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NieA_7 tv Review

Story & Characters

The story sequence is made through the future however, getting away with the popular genre of Mecha and Battlefields (as well as high tech gadgets and the like), NieA Under Seven, with its subtitle, <i>Poor, Domestic Animation</i>, goes beyond what the popular crowd would probably expect a "Future and Alien" inclined anime would be. You can say that NieA Under Seven is different in every other way and much like it's plot's concept, it is very original.
Meet the lead character NieA. She's an alien alright, but she has human-like behavior and looks human too. Her uncanny resemblance, if not almost perfect, of how a typical human girl would look like is inevitably interesting. Furthermore, aliens are differentiated through a weird antennae that grows above their heads and NieA doesn't seem to have one! This is why it's hard to tell whether she's human or alien. The nice thing about this is that she gets the best of both worlds. She also has her friend Mayuko who seems patient in tolerating NieA's mishaps and naughtiness. She'd usually be mad at her at one point but of course, she'd always have her special.

The story is very original indeed. I expected it to be one of those anime's who'd be dealing more with mechanical gadgets and the like. But after seeing it in its own point of view, I stand corrected and am just blown off by its story and style. The best things about NieA Under Seven's plot is it's great deviation in transforming audiences to see different realities and at the same time, being entertained as well. The story was set in a suburban place with less influence of major technology and more on the aspect of poverty -- of what it feels like to live in a not so progressive place. The setting is similar to how a typical Japanese bath house looks like with a mix of Asian Flea Market ride. It's also relatable in most audiences. Being able to keep up with the bills, having to deal with school and pressure, as well as dealing with a <i>younger sibling syndrome</i>... something like NieA. It's deals with realities in people's lives and I guess that is how it was made. NieA is also very energetic. Her witty attitude, combined with her gluttonous appetite that drives Mayuko insane could be one of the funniest scenes in anime. However, it is the same aspect that could have caused its downfall.

Some scenes of NieA Under Seven which should have been funny looked more like an infused comedy to lighten things up. Which is ok at some point, however, with serious audiences, NieA's funny antics which should be a lighter tone for everything might look more like a burden because of its annoying ways. Another thing I didn't like about NieA Under Seven's plot was several filler episodes. I found some episodes and some scenes that were intentionally put to extend the time span of the animation but by any means whatsoever, it has no relation to the story. However, the story line isn't all that bad.

NieA Under Seven is a series that I'd recommend for you to watch both entertainingly, and at the same time, seriously. Behind the nice smiles and laughs of NieA is a reality that poverty does exist and it can happen in the future too. But much like it, a lesson to be learned from it is that no matter how hard things may get, always take things in a lighter tone. It's a typical ordinary anime, actually. But it is one of those animes you'd dig up really good insights.

Rating: 7


The art form of NieA Under Seven reminds me more of the anime series, Serial Experiment Lain -- judging from the art style, that is. But I do think that the art is original in several aspect such as the traditional Japanese drawing animation. NieA's art is quite rough and rigid. Even Mayuko's hair would seem a bit unfixed for while. However, it does emphasize a bit more on the rigid ness of the setting as well as the current situation they are in. The style gets a bit of getting used to but the overall effect leaves me wanting to see it more. The style used is very natural and for some reason, I get to relate the word <i>organic</i> to this anime. The art is actually good but the real eye candy for this one is its awesome background and its effects! It truly depicts the essence of poverty. It looks very elegant too in its own way.

Rating: 7


The opening track was completely surprising at all. The song was sang in a <i>rock</i> version backed up by a raspy vocals. At first, you wouldn't expect that NieA Under Seven is actually a comedy series. But on the contrary, it is. Again, it requires a bit of getting used to. However, I personally liked the sound. NieA's voice is entertaining while Mayuko's soft voice reminds me a lot of a goth girl. Even if she doesn't look like on, she does have a bit of shyness in her and she has to open up. The sounds are pretty good but there really isn't much difference towards other anime series. But credit is given where credit is due. The opening track was excellent. However, they would try to improve on several other voices such as screams, shouts and perhaps the background music when NieA does something out of the ordinary. I also saw a dubbed version of NieA Under Seven and I could say that it’s pretty much, ok. But I'd recommend to original version better.

Rating: 6


Like I've been saying earlier, the central theme of NieA under Seven is very much original. And I'd give props for that. It's only with the humor aspect that I got a problem with but overall, it was entertaining. And oh, a little warning on several boring lapses as well as the filler scenes which can be annoying at times. But overall, it does give an insight of passiveness as well as a certain,typical boring day. It can crack you up but what's impressive about it is that it still, and very much <i>does</i>, stick with its "realistic" approach to the whole series. The minute details in the art were a very impressive move and also depict a certain aspect of preserving reality in a canvass. The animation used is truly remarkable and a work of art which actually adds up to its central theme. Furthermore, it was presented with characters who have more of a<i>lonely</i> or <i>angst-ridden</i> look but ironically, they'd act otherwise making it, again, an original endeavor. Overall, it’s a great experience and can be worth a try or two.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.83 (above average)

Reviewed by crewcifix, Apr 22, 2005


  1. Timana Apr 22, 2005

    Hey, Niea_7 sounds fun! :D
    I like series/movies with humour in, and this ismaybe something for me!
    Maybe I should see it....

  2. kakitsubata Apr 22, 2005

    i watched niea_7 and i loved the music! so different... but i thought the story was kinda...like incomplete? still a good anime, very original, as you said.

  3. lana May 16, 2005

    i also have seen niea_7 and i like it although it was very short, only has 13 episodes. but i have to agree that it's good and unique... i love all the characters, i always lol when i see the indian alien... XP

  4. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Cool review, nice details and depth. Good job.

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