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Mobile Suit Gundam: Alternate Universe tv Review

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Story & Characters

After War: Gundam X
Let me start with a few words from our sponsor, err...me, the author. There should really be a category for Gundam X but then again, those scans and the like are hard to find, yes? Anyways, on with the story.

It's been 15 years after the tragic end of the Seven Year War between Earth Federation and the Space Rebellion. With the help from the newly built Gundam X or GX 9900 piloted by Jamil Neet, a Newtype (people with special talents). The Earth Federation virtually won the war until the Space Rebellion executed a desperate attempt; dropping almost their entire colony on to Earth. Billions of people died when the colonies hit the planet and caused ecological disaster.

Now the year is AW (After War) 0015, a street urchin, Garoad Ran was hired to 'rescue' Tifa Adil, a Newtype from a pirate group called the Vultures. As soon as she's been rescued, Garoad helped her get away from the ones who hired him (after he uncovers his employees intention) and Tifa eventually led him to an old military base and found the GX 9900. Garoad piloted the Gundam unit unaware that his fateful encounter with Tifa will eventually changed the fate of the universe.

Rating: 8


If you're familiar with the Gundam universe, then fear not. There's nothing revolutionary about this one as the premise is heavily borrowed from the original Gundam.

If you watched G-Wing, there's nothing much to the artwork and the quality of the animation. It's on the same level and of course it can't be compared with G-SEED for you G-SEED phreaks.

Except maybe the mecha design. Other than GX 9900 and GX 9901 (Double X), there's nothing spectacular about them. The Leopard Gundam is a carbon copy of Heavy Arms Gundam and the Airmaster is nothing special other than its ability to transform into a jet fighter. But I do like the look of Vertigo (not a Gundam), Ashtaron Gundam, Virsago Gundam and the G-Falcon.

If the designs of these mechas and other stuff like the ship is better, I can easily give this a higher mark.

Rating: 8


There's nothing special to the sound effects and the music used. All are pretty standardized which is good in my view.

The most that gets to me is the opening song and their ending songs. It reminds me of those catchy 80's tune like Wang Chung and Hall and Oates. I can't help but hearing it over and over again. And I daresay it's better than G-SEED/ DESTINY OST

First opening song: DREAMS by ROmantic Mode
First ending song: Human Touch by Warren Wiebe

Second opening song: Resolution by ROmantic Mode
Second ending song: Human Touch (Japanese version) by re-kiss

Third ending song: Silver Horizon by Satomi Nakase

Rating: 9


If you're looking for anime to fill up your time (or sick of watching G-SEED over and over again, like me) then this is a good choice. Though it's no better than G-Wing in terms of storyline, the characters interaction (and how Jamil Neet overcome his phobia of a Gundam cockpit) and Garoad's growth from a selfish boy loner to a man who found someone special to protect will certainly keep you glued to this for a while. A definitely good watch and recommended.

If you have hard disk space to spare, you know where to get it or just buy the DVD set if you're rich enough. XD

A thumbs up (I'll give it a two if my other hand is not distracted).

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by white-zero, Mar 03, 2005


  1. meteorcloud Mar 04, 2005

    hehe I'm kinda agree with you ^_^~!
    i really like the story =D~! newtypes =) and then...they didn't exist.......
    hmz..acutally I dun like the ashatron gundam.....the hermit crab visargo gundam looks better ^_^~! hmz...the graphics...you can't blame it...it was brougth out in ...1996 if i'm right...so....it's kinda nice ^_^~! hmz...the music....it's nice...but if you listen it too much....then it can be boring =), people really should see gundam X ^_^~! nice review =)~!

  2. Fantasia Mar 05, 2005

    haha,about Gundam,the best thing for me is its seiyuu group,very strong&famous group,XD
    good review~~but I only finished SEED&some of SEED2,sigh~
    I should fill the blank- -

  3. gundex Mar 05, 2005

    i love GundamX when i buy the gx-9901dx Gundam Double X 1/144 kit at 1997... and when i saw the anime at 2003... woah i like it a lot... the story, the mechas, the OSTs... everything r nice... i bet GX can compared with gseed if sunrise remake it... but yeah that's just my dream... :D

  4. Diabound00 May 30, 2005

    Gundam X is one of my favourite Gundam series. I also reviewed it (although I gave it less ratings).

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