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Infinite Ryvius tv Review

Set in the year AD 2225, mankind has spread from Earth to inhabit nearly all the planets or nearby moons in colonies and settlements. space travel has grown and improved to the point of being commonplace. For the inhabitants of the solar system, an astronaut career isn't out of the question, and one of the schools set up to train future space voyagers is the Liebe Delta, a space station positioned somewhere in Earth's orbit. This growth is despite the mysterious phenomenon known as the Geduld, a sea of plasma that suddenly erupted from the sun along the Earth's orbital plane in AD 2137. Stretching from the sun to the edge of the solar system, this area of high temperatures and gravity pressures has never been explained.

Story & Characters

The story is about 26 episodes long, it iis about the world in the year 2225AD, where everything is so advanced that space travel is something so common. Aiba Kouji, 16 years old, went to Liebe Delta to train as a space pilot. Together with his friend Oze Ikumi, he train hard to be a good pilot. Kouji has always been disturbed by the fact that his younger brother, Aiba Youki, is also in the same training center. Youki's rebellious attitude that made him always looking for a fight also bothers Kouji a lot, not only that, the two brothers just doesn't seem to get along well. Aoi, their childhood friend, always try to prevent them from beating each other up.
Things seems to be normal until when the "Dive" starts. Unknown to them all, some suspicious characters had change the course of their dive route, causing the whole training center to be in danger. In this critical moment, many lives were lost. That is when the battleship hidden inside the training ship, Ryvius, being awoken. Thus begins the journey of all the students (every single one of them are teenagers, except one kid) to survive in the space together in the Ryvius, being chased by the authority and labelled as terrorist though they have done nothing wrong, while at the same time tried to live harmoniously inside Ryvius with everybody else.

Rating: 8


I found that the drawing of the characters is not very consistent, it is a bit sluggish sometimes and not very detailed another time. But facial expression is nicely done, portraying emotion well.
The design of the clothes are rather plain and not really attractive, design is also limited here.
However, I kind of like the background as they draw each character and not only leaving them as a blur, especially in scenes like when they were escaping to Ryvius or when they try to get to the Central part of the training center.
The background view itself is quite attractive, partly due to the fact that it is a spaceship inside view.
Battle scenes are well done with lots of details though I sometimes found it to be a bit overwhelming the way they keep rotating the camera and changing viewpoint in the battle scnes (not often happens)

Rating: 6


In my opinion, the theme song to the whole anime sounded quite okay, not that they are my favorites....
Though I do not like any particular seiyuu, I think in general they have succeeded in portraying the emotions of the characters, like when most of them started to get frustated and scared (and also turns a little bit crazy ^^)
Sound effect in the battle scenes is okay though I think more explosion and bang around would make it better (battle scenes are better off noisy and explosive ^^, right?)

Rating: 6


In this anime, I like how each characters had developed in terms of their personality, especially in the main characters such as Kouji and Youki. Other characters had also developed quite well as the story unfold bit by bit. The relationship between characters had also been developed well like Kouji and Youki though some changes are too abrupt, like what had happened to Aoi and Kouji's relationship all of a sudden, and also the change in Kozue and Aoi's realtionship is a bit unnatural.
Humor is rarely found in the anime as I think it is meant for a more serious anime with a lot of thinking done by the characters. The thinkings done in this anime plays a big part in the plot. Though there are enemies chasing them, all their frustation and hatred towards each other had made them all suffer in other ways (I think this one point is also true in today's society), this is one of the poin raised in the anime that I particularly liked.
Lastly, I would suggest this anime for all those 15++, lotsa thinking scenes will bore those younger ones, and there is a bit of violence here and there >.<

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.33 (above average)

Reviewed by tareren, Mar 01, 2005


  1. Paolo Mar 01, 2005

    wow. interesting O.o

  2. Zeliard Mar 01, 2005

    When I first saw Infinite Ryvius, I noticed the similarity of the characters to seed, Scryed and of course, Fafner, since it was by the same artist. Never had anime captivated me as much as Infinite Ryvius did. The story presentation was different, sci-fi and yet it was focused not on the genre, but rather the life of the people within the story. Trust and betrayal, friendship and honor, I loved every part of the anime. I've heard that PlanetES is quite good as well, but I have yet to watch it.

  3. tareren Mar 02, 2005

    Yup it is more on the life part of it , not the sci-fi... ^^

  4. tishdon Mar 06, 2005

    When I first read what this anime was about it screamed similarities to the non-anime 'Lord of the Flys' (required High School English reading) with girls. However that's where the similarities end, although I haven't seen the end of it (Vol 5-6, 6 is released in 10 days) the last volume can only provide a great ending to a great anime. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys sci-fi character driven anime. Lastly the ending song is one of my favourites.

  5. missy1066 Apr 26, 2005

    This series made me think of The Tribe TV series...it's an Australian drama series in which all the adults have died leaving the teenagers and children all alone in the world....it's into it's 6th series now I think....Infinite Ryvius has more in common with this than with Lord of the Flies so you might want to check this out too if you enjoyed watching I.R.

  6. akika Nov 02, 2005

    Infinite Ryvius was actually a really good anime for a sci-fi genre. Like already mentioned, it didn't focus so much on the sci-fi side but on the relationships and growth of the characters. It was really worth watching and I'd probably watch it again some time. I'd have rated the art and sound a bit higher though, but overall well done on the review~!

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