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I My Me! Strawberry Eggs tv Review

Story & Characters

It's fair to say that I My Me! Strawberry Eggs! is not the most well known of anime series, but that's not to say it's not worth a watch. It begins with Hibiki Amawa beginning in a new town and looking for his first appointment as a school gym teacher. Unfortunately, the only school in the area has a very strict policy in only hiring female teachers and claiming that men could not love the students as women can. Being the character that he is, Hibiki finds this appalling and soon finds himself in league with his landlady and crossdressing as a woman. He soon lands the job as the female gym teacher after a short trial.

As a teacher, Hibiki is a controversial character in the eyes of the Principal and Vice Principal. The Vice Principal does everything in her power to reomve Hibiki from her post [anyone seen GTO?] and is thwarted the majority of the time. Hibiki soon finds himself caring for the students and even has one girl, Fuko discovering feelings for him. This runs almost throughout and comes to a head at the end.

Hibiki has to balance his female character with his male character and this is made even harder by his two tenant friends who just happen to be perverts. They provide the humour to the series and also some nice side stories to the main plot.

The story certainly is strange, and not to everyone's tastes, but having enjoyed it on more than one occasion, I feel it's a nice easy going anime series and worth watching if you're into this genre.

Rating: 8


The art in I My Me! Strawberry Eggs! is nothing special. It's a simple style that works well, but is nothing compared to the more recent series such as Bleach and Naruto. This said, it is soft and bright which fits with the story.

The modelling of the characters is nice and bold, with typically clumped together hair. The motion of the characters is again nice, but nothing revolutionary. There are few special effects in the anime, but when there are, they are done with gusto and are bold as before. For example, smoke generally consists of two or three shades of grey, whereas Bleach is much more visually pleasant with a great deal of time going into the art.

I think it's safe to say that I My Me! Strawberry Eggs! shows it's age in this category and that's why it has recieved the score it has. Having said that, it fits nicely.

Rating: 6


Having only seen this in it's original form with subs, I can safely say that the speech is fine. As before, it's not up to the crispness of todays anime titles, but it's more than adequate.

The characters are bubbly and cute and there are some high pitched wailings in some scenes. There are moments where the sound does become a bit grainy, but it is minimal and only noticeable if you're paying particular attention.

Overall, the sound is perfectly fine, but to the audiophiles among us, might not be up to the usual standards based on what you can hear today.

Rating: 6


I think it's pretty safe to say that I My Me! Strawberry Eggs! is a fairly original anime series. It follows the same route as anime like Great Teacher Onizuka in a sense, but the addition of the cross dressing element is original and Fuko's adoration for Hibiki does add a little extra.

While the story contains humorous moments throughout [Fuko falling on her face every couple of minutes and random outbursts by the students], there are some that stand out. Hibiki's two tenant friends, Morikoji and Toufukoji form the basis for this as the perverts of the operation. Morikoji carries a large mirror with him at all times [never did find out exactly why this was, but each to their own I guess] and uses it for such destructive attacks as 'Shining Beam' and also surfs on it [thinking about it, perhaps that's why he carries it around, but still...a mirror?]. He is in league with the second and more perverse tenant, Toufukoji. Being an older man, he will go to almost any lengths to see naked school girls [even dressing as a nurse at one point]. Between them, they try a variety of different schemes to get the pictures they need and Toufukoji's love of Fuko. Obachan [Lulu Sanzou], the landlady does her best to stop the two perverts.

How enjoyable it is to watch depends hugely on whether or not you're into that sort of thing, but I enjoyed it intently. It is an easy to follow and pleasant anime that could be watched over the course of a day or two. No thinking required, just good clean [mostly] fun.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.33 (above average)

Reviewed by Aa-chan, Jan 30, 2005


  1. calisqo Jan 30, 2005

    it seems interesting story^^.
    Thanks for taking the time to write this review.
    I think the storyline is kinda unique , a good anime needs a good comedy , and i think this anime might just have that element ^^.

    NIce work, and I also like your strict grading system ^^

  2. Aa-chan Jan 30, 2005

    Quote by calisqoNIce work, and I also like your strict grading system ^^

    It was hard at first because I liked it a lot, but I had to take an objective view and I hope my review reflects that ^^ .

  3. phaerax Jan 30, 2005

    hmmm 6/10? well i d give it a bit less. actually i was thinking of reviewing it myself :P

    the end of i my me is terribly disappoining and characters seem to have an alarmingly short memory... other than that... i agree with your review. it was quite original and i had lots of fun watching it... in the beginning at least...

  4. Jinpun Feb 01, 2005

    I actually just saw immse.

    i thought it was good but the ending was lacking imho. The premise is so good and this series coula been amazing, ala GTO, but I think it does fall short.

    But its still fin to watch.

  5. hishou Feb 01, 2005

    hahaha! ^_^ I have this whole Anime at home!!
    I personally love it, but like Jinpun said, "it does fall short." -_-
    It's still enjoyable if you're up for some silly anime and embarassment! OX

  6. Ying Mar 09, 2005

    I have immse. But I'm missing the fourth and last dvd!
    i really want to see how it ends but now I'm not so sure.......
    Thanx for a great review!

  7. sukie May 01, 2005

    i have never even heard of an anime called i my me strawberry eggs...the title is funny...
    but i want to watch it...the plot isn't very bad...

  8. berserk2kx Nov 11, 2005

    in my opinion is very good, but is very short, and i agree, is like GTO.

  9. tim0017 Banned Member Jan 14, 2006

    I loved this show. I laughed my head off. My kids liked it and my wife said it was cute (a grand compliment from her). I wish there had been more to the story. It was short. This anime is a check brain, have a fun time.

  10. Aaralyn Jul 13, 2006

    I really liked this show though i hoped there would be more after that ending :)

    I wish they had made something like an OVA, because i still had questions at the end.

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