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Weiss Kreuz

Weiss Kreuz tv Review

Four guys work at a florist and seem to be normal folks. Truth is they all work for an underground organization, "Weiss Kreuz" ("White Cross"), and together they are a group of assassins who bring justice to society by eliminating those the Government cannot reach. All four - Aya, Youji, Ken and Omi - have their own dark secrets and pasts which lead them to this occupation, and by no means is it a glorious one either. As they carrying on their tasks, they encounter the seemingly invincible group "Schwartz", who possesses telekinetic (and other) powers and are standing in their way.

"Weiss Kreuz Gluhen" introduces two more characters to Weiss, namely Kyo and Sena. In this series the art has been advanced to a DVD-like quality and focuses on a more central and solid plot, exploring the role of the "Estet" and their experiments.

Weiss Kreuz is a well structured series with different stories with an underlying secret yet to be revealed. A spy/action thriller, Weiss Kreuz and Weiss Kreuz Gluhen offer the anticipation of any mystery subplot, waiting for the viewers to discover them.

Description: Kuroimisa

Story & Characters

4 guys and a florist- It seems all picture perfect when these 4, all young, and all incredibly good looking work at a florist. They are popular with the girls, and all seem gentle and kind for they share a passion with flowers. However, their job is not as sweet smelling as florists. Aya, Omi, Youji and Ken are in fact, Weiss (German for white), a group of assassins hired by a mysterious man with the pseudonym Persia, who are given missions to exterminate the criminals of society the law cannot banish.

We realise that although being an assassin seems cool, we also learn through these characters that they have their own reasons for joining Weiss: hate, loss of love, betrayal and lostness. Through Weiss we also learn that being an assassin is a dirty job- and even though they bring light into the darkness, they constantly believed their hands are not only stained with pollen, but tainted with blood.

Without trying to seek forgiveness for their sins of killing people, Weiss can only hope to kill more villains to bring safety to the citizens.

Enter Schwartz (German for black) and Shrient (German for screaming). Schwartz is initally hired by Takatori (the politician) as bodyguards, and they end up fighting Weiss. All with incredible telekinetic/ telepathic/ tele anything powers, they are almost invincible to beat. Shrient consisting of 4 young ladies all work for Takatori Masafumi and aid him with his human experiments to create a perfect immortal- despite all the fighting and violence, there are other important aspects such as friendship and love, which serve these characters till the very end (except maybe Schwartz... I don't think that blade licking Farfarello could hold too much love or friendship in his delusional mind).

A plot with twists and turns reveals that there is an even larger organisation: Estet, who set out to gain the ultimate power of immortality.

Sophisticated and highly interesting and enjoyable to watch, I thoroughly enjoyed Weiss Kreuz, however there is a tiny element of 'unrealistic-ness' as some of the assassins are so young... for instance the 16 year old Omi. It is something I find hard to suspend my disbelief to... but when you're so absorbed into the story, you'll discover that these things are trivial and are all the better for entertainment.

Rating: 9


The art is not particularly striking or unique, and it looks just like any other anime. You can comment on how the characters are drawn a bit different with the shape of their eyes, the bold mouths and jaw bones and hair consisting of sharp, concise lines.

The end themes and opening themes have very interesting and beautiful backgrounds... they are also particularly good in creating the mood and shaping the characters.

Another good thing about the art is that it captures the essence of the good and bad very well.

"Weiss Kreuz Gluhen" on the other hand has flawless art... but that's a different story.

Rating: 8


The thing I particularly like about the music is how Weiss sings together with an original music score... this adds to the notion of friendship and teamwork... and this is something I enjoyed a lot. Also, Schwartz have sung together on the original sound tracks... so it is interesting to see that they too are a team.

The lyrics are also very, very good, and the tunes are particularly catchy... as a result of the group chorus, you'll readily find yourself singing along too.

Like most animes, the music used is practical and effective in setting the scene, so Weiss Kreuz is definitely a thumbs up for original music score, and for having appropriate music.

Rating: 10


There is good humour in Weiss Kreuz... good looking guys and uber funky fighting scenes and a chic plot line... it is definitely an anime worth watching on repeat.

An anime full of action and filled with wonderful twists, turns and hidden secrets, Weiss Kreuz is sure to capture the imagination and admiration of any anime fan... and you're bound to end up with a favourite by the end of the anime.

In particular, I'll talk about the action scenes... they are indeed heart stopping scenes that really get your heart pumping. But of course, the anime is not only about fighting. There are those touching love scenes that make you feel queasy inside... you may or may not cry... but there are also some inspriational scenes that make you sit back and admire the anime... especially the ending, proving that perseverance is a good quality.

Weiss Kreuz is surely unique and original, and those who are fans of Koyasu Takehito, he had helped out to write the story of Weiss Kreuz, so that is one thing to keep in mind. Weiss Kreuz presents us with an all star cast of seiyuu... so it's definitely something you should try and watch.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.33 (very good)

Reviewed by kuroimisa, Mar 25, 2005


  1. wakeupangel May 04, 2005

    This series gets alot of hate, but I really liked it. The overwelming angst on top of angst.. and I really liked the characters. Especially innocent little Omi who constantly had to face doom. :D I also liked the music. Especially "Aya's Theme" I still remember that one over the years.

  2. Akaiken May 06, 2005

    Hey kuro, you also watched Weiss Kreuz? Great!

    I really like this anime. The story is about the four vigilantes Aya, Youji, Ken and Omi. I also like the music of the anime especially Beautiful Alone and It's Too Late. My favorite character is Fujiyama Ran or the one they call Aya. He's so mysterious.

    White Cross rules!!!

  3. kouryu-chan May 15, 2005

    ^^ I love Weiss Kreuz. It's so funny!!!!!! (lol) I dunno I think everyting's funny....^^; *holds up sword at the staring ppl* What?! Don't look at me like that!!!

  4. missy1066 May 30, 2005

    This is a really good review kuroimisa ^_^... This series tends to get a lot of really lousy reviews but I think it's really really brilliant... It's full of action, angst, drama and comedy (comedy in the right places of course.)... The only character that grated on my nerves a little was Omi...

    Quote by Akaiken My favorite character is Fujiyama Ran or the one they call Aya. He's so mysterious.
    White Cross rules!!!

    ... I totally agree with Akaiken on that score... ^_^

  5. weissdarkangel Jul 28, 2005

    The great thing about Weiss Kreuz is how each characters' past brought them to where they are. And Aya, he's my favorite!!You can't hate Aya, or Ran, which ever you want to call him.

    But the seaqul (Weiss Kreuz Gluhen) wasn't as great as the original series, but it was still good.

  6. tripleG Sep 14, 2005

    I like Aya! He is soo cool (Ran)

  7. Countess-D May 29, 2006

    Sounds interesting and actually I have wanted to see this series for so long, altough I have heard it gets kind of depressing. Is it true?

  8. Lura-Sharal Jun 18, 2006

    WeiƟ Kreuz is wonderful. The style is great and the story is very interesting. My favourite characters are Youji and Aya. ^^
    It's a pity that the Manga hasn't more volumes...

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