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Aishiteruze Baby

Aishiteruze Baby tv Review

There was a boy, and there was a girl: a baby girl. Welcome to Aishiteruze Baby and say hello to Katakura Kippei, a student in high school with a crowd of girls at his beck and a slacker-extraordinaire. Suddenly, in comes cute Yuzuyu from his aunt that makes Kippei's oni-chan turn a 180-degree look on life. With the cute bombshell dropped on Kippei, he is given the responsibility to oversee and care for Yuzuyu as the eldest son in the family. Kippei, of course, is befuddled by the whole ordeal and does his best to care for Yuzuyu, and through that process he learns what it is to be serious and committed to what one really cares for. Finally setting his heart on Kokoro-chan, (pun, hehe) he also goes through his social life and life in general in a new light because of his little baby sister. Realistic problems with Yuzuyu, Kokoro, his family and interaction between all characters are cleverly depicted throughout the series and at the end of it all, Kippei changed the most by learning something dear to the heart.

Story & Characters

The plot of Aishiteruze Baby revolves around Katakura Kippei a high school student. Kippei is a slacker, playboy, and goof ball. One day he comes home from school to find Yuzuyu Sakashita his 5-year old cousin. Yuzuyu’s mother had left her with her sister’s family because she was unable to care for her after her husbands, Yuzuyu’s fathers, death. After Kippei is told of the situation he is put in charge of Yuzuyu by his older sister Katakura Suzuko who seems to be in charge of the family. From then on Kippei must care for Yuzuyu taking her to and from pre-school, make her lunch, play with her, and make sure that she is not unhappy in anyway. The series is also seen from the point of view of Yuzuyu a good deal as well. Most episodes are centered on her and the difficulties that come from being abandoned at such a young age. This can range anything from simple school children taunting her to her own fears of abandonment. Though out it all Kippei must find way to resolve her problems and make sure that she doesn’t have anymore pain in her life. Kippei must also deal with his own life. Now with the responsibility that Yuzuyu bring to his life he begins to grow and want a series relationship. This is where Tokunaga Kokoro comes in; she is a plain spoken popular girl who is in Kippei’s class. She is one of the few girls that doesn’t fall for Kippei’s charms, and the only one Kippei really loves. The series is 26 episodes that fit neatly together and are enjoyable to watch.

Rating: 9


The art work in Aishiteruze Baby is well done and quite pleasing to the eye. There isn’t much action at all in the series so much of the finer points are really taken care of. The background are nothing special but they do play there part, in that they are not bad. Much of the character designs are similar as one would expect from anime, but the facial expression are done well and the emotion are carried to the audience without much explanation. One thing I didn’t like was that Kippei was too much of a goof and the animators often time exaggerated his design to express that. I am not of a fan of that so that is why I didn’t like it. There is also a good deal of slow-motion, flash back and fluffy cloud boarded scenes which don’t really detract from the art in themselves but at time they become repetitive. This is a good change of pace from other anime and it is similar in some ways to Maria-sama ga Miteru.

Rating: 8


The only thing that was missing from this series was the sound. This goes to the open theme and closing theme, both excessively long. Also the soundtrack used was not on par with the rest of the show which I feel could have scored higher marks with a better soundtrack. Then there is the issue I had with the voice acting. It did well with the humor scenes but could not pull off any of the serious scenes with the exception of those involving Kippei and Kokoro alone. I would just like to say that I have only seen the original version with English subs. On a final note I would just like to say that the language use in this series was a lot easier to understand and I only have half a year of Japanese that was like 3 years ago.

Rating: 6


Aishiteruze Baby is an original, clever, emotional, and gripping anime. The show does well to not only weave one episode in with others, but it also has something that many anime series over look, good transitions. The show maybe slow to start and slow to get going and slow to finish but for this kind of subject matter it is well suited. The show seems to focus on character development and not plot development allowing the writing to shine though. Much of the emotions that are felt by the characters are easy to relate to and that is where its strength lies. There is of course the draw back that the voice acting can not really carry the dialog, but they do it well enough to convey the emotions behind it. The story itself is also a well crafted gem, which I can honestly say I haven’t seen in any recent anime. Then there are the characters who each develop in there own ways though out the story. That and the action of main characters have real consequence on not only other main characters but also sub characters, and vica-versa. The director does well not to assume much about what the audience knows and at least for me does good job of explaining most the reason behind the rhyme. The other thing about this is that it has a sense of humor that will make you laugh when you don’t expect it. The series replay value is not so high, because once you have seen it once you really don’t feel like watching it again. But then again you could always cover up the subs and see how much you understand, assuming you’re a non Japanese speaker trying to learn. The last thing I would like to say is that this was an enjoyable series as you can tell from the score I gave it, the ending did disappoint though but that flaw only made the whole show better and feel more real.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by cokedupmonkey1, Feb 01, 2005


  1. tecnophreak Feb 03, 2005

    looks cool! coincidentally, I am trying to dowmload that series, so thanks for taking the tie to write this!

  2. SWPIGWANG Feb 04, 2005

    I've read a bit of the manga, which is petty good for a shoujo...... *adds series to -stuff-too-download-list*

  3. sleepingforest Feb 05, 2005

    i hated the ending. i hope there's a season 2 for this anime series. if not i'm gonna continue hating it >=( ^_^'

  4. xUnKnOwNx Feb 16, 2005

    Quote by sleepingforesti hated the ending. i hope there's a season 2 for this anime series. if not i'm gonna continue hating it >=( ^_^'

    the ending wasnt that bad... infact it was kinda decent. ive seen much worse endings that leaves me going wtf??! 0_0

  5. sirfelix Feb 21, 2005

    Quote by sleepingforesti hated the ending. i hope there's a season 2 for this anime series. if not i'm gonna continue hating it >=( ^_^'

    I don't think there was anything wrong with the ending, I thought it was pretty decent too. Sure we would like to see all the issues resolved, but if they were I think the ending would be too much.

  6. Chad May 24, 2005

    Hmm..I've finish the anime..and find tat the story was actuali okay..and the humour wasn't much actuali..but its jus my views..however i mus say the art is nice...and i do agree the opening and ending song is long..its around 2 mins plus..

  7. Angeling Nov 14, 2005

    i liked the emotional problems that were dealt with in the anime/manga... it's a rather different and sensitive plotline that is not explored by many authors... i hafta disagree with ur opinion on the songs... i actually liked both the OP and the ED (esp the OP) and i felt that the lullaby-ish songs expressed the feeling of the story very well (after all the story's main protagonist is a 5 year old ger)... my complaints would be the usual not-as-good ending (felt that it was rather adrupt) and the change in drawing style halfway through the series... but overall its a rather gd anime which followed the manga very closely... :)

  8. themuffintree Feb 28, 2010

    the story and artwork was really well done. The love story really brought out some memories of our own, because other than those annoying juvenile stories with prancing pixies and everyne having a wonderful time, the story line was real, the romance in it was real and there wasn't anything that was fake or rather "plastic" as I like to put it. regarding the ending, i think everyone wanted the ending to be a happy little family with the three main characters, and looking in Kippei's point of view we all wanted to bash that mother's nose into her brain. But after all of the tears and the hatred towards the book, you begin to realize that really this is the most realistic ending.
    I still am hoping for a sequel though (^_^) and regards to the "wtfh? moments", the ending with Shou-chan is SOOoo one of them, like wtfh ? hoping you all have a happy and joyous reading and rereading jolly ol' this ending note is so lame time :)
    <3 MLE

  9. rukasu44 Jan 30, 2011

    is it from a manga?

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