he and haruko will be together in the end.

  7. Alienated-NZ May 04, 2005

    I might start buying this now... i didnt really know what it was about and thought it was eh.. but u changed mi mind nice work

  8. omigoshi May 06, 2005

    LOL the game where hanamichi try to get the basketball and hit his "u kno where" XD
    crack up

    Tensai Pride

  9. CassandraSisenta May 11, 2005

    Awesome review. ^_^ I've always liked Slam Dunk even if it was "retro". Everything about it is just good.

  10. Ghai May 18, 2005

    slam dunk rules, for most basketball players i tink we agree it rules anyways. i believe props go to the music when the game starts. it suits the pace perfectly, esp when we get the themes of characters played when they start to burn and score huge points =D

    eg. when rukawa starts to score consecutives lolz.

    neways i still love Jin form kainan haha

  11. vatican92 Dec 27, 2005

    Awesome review. I got to love basketball thanks to Slam Dunk. I also learned many rules and techniques. You put a lot of details in your review. Only seen the manga so I can't say anything about the sound but the rest I gotta agree with ya

  12. ishimi Feb 08, 2006

    well,galing ng kuya ko...alam na alamn mo talaga ang hilig ng mga pinoy...anyways ibang klaseng effect ang anime na yan..SLAMDUNK naging fever din yan sa philippine anime history..
    nice review...kung ako ang nagfinal verdict..10 yan..
    *two up*

  13. BossMac Feb 09, 2006

    Quote by ishimiwell,galing ng kuya ko...alam na alamn mo talaga ang hilig ng mga pinoy...anyways ibang klaseng effect ang anime na yan..SLAMDUNK naging fever din yan sa philippine anime history..
    nice review...kung ako ang nagfinal verdict..10 yan..
    *two up*

    i just gave it a fair review and an appropriate rating. but i still gave it high marks, didn't I?

  14. uncleliew Feb 20, 2006

    Sakuragi:dunk=tank? hahahha....

  15. back07 Oct 03, 2012

    nice review, thanks for sharing

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