KaedeEX's Knights of Ramune Tv Review

Knights of Ramune tv Review

- NG Knight Lamune & 40 (TV, 38 episodes)
- NG Knight Lamune & 40 EX (OAV, 3 episodes)
- NG Knight Lamune & 40 DX (OAV, 3 episodes)
- VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire (TV, 26 episodes)
- VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fresh (OAV, 6 episodes)

Story & Characters

A friend of mine tells me that the story here is pretty good if you have seen the other series in line with this. However, these haven't even been released in English to my knowledge and thus this show leaves viewers behind in the dust. The general premise is something about the main characters, Parfait and Kakao, travelling to some other world to save some children and find this legendary warrior, but they end up fighting in robots anf being in space a lot. There's some magic and stuff in there as well, but it seems underdeveloped and rushed. I can't really be sure, though, not having seen the several other series behind the story. However, I think my opinion is fair anyways, because the casual fan should not have to go so far out of their way to simply understand a simple show like this. All sorts of mythos and dialogue went right over my head when I watched this, and I eventually stopped caring. KoL isn't really about the story so much as it is about the fanservice--more on that in the Art comments. I don't really like most of the characters and they aren't fleshed out nearly enough for my satisfaction. I don't get too much in the way of motivations for any of the characters, so they all come off as very one-dimensional. Sorry if anybody out there knows the whole story and likes this show, but in a vacuum, it blows.

Rating: 2


The art is pretty good in some spots, but terrible in others. The scenes with mecha are surprisingly well done for the most part. I don't exactly like the character designs very much, but the execution was spot-on. I dock points for the character design and the absolute overabundance of fanservice in this title. It is very obvious that this is how KoL was picked up in the US. The fanservice is constant, distracting, and not even very good. I got sick of it fast. Also, there is some use of CG effects in this picture, but they are god-awful.

Rating: 4


Don't dare touch the dub on this disc. The voiceacting is completely terrible; this is the very stereotype of a bad dub. I don't recall having any problem with the Japanese voiceacting. The background music isn't very good, but the OP and ED themes completely tear the score asunder. These songs are SO bad. You will hate them before you can even finish listening. Audio in general is just stereo on the DVD if I recall correctly. It's not very good, either. Mostly the sounds are things like explosions or robots, etc. Nothing amazing here, and the soundtrack knocks the score down here.

Rating: 3


The show tries to take itself seriously at times, and jokes around at other parts. This puts a bit of confusion in watching the show, because the transitions to and from the lapses of seriousness are done very poorly. For what is there, the humor is very poor. I didn't find any of it funny at all, and the show doesn't even try to pretend being anything more than a vehicle for fanservice. The bit that plays right before the commercial would happen never fails to confuse me--the dialogue here never makes any sense and I cannot fathom anybody getting the humor buried within. The menu (very confusingly) has one of the terrible CG effects in the background with the theme music blaring and hurting my ears. There are a few extras, but they are sparse and not too-well thought out. Mostly just some art and clips from the show. Besides that, though, you get roughly three hours of this show on a single disc, so if you value quantity over quality, well, you've probably hit the jackpot. However, the overall impression it left with me was very poor. I wouldn't touch this anime with a ten-foot pole.

Rating: 2

Final Verdict

2.5000 (poor)

Reviewed by KaedeEX, Apr 01, 2005


  1. back07 Jun 27, 2012

    agree with you, another boring anime

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Can't argue with the review, good job.

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